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5 soldiers killed as IDF attacks northeast of Gaza City

The IDF announced that five soldiers were killed during fighting in the northern Gaza Strip over the weekend. The soldiers killed were Capt. Eden Provisor, Staff-Sgt. Shlomo Gurtovnik, Staff-Sgt. Shachar Fridman, Maj. Jamal Abbas, and Staff-Sgt. Adi Malik Harb. The IDF also released the name of Master-Sgt. David (Dudi) Digmi, a paramedic who was killed on October 7. The IDF is operating on the outskirts of Zeitun and Jabalya neighborhoods, clearing the areas of terrorists and attacking terror infrastructure. The military said that numerous terrorists were killed, and significant terror infrastructure was destroyed. The IDF permitted the evacuation of Shifa Hospital following a request by its director. Medical teams will remain in Shifa for the benefit of patients who are unwilling or unable to evacuate.

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