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Israel's neighbors and key mediators warn of disaster if Israel launches a ground invasion in Gaza's southern city of Rafah, where remaining Hamas strongholds are located. Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 44 Palestinians in Rafah, causing panic among the population. Egypt and Qatar also warn of disaster, and Saudi Arabia warns of serious repercussions. Meanwhile, Donald Trump says he warned NATO allies that he would encourage Russia to do whatever they want to countries that are delinquent in their defense spending. First Lady Jill Biden defends her husband against claims that he cannot remember his son's death. Taylor Swift is believed to be on her way to the Super Bowl to watch her boyfriend play, and an Israeli drone strike in Lebanon kills two people. In Ukraine, a Russian drone strike on Kharkiv kills seven people, and Nikki Haley challenges Donald Trump on her home turf in South Carolina. Finally, a winter storm moves into New Mexico, causing road closures and travel disruptions.

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