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NGO convinces government to pay workers unemployed due to war

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As Israel faces an ongoing war in Gaza, NGO 121 has convinced the government to provide financial assistance to workers who are unemployed or facing reduced working hours due to the conflict. The organization gathered 50 organizations to pinpoint the most pressing needs and successfully changed the government's attitude towards providing allowances to unemployed individuals. Compensation for workers who are unemployed or on leave without pay due to the war has been included in the government's plan. 121 is advocating for further support to affected workers, particularly those in sectors operating on shifts or hourly arrangements. They propose considering the average income of individuals in the six months leading up to the crisis and providing employment allowances based on this average. The organization also suggests a collaborative effort between employers and the government to cover reduced working hours. Despite ongoing challenges, 121 remains committed to supporting workers and businesses in their path to recovery.

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