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Mandel, a Romanian-born Israeli mathematician, who claimed to have cracked the lottery, has been denied a retrial and now faces jail time for fraud.
The EU has added two Hamas commanders to its terrorist list.
Foreign Secretary David Cameron warns that the world order will not easily return to how it was before conflicts and emphasizes the importance of the UK and US sticking together. He discusses the need for a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine and the importance of supporting Ukraine in its war against Russia.
An Israeli fashion label has created a swimsuit inspired by Princess Diana's iconic look. The swimsuit pays tribute to the princess's style and is a nod to her final years before her tragic death.
A church in Bethlehem has redesigned its nativity scene to reflect the impact of the Israel-Hamas war, receiving attention and overwhelming response.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is set to secure a third term in an election. This article provides a timeline of his decade as Egypt's most powerful man, including key events such as the overthrow of Egypt's first popularly elected president, the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, and the economic crisis triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
EU adds two Hamas commanders to its terrorist list following their military attack on Israel.
A Reuters journalist and six others were killed by an Israeli tank in Lebanon, sparking calls for a war crimes investigation by human rights groups.
The IDF is making progress in gaining control of Khan Yunis, but is facing strong resistance from Hamas. Many weapons were found in the area, and the IDF is using information warfare to separate the general population from Hamas. The IDF is also trying to get more civilians to move to safer areas, but Hamas is using them as human shields.
A man involved in a 2014 antisemitic attack in Créteil, France, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.
Archaeologists have found ancient Greek roof tiles in Jerusalem, providing the oldest evidence of their use in Israel. The discovery is linked to the time of Antiochus IV, the ruler of Hanukkah.
Over 40% of UK Jews feel threatened by antisemitic conspiracy beliefs, according to a recent study. The research reveals the psychological impact of conspiracy theories on the Jewish community and calls for greater attention and support for those affected.
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