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BBC Radio 4 - From Our Own Correspondent, France and the Far Right

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French voters head to the polls in a snap election that President Macron says will shake people from their 'political fever' - but could also see the far right make further gains. Andrew Harding reflects on this pivotal election. It's estimated around 500 Palestinian medical workers have been killed in Gaza, since Israel's war against Hamas began. When news broke of the death of one British-trained surgeon, Yolande Knell tried to find out more about his life, and the circumstances of his death. An attempted coup in Bolivia this week raised the spectre of a darker period in the country's history - when it was under military-rule some 40 years ago. Will Grant reflects on whether this was a genuine attempt to seize power - or a ruse by the current President to strengthen his own hold on power. Uzbekistan sits at the heart of the ancient silk road - and is still the world's third largest producer of silkworm cocoons, after China and India. Chris Aslan travelled to a remote part of the country where silk cultivation has remained largely unchanged for centuries, and met one woman who sees her entire home taken over by the precious cocoons. The Dipsea is said to be America's oldest trail running race and organisers leave it to the runners to forge their own path between the race start and the finishing line. Although it's a far cry from marathon running when it comes to distance, the race is known to have stretched some of the most hardened of trail runners. Amy Steadman took up the challenge.

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