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The Israel-Hamas war has led to a small segment of Israelis who would not call themselves 'religious' taking on religious customs and mitzvot.
Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud criticizes President Joe Biden's support for Israel's military offensive in Gaza and urges both parties to pay attention to public disapproval of Israel's actions.
The rise of antisemitism among Generation Z is a result of confusion, anxiety, and boredom in a rapidly changing world. Jews have also fallen victim to cultural cynicism and skepticism, hindering their ability to believe and commit to immutable values.
Renovation work likely underway at Shifa Hospital in Gaza amid ongoing IDF operations against Hamas. Footage shows visible scaffolding, indicating the start of reconstruction.
The ICRC reported that 22 people were killed in a shell attack that damaged its office in Gaza. The Hamas-run health ministry blamed Israel, but the IDF denied involvement. The ICRC expressed concern about firing close to humanitarian structures.
The ICRC has reported 22 people killed in a strike near its Gaza office. The incident has raised concerns for the safety of humanitarians and civilians. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has warned of the escalating hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.
Israeli tank shells hit a tent camp in Rafah, killing at least 25 Palestinians and injuring 50 more. The attack occurred just outside an Israeli-designated safe zone and flooded a nearby hospital with casualties.
Disney Israel and Jerusalem's Open House collaborated on a film screening event to celebrate Pride Month, featuring three films focused on the LGBTQ+ community.
A controversial children's coloring book in South Africa promotes antisemitic narratives and denies Israel's right to exist.
France faces political turmoil as President Emmanuel Macron's surprise parliamentary election backfires, with the extremist parties now leading in the polls.
Columbia College dean Josef Sorett called the police on a reporter who visited his residence to ask about his involvement in a series of text messages mocking Jewish students and officials.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizes anti-Israel protesters in the US and emphasizes the danger faced by marginalized groups in Gaza. He also addresses criticism about his upcoming speech to Congress.
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