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Bring them home now - editorial

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Following a march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the families of hostages held by Hamas, the Israeli government is under pressure to prioritize hostage release. The families marched to keep their loved ones' plight in the public eye and to urge the government to secure their release. Some families expressed urgency, stating that time is running out for those with complex needs. The marchers also aimed to meet with the war cabinet to discuss their appeals and learn about the government's efforts. The march seems to have had an impact, as Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with the families and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly set to meet with them as well. A deal is being brokered by Qatar to release some hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners and a humanitarian pause in the IDF's campaign in Gaza. Despite the challenges, Israel's priority should be to save the hostages, even if it delays the ultimate goal of eradicating Hamas.

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