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Olga Miekeszczuk sings music in Yiddish at Jerusalem concert

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Olga Mieleszczuk, a Catholic-born convert to Judaism, performed music in Yiddish at a concert in Jerusalem, showcasing the living and breathing nature of the language. The performance took place at the Confederation House, a venue for multi-cultural events, and was advertised in the Hebrew press. Mieleszczuk, who speaks fluent Hebrew without a Polish accent, impressed the audience with her singing, instrumental skills, acting, and dancing. The performance was reminiscent of Warsaw Jewish cabaret singers from the 1930s, and Mieleszczuk's acrobatic voice amazed the crowd. The importance of Yiddish to older people of European extraction was evident as they cheered and clapped along to the lively songs. Despite Yiddish being considered dead or dying, performances like Mieleszczuk's prove that it is still alive and thriving.

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