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Arabs move to Middle Eastern countries from Europe for better lives

Arabs with European citizenship are moving to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries for better lives, citing high taxes in Europe and struggles to maintain their religious traditions. Official statistics show a significant increase in the number of European citizens in some Gulf countries, with the number of European immigrants rising since 2023. Many immigrants faced difficulties integrating in Europe due to religious rituals, Islamophobia, anti-Arab racism, and LGBT acceptance. GCC countries are attractive to immigrants due to ease of doing business, major economic projects, and the availability of 'golden visas' for investors and skilled workers. The Gulf countries have seen a 3% to 5% increase in foreigners, with migration from Asian countries decreasing and migration from other nationalities increasing. The trend of Europeans moving to the Gulf may have legal consequences in the future as European countries become more right-wing and may change their laws regarding citizenship and social services for immigrants.

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