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Egypt's Foreign Minister expresses concern over Israeli military operations in Rafah and calls for international support to halt the conflict in Gaza.
A new cybersecurity course in Saudi Arabia is advancing the Kingdom's ambitions to become a world leader in the field.
Pekka Puustinen, a senior Finnish official, calls for a Gaza ceasefire and expresses concern over the Russia-Ukraine conflict during his visit to Saudi Arabia. He emphasizes the need for humanitarian aid in Gaza and urges for an end to hostilities and the release of hostages in the Israeli-Hamas war. Puustinen discusses the growing cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Finland and highlights the opportunities for investment and trade between the two countries.
At least 30 people were killed and dozens wounded in Israeli strikes on a center for displaced people near Rafah, according to the Hamas-run government media office in Gaza.
The International Criminal Court prosecutor has applied for arrest warrants against senior Hamas commanders and Israeli officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Hamas claims to have captured Israeli soldiers in Gaza, but Israel denies the claim. Thousands of Israeli demonstrators demand government action to bring home hostages held in Gaza.
Lily Greenberg-Call recently became the latest Biden administration official to step down in protest over the White House's handling of the war in Gaza, amid a string of resignations from the US Department of State.
The Spanish defense minister has called the conflict in Gaza a 'real genocide' and tensions between Spain and Israel have escalated following Spain's recognition of a Palestinian state.
Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund continues to diversify its investments, including in tennis, tech, and paper production. The sovereign wealth fund has seen significant growth in 2024 and has made key announcements such as partnerships, acquisitions, and the launch of a new firm.
Heavy seas have damaged the US maritime aid mission to Gaza, with four vessels breaking free from their moorings.
Egypt has agreed to send aid trucks to Gaza through Israel's main crossing, but it is uncertain if they will be able to enter due to ongoing fighting. The UN and other aid agencies report a significant decrease in the entry of food and supplies to Gaza since Israel's offensive began, leaving the region near famine. Humanitarian groups warn of secondary mortality if immediate changes are not made.
Spain demands Israel comply with UN court ruling to stop bombardment and ground assault on Rafah. British government criticizes ruling, saying it will strengthen Hamas. Spain, Ireland, and Norway to recognize Palestinian state.
The UK's Hay literary festival cancels sponsorship deal with investment firm Baillie Gifford following a boycott over its links to Israel and fossil fuel companies.
French President Macron met with an Arab delegation to discuss the situation in Gaza and the need for a ceasefire.
Zookeeper Fathi Ahmed Gomaa has fled with animals from his zoo in Rafah to a temporary home in Gaza's Khan Younis after Israel's offensive. He is appealing to Israeli authorities to help rescue three lions left behind in Rafah.
Lebanon is open to cooperating with international efforts to stop Israeli aggression, but will not waive its sovereign rights. Hezbollah's actions are in support of Gaza amid Israeli threats to Lebanon. Israel vows to return displaced settlers to the north and claims to have killed hundreds of Hezbollah fighters. Lebanon upholds its right to defend its land and calls for the liberation of remaining occupied territory. There are fears of possible drone attacks from Hezbollah, which is considered a major threat to Israel in the northern arena.
2,000 aid trucks are stuck at the Rafah border crossing, leaving Palestinians in Gaza without essential goods.
Forestation is seen as a way to reverse the dangers of climate change by converting desert regions into green landscapes and capturing greenhouse gases. Saudi Arabia has made forestation a key focus, with initiatives to plant billions of trees and restore degraded land.
Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof receives ovations at Cannes after escaping prison sentence in Iran. His film competes for the Palme d'Or.
The European Union is divided and unable to find solutions to the economic and social burden of refugees from Syria, as tensions grow between Iran and Western powers and the war between Israel and Palestinian militants Hamas rages on.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint meeting of Congress amid tensions with President Joe Biden over the war in Gaza.
A UN expert has called for an investigation into allegations of torture and abuse of Palestinian prisoners by Israeli authorities.
Bahrain's King Hamad seeks improved relations with Iran and discusses Gaza war and Palestinian-Israeli conflict with Russian President Putin.
British film directors Ken Loach and Mike Leigh have resigned as patrons of London's Phoenix Cinema over the hosting of an Israeli film festival.
Former wedding photographer in Gaza, Falasteen Abdulati, now queues for drinking water in a war-torn street as she struggles to survive in the eighth month of an Israeli siege and invasion triggered by a cross-border Hamas attack.
Saudi Arabia and Jordan are collaborating to airdrop aid supplies to Palestinians in Gaza, which is currently under siege by Israel.
Italian chef Igor Macchia is excited about the opening in Riyadh of Lavazza Coffee Edition, which infuses his signature dishes and brews with Middle Eastern tastes and flavors.
US-based organization Stop Antisemitism posts fake news about Irish Foreign Minister's daughter being kidnapped and raped by Hamas in Gaza, sparking outrage and criticism. Critics argue that disinformation has increased on social media platform X since Elon Musk acquired it. Misinformation was rampant on X following recent attacks by Hamas on Israel. Irish government announces formal recognition of the State of Palestine.
Arab and Muslim supporters of former President Donald Trump met in Michigan to discuss his actions in the White House and seek their support for his bid to regain the presidency. They aimed to address misconceptions about Trump's policies in the Middle East and believe that he can bring peace to the region.
The UK Labour Party plans to recognize a Palestinian state if it wins the next general election, following recent recognition by Ireland, Norway, and Spain. Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy emphasizes the importance of a two-state solution.
Budapest will host the 2026 Champions League final, while the decision for the 2027 final has been delayed due to uncertainty over San Siro's future in Milan. The Women's Champions League final in 2026 will take place in Oslo, Norway.
International tourist arrivals and the travel and tourism sector's contribution to global GDP are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels this year, according to the latest World Economic Forum travel and tourism study. The Middle East leads in recovery rates for international tourist arrivals, exceeding 2019 levels by 20 percent.
The UN warns that the new US sea route for delivering aid to Gaza may fail unless Israel ensures the necessary conditions for safe operation. Aid deliveries were halted after trucks were looted and one man was killed. The crisis in humanitarian supplies in Gaza has worsened, with nearly half the population facing catastrophic levels of hunger.
French senator Nathalie Goulet calls for global efforts to combat money laundering and highlights the importance of regulations and sanctions in addressing financial crimes.
Five Israeli soldiers were killed in a 'friendly fire' incident in Gaza, highlighting the futility of the ongoing war. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant publicly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for not working towards a political solution in Gaza. Netanyahu's self-interest and fear of a ceasefire, which would end his career, are driving his pursuit of perpetual war. The lack of direction and long-term planning in Gaza is rooted in systemic issues and Netanyahu's indecisiveness. There is speculation that Netanyahu might be facing a military coup.
Israel has addressed many of Biden's concerns over its plan to carry out a military operation in Rafah, Gaza, according to a senior Biden administration official. The UN has suspended food distribution in Rafah due to a lack of supplies and an untenable security situation.
Israel has revoked its order to shut down an AP live video feed of Gaza following protests from the news agency and the White House.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the Biden administration will collaborate with Congress to address the International Criminal Court's request for arrest warrants for Israeli leaders over the Gaza war. Republican lawmakers seek US sanctions against court officials and hope to express opposition to the ICC prosecutor.
A top foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump has urged the US to impose sanctions on International Criminal Court officials who seek an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
UK minister accused of conducting a 'witch hunt' against pro-Palestine movement after accusing pro-Palestinian demonstrators of antisemitism.
Officials discuss agenda and arrangements for the 54th session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, focusing on strategic issues and media support for the Palestinian cause. The event will also announce the winners of the Arab Media Excellence Awards.
The Meta Oversight Board is reviewing cases involving accusations of 'genocide' against Israel and hate speech targeting Russians, Americans, and Indians. The board's decision comes amid an increase in violent and misleading content on social media platforms.
A survey of Arab Americans reveals that most respondents reject the reelection of both President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump. Third-party candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Cornell West received higher support among Arab Americans.
Saudi Arabia and Japan are collaborating on localizing gaming and digital entertainment offerings in the Kingdom, including Japanese games, manga, and anime.
France and Belgium back ICC's request for arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders, while Israel and the US criticize the move.
Amal Clooney advised the ICC prosecutor in the investigation that resulted in arrest warrants being requested for Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and three Hamas leaders. Clooney's involvement has been praised after previous criticism.
Saudi Arabia's aviation sector contributed $21 billion to the Kingdom's GDP in 2023 and generated $32.2 billion in tourism receipts. The sector is projected to create 35,000 new jobs by 2030 through targeted investments in general aviation airports and other initiatives.
Thousands of Moroccans rally against ties with Israel in support of Palestine.
The crash of a helicopter carrying Iran's president and foreign minister has caused shock waves in the region. Details are still limited, and it is unclear if the officials survived.
The confusion in Lebanon's political situation and the erosion of the republic are highlighted. The complexities of the situation, including the Gaza displacement war and regional developments, are discussed.
Chinese ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Chang Hua, supports the establishment of an independent state of Palestine and highlights the resumption of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, brokered by China.
Motorcycle owners in Beirut and the southern suburbs protest against a security plan, leading to clashes with security forces. The plan involves confiscating unregistered motorcycles, which has led to a rise in thefts. The protests are centered in the southern suburbs, a stronghold for Hezbollah and Amal Movement supporters.
Two Saudi startups have been chosen to participate in the Mega Green Accelerator, a program that offers funding, mentorship, and market access to innovative solutions addressing sustainability challenges. The program aims to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and promote cross-sector collaboration in the Middle East and North Africa region.
A UAE aid shipment carrying 252 tons of food arrived in Gaza, and the supplies are awaiting distribution to Palestinians in need.
Saudi Arabia's Tadawul All Share Index slipped on Sunday losing 0.06 points to close at 12,198.38.
Saudi Arabia is prioritizing the real estate sector with over 18 legislations to boost its growth and GDP. The sector's contribution to the country's non-oil activities was 12.1 percent, and it is estimated to reach $101.62 billion by 2029.
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan in Dhahran to discuss strategic relations and efforts to find a solution to the Palestinian issue.
Huawei has partnered with talabat to utilize Petal Ads for targeted digital advertising and feature the talabat app on Huawei devices. This collaboration aims to revolutionize digital advertising and simplify the everyday lives of customers in the region.
Palestinian women and girls in Gaza are facing severe challenges due to the lack of access to water, sanitation, and hygiene services caused by Israel's ongoing military offensive.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu avoids giving interviews to domestic media outlets and does not like facing probing journalists.
Alvarez & Marsal is launching its regional headquarters in Saudi Arabia, bringing its action-oriented approach to the market. The company aims to execute strategies and achieve results, offering services such as restructuring and performance improvement. A&M also plans to support Saudi youth employment programs and empower Saudi graduates through partnerships with local universities.
Saudi Arabia's venture capital sector is expanding, with investments in private equity funds and startups. WheeKeep, Qsalary, and Glint secure funding for expansion plans. Property Finder buys out its first institutional investor. Lune and MNZL raise funds for regional expansion and product development.
Asian activists criticize Western feminists for their selective empathy and silence on Israel's killing of women in Gaza, arguing that Western feminism is inherently imperialist and shaped by the racist narrative of the clash of civilizations.
Israel is considering scrapping its free trade agreement with Turkiye and imposing a 100 percent tariff on imports from the country in response to Turkiye's decision to halt exports to Israel.
Hezbollah has used a drone equipped with rockets in its latest attack on northern Israel, marking the first time this type of weapon has been used since the cross-border exchanges began in October.
US medical workers have been able to leave Gaza after being stuck at a hospital due to the closure of the Rafah border crossing by Israel.
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will announce the date for recognizing a Palestinian state along with other nations on Wednesday.
Israel's military says Israeli civilians set fire to an aid truck in the West Bank headed for Gaza, injuring the driver and Israeli soldiers.
Fighting continues in Gaza as Israel intensifies its ground offensive in Rafah, despite concerns for displaced Palestinians. The US military has started moving humanitarian assistance into Gaza, while witnesses report fierce battles in the Jabalia refugee camp.
French-Tunisian artist El Seed has launched 'Tacapae', a brand of olive oil-filled bottles decorated with his calligraphy. The brand is named after his hometown, Gabes, in southern Tunisia, and aims to showcase the connection between people and their homeland.
Armin restaurant in Riyadh offers authentic Armenian flavors with Middle Eastern dishes. Must-try dishes include hummus with meat, spicy potato, and shish barak. Prices are on the higher side but the quality is unmatched.
Israel will abolish its free trade agreement with Turkiye and impose a 100 percent tariff on other imports from Turkiye in retaliation for Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's decision to halt exports to Israel.
The US Central Command has destroyed four Houthi drones in Yemen, preventing an attack on ships in international waters. The Houthi militia threatens to expand their assaults on ships if Israel does not halt its war in Gaza.
Officials from the ICRC will meet with the UK Foreign Office to discuss concerns about British plans to visit Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails. Critics argue that this could breach the Geneva Conventions and set a dangerous precedent.
The Israeli army has confirmed that two Thai hostages who were previously believed to be alive in Gaza were killed in an attack on October 7.
A doctor at a field hospital in Gaza warns that supplies are running out and the situation is getting out of hand due to the ongoing conflict.
Norway's ambassador to Saudi Arabia hosts national day celebration in Riyadh before taking up new role as representative to the Palestinian Authorities.
Financial transactions have been made easier by rapid and accelerating growth in technologies, but there are still obstacles to overcome, according to Nabil Koshak, CEO of the Saudi Venture Capital Company. With the interconnectedness and rapid development of global markets, corruption represents a major threat and carries significant risks for investors. By prioritizing anti-corruption measures and integrating them into decision-making frameworks, investors are reshaping the standards of responsible investment and demonstrating a commitment to ethical business conduct.
Saudi crown prince meets with Arab leaders at Arab League summit in Manama to discuss the Israel-Hamas war and the Palestinian issue.
Saudi Arabia aims to localize mining sector professions through an agreement with Ma'aden, focusing on developing human capital and supporting local suppliers.
Oil prices rise on stronger US demand and slower inflation, with potential for a rate cut and reduced oil demand growth forecast.
India is working to repatriate the body of a former Indian Army officer serving as a UN staffer who was killed in Gaza.
Ireland will recognize Palestinian statehood by the end of May, according to Foreign Minister Micheal Martin. The specific date is still being discussed with other countries for a joint recognition.
Hezbollah strikes Israel after death of senior field commander, leading to exchange of fire and destruction of military sites. Lebanon concerned about conflict expansion and presence of Syrian refugees.
Egypt's Foreign Minister warns of consequences of Israeli escalation in Gaza and calls for immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid delivery. He also emphasizes support for stability in Iraq and Jordan.
Yemen's Houthi militia claims responsibility for two attacks on ships in the Red Sea and vows to continue striking ships in international seas.
Atletico Madrid's commercial director praises the Spanish Super Cup in Riyadh and discusses the club's growing links to the Middle East. He highlights the importance of the club's academy and intelligent scouting in their success and emphasizes their interest in strengthening their brand interests in Saudi Arabia. Moreno also mentions the club's involvement in the upcoming FIFA Club World Cup and the 2030 FIFA World Cup.
The Palestine Liberation Organization and the Council of Arab Ambassadors are hosting an event titled 'The Ongoing Nakba' in London to draw attention to the Palestinian perspective. The Nakba, which began before the establishment of Israel, has been hijacked by opportunists and shows no signs of abating.
Cognite Data Fusion is now accessible on Google Cloud in Saudi Arabia, allowing industrial companies to gain valuable insights and drive digital transformation.
Israeli Defense Minister warns of a potential attack on Lebanon, risking regional conflict and uncertainty over Hezbollah's capabilities.
Ministers and representatives from 22 Arab nations gather in Jeddah for the 121st session of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization. Discussions focus on knowledge sharing, scientific advancement, and innovation. Concern is expressed about the crisis in Gaza and ALECSO's commitment to promoting Arab cultural heritage is highlighted.
The Biden administration is sending $1 billion in new weapons and ammo to Israel, including tank ammunition, tactical vehicles, and mortar rounds. House Republicans were planning to advance a bill mandating the delivery of offensive weaponry for Israel, but the White House said Biden would veto the bill if it passed Congress.
Egypt rejects Israel's denial of responsibility for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and accuses Israel of causing the catastrophe.
The 49th Saudi relief plane carrying food baskets for Gazans arrived in Egypt, providing support for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.
Swiss police remove pro-Palestinian student protesters from Geneva university building after they refuse to leave.
Palestinians mark the 76th year of their mass expulsion from what is now Israel, known as the Nakba, as the calamity in Gaza continues to unfold.
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