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A church in Bethlehem has redesigned its nativity scene to reflect the impact of the Israel-Hamas war, receiving attention and overwhelming response.
'Squad' Democrats, including Reps. Cori Bush, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, held a press conference calling for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza. They accused Israel of committing 'genocide' and targeting civilians. Israel has defended its actions as self-defense and has given warnings to civilians in Gaza before strikes.
Colorado Christian University is hosting a night for Israel on its campus, bringing together Jewish and Christian leaders to support Israel and promote peace in the Middle East.
A California city plans to raise the Palestinian flag in solidarity with the community and lives lost in the Israel-Hamas war. The flag will be flown in downtown Fresno's Eaton Plaza.
Box trucks with billboards demanding the firing of the University of Pennsylvania President Elizabeth Magill for her handling of antisemitism were deployed on campus. The trucks also show photos of Jewish victims of Hamas.
The Pentagon is sending military aid to Ukraine, calling it a 'smart investment' that will prevent a larger war in Europe. Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh urged Congress to approve additional security aid to Ukraine.
National Security Council spokesman John Kirby evaded a reporter's question on Thursday when asked about President Biden's decision to unlist Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen as a terrorist group.
The White House is distancing itself from CAIR after its leader expressed support for Palestinians and criticized Israel. CAIR is being removed from the White House's pledge to fight antisemitism.
A San Francisco coffee shop has apologized after a video showed employees blocking a Jewish woman from a restroom while making anti-Israel comments.
Jewish students at Columbia University feel unsafe as faculty and students protest the suspension of pro-Palestinian groups from campus. A video shows an Israeli woman confronting an anti-Israel gathering, criticizing the dehumanization of her people and calling for a genuine conversation.
The menorah, a symbol of hope, resilience, and faith, holds a prominent place in Jewish tradition. Its flickering flames during Hanukkah represent the miracle of light that lasted eight days, commemorating the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
Jewish and Israeli employees of TikTok are speaking out about a hostile work environment following the Israel-Hamas war.
Hanukkah-themed TV episodes capture the essence of the holiday and offer a wonderful opportunity to embrace and celebrate its vibrant cultural heritage.
A Jewish graduate student at UC Berkeley accuses the college of not investigating hate crimes after videos show students being assaulted while wearing Israeli flags.
Hanukkah in Israel is overshadowed by ongoing tragedies and threats, as the people face the threat of extinction from Hamas and long for safety and security. The story of Hanukkah reminds us of the resilience of the Jewish people and their ability to overcome adversity. Israel's fight against Hamas embodies this spirit of resilience and determination. As we celebrate Hanukkah, let us remember those in Israel longing for peace and commit to being part of the solution.
University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill attempts to address backlash after her statements on anti-Semitic speech on campus.
Senate Republicans block security aid to Ukraine and Israel, prioritize border funding.
'The View' co-hosts clashed over rising antisemitism on college campuses and free speech during a discussion on Tuesday's congressional hearing on the subject.
Harvard President Dr. Claudine Gay clarifies the university's position against calls for violence against the Jewish community after facing backlash for her equivocation on the issue during her testimony before Congress.
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the Middle East to meet with UAE and Saudi Arabia leaders for talks on oil production, OPEC+, and regional conflicts.
US and Chinese diplomats agree to strengthen ties and prevent escalation of Israel-Hamas war
The IDF has found one of Hamas' largest weapons depots in the Gaza Strip, containing various types of weapons. The depot was located near civilian buildings. The IDF continues to strike terror targets and search for additional military infrastructure. IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari called for the International Red Cross to visit the hostages held by Hamas.
A heartwarming video captures the emotional reunion of 5-year-old Emilia Aloni with her classmates after being held hostage by Hamas for seven weeks.
Sen. John Fetterman, D-Penn., rejects claims of war crimes by Israel and emphasizes the need to destroy Hamas for peace.
Teachers in Oakland plan pro-Palestinian 'teach in,' asking students to draw a Zionist leader, sparking controversy and concerns about personal beliefs in the classroom.
IRS whistleblowers set to testify behind closed doors, gold bars found in Dem senator's home, father takes legal action over straight pride symbol, Panera hit with second wrongful death lawsuit, Trump to join 'Hannity' for Iowa town hall.
Hillary Clinton condemns Hamas supporters for ignoring sex crimes against Israeli women and emphasizes the responsibility to condemn violence against women.
Celebrities have made offensive and misinformed comments about the war between Israel and Hamas, sparking backlash and apologies. Julianna Margulies and Susan Sarandon both made controversial statements, with Margulies apologizing for her remarks about the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities. Sarandon apologized for comparing the experiences of Jews and Muslims. The incidents highlight the risks of celebrities speaking out on sensitive topics during a surge in antisemitism.
Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has not put any major bills on the floor since the upper chamber returned from Thanksgiving recess, causing blowback from some Republicans.
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to condemn progressive lawmaker Pramila Jayapal's comments on Hamas' use of rape against Israeli women, calling for 'balance' in condemning the group's actions.
Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin condemns the cancellation of a Hanukkah menorah lighting at an art and music festival, calling it 'absurd and antisemitic.' The cancellation comes amid a rise in antisemitism in the US.
Pro-Palestinian protesters in Philadelphia targeted an Israeli-owned restaurant, accusing the owner of genocide. Other facilities were also vandalized. Pennsylvania Governor and the White House condemned the protesters.
Billionaire Harvard alum accuses university of discriminating against White males, Asians, and conservatives in a scathing open letter. Ackman calls for action to address antisemitism and other discriminatory practices on campus.
US senators will be briefed on Ukraine this week as negotiations continue on an emergency aid package that includes Ukraine, Israel, and border security.
A Republican lawmaker is urging ActBlue to stop processing donations for groups that support Hamas, arguing that Democrats should leave the platform if it doesn't comply.
An upcoming book reveals that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's life improved after Nancy Pelosi stepped down as Speaker of the House. The book describes tension between the two and their disagreements over issues such as the 'Abolish ICE' slogan.
Former US ambassador arrested for spying, Muslim-Americans upset with Biden, impeachment inquiry progresses, Graham warns of danger with Biden re-election, Dem fundraising supports Hamas-sympathizing groups
Missouri Democrat Cori Bush defended Rep. Rashida Tlaib and invoked Rosa Parks' memory, receiving criticism for the comparison.
White House spokesman John Kirby blames Hamas for breaking the cease-fire and holding more women and children hostage. He defends U.S. military aid to Israel and acknowledges the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
Two months since the Hamas terror attack on Israel, the situation in the region has worsened and become more complicated.
A U.S. warship shot down three Houthi drones targeting commercial vessels in the Red Sea, raising concerns of a serious escalation in maritime attacks in the Middle East.
Bill Maher scolded Elon Musk over his controversial post, calling it 'really antisemitic.' Musk has faced backlash for appearing to endorse an antisemitic post on X. Major advertisers have left X following allegations of ads appearing alongside antisemitic content.
Israeli airstrikes resume in southern Gaza as cease-fire collapses, with at least 178 people killed since the truce ended.
Washington state Democrat Rep. Adam Smith's home was vandalized by cease-fire activists, highlighting the need to address political extremism. California Republican Rep. David Valadao's office was also targeted by anti-Israel activists.
Several injured outside Atlanta building housing Israeli Consulate General.
Senate Democrats are concerned about potential harmful changes to the asylum system and argue that any permanent policy changes must be coupled with a pathway to legal status for illegal immigrants already in the U.S.
US Justice Department urged to investigate after foreign hackers breach Pennsylvania water supply
The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency expressed support for nuclear power as a means to combat climate change and meet growing electricity demands. He warned of the challenge of monitoring nuclear programs and the potential dangers of more countries acquiring nuclear weapons.
Brown University President Christina Paxson omitted references to Jewish students in a speech after being heckled by pro-Palestinian activists.
The White House clarified that it is not seeking to place conditions on U.S. military assistance to Israel, despite President Biden suggesting otherwise.
Two Hamas terrorists killed three people and injured 11 others in a shooting near Jerusalem. The shooters were associated with Hamas and were shot dead by Israeli soldiers.
Conservative faith leader Ralph Reed praised Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for condemning left-wing antisemitism. Faith leaders co-signed a letter calling for unity against antisemitism and congressional aid to Israel. The letter also urged the passage of bills targeting Iran and the anti-Israel BDS movement. Reed highlighted the resurgence of antisemitism and the importance of addressing religious bigotry.
The recent House votes on Israel's right to exist showed division within the far-left 'Squad.'
Mayim Bialik criticizes progressive feminists and the United Nations for their silence on the rape and torture of women during Hamas' terror attacks in Israel on October 7.
The CIA has issued a reminder to its staff about the implications of sharing political posts on social media following a senior officer's pro-Palestinian image.
Turkish President Erdogan accuses Israeli PM Netanyahu of committing 'one of the worst atrocities' in Gaza and vows to hold Israel accountable before international courts.
China is expanding its crackdown on Muslims and their places of worship, drawing little international criticism.
'Squad' divisions arise after Israel vote, BLM leader picks Trump and more top headlines.
The House of Representatives' Tuesday votes on reaffirming Israel's right to exist and condemning the terrorist group Hamas revealed division among members of the far-left 'Squad.' Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich, and Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., were the only members of the radical eight-person group to not vote in favor of H. Res. 888, which centered on Israel's existence.
Israeli forces and Hamas exchange prisoners as cease-fire continues. Ten Israeli hostages and two Thai nationals were released, while Israel released 30 Palestinian prisoners. An extended cease-fire would allow more aid into Gaza.
A Veterans Affairs attorney is being investigated for mocking Israelis in a video posted on social media. The Department of Veterans Affairs has stated that there is no place for anti-Semitism or bigotry within the organization.
The Pentagon has stated that the USS Mason and an Israeli-owned tanker were not the intended targets of Houthi missiles fired from Yemen.
Israel's military chief says the country is prepared to continue fighting and vows to dismantle Hamas after the current cease-fire expires. The first goal is to secure the safe release of all Israeli hostages taken by Hamas during a terror attack.
University presidents from Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania will testify before Congress on rampant antisemitism on their campuses following Hamas' terror attacks.
New York City Schools Chancellor denies allegations that high school students who demanded the ouster of a Jewish teacher were 'radicalized.' Some students have been suspended or faced disciplinary action.
Comedian Michael Rapaport demands that Hamas reveal the contents of their tunnels and show the world what's inside, criticizing their lack of transparency.
Rep. Ro Khanna clashed with CNBC host Joe Kernen over Israel's response to Hamas terrorist attacks. Some hostages, including a 4-year-old American girl, have been freed. The pause in the Gaza war has been extended, with more civilian hostages being released. The Biden administration praised the extension and expressed a desire for all hostages to be freed.
Whoopi Goldberg defends women's groups after co-host calls out their silence on Hamas brutality.
The identities of 11 recently-released Israeli hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas have been revealed.
Sunny Hostin criticizes 'The View' for only showing Jewish family reunifications in the Israel-Palestinian conflict and emphasizes the need to discuss the reunification of Palestinian families. She calls for a two-state solution and an end to the devastation in Gaza.
Attorney General Merrick Garland expressed hope for the release of more American hostages held by Hamas in Gaza and discussed the department's efforts to address potential threats of hate-fueled violence and terrorism. He also mentioned the investigation into the attack on three Palestinian men in Vermont and highlighted the importance of combating hate-fueled violence in communities. Garland discussed the department's efforts to combat violent crime and disrupt fentanyl trafficking networks.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to bring the Biden administration's $106 billion national security funding request to the Senate floor for a vote as early as next week. GOP lawmakers have argued that the aid for Ukraine and Israel should be split up and voted on separately.
President Joe Biden apologized to Muslim-American leaders for questioning the death toll figures from Gaza, according to reports. Biden met with five Muslim American leaders who urged him to show more empathy to the Palestinians.
Three Palestinian students were shot and injured at a holiday gathering near the University of Vermont. Police are searching for the shooter and suspect it may have been a hate crime due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.
BBC's international editor Jeremy Bowen defends his initial reporting of an explosion at a hospital in Gaza, stating that he doesn't regret his mistakes. The BBC was one of several news organizations that rushed to report claims made by the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry. The outlet has since offered a correction to the reporting. BBC has also updated its policy and now refers to Hamas as a proscribed terrorist organization.
Sen. Tom Cotton calls for 'massive retaliation' against Iran to end attacks on U.S. assets, while Rep. Jake Auchincloss argues that the Biden administration is already taking tough action through sanctions and political isolation.
Palestinian terrorists released in a swap with Hamas could receive US funds via the Palestinian Authority, according to an expert.
Hamas is expected to release its first American hostage as part of its deal with Israel. The cease-fire continues, with successful hostage exchanges taking place.
The U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson Sector has temporarily paused social media activity as it grapples with a surge of migrants at the border. This decision follows a record-breaking week of 15,300 illegal crossings. The sector is routinely overwhelmed with 2,000 to 2,500 illegal crossings per day, with migrants coming from all over the globe.
Former President Trump criticized American leaders for not securing the release of any U.S. citizens among the hostages recently released by Hamas. President Biden expressed hope for their release but stated that the timing and conditions were uncertain.
USC has moved a Jewish professor to remote teaching after he called Hamas terrorists 'murderers' who 'should be killed' during a confrontation with pro-Palestinian students on campus.
Pro-Palestinian protesters confront President Biden during his retreat in Nantucket, highlighting growing criticism over his handling of the Israel-Hamas war.
Hamas will release 14 hostages in exchange for 42 Palestinian prisoners, while President Biden suggests the attack on Israel may be linked to a possible Saudi-Israel normalization deal.
Protesters accuse AIPAC president of killing babies in demonstration outside his home.
The Israel-Hamas cease-fire has started with reports of continued violence, including the shooting of two Palestinians and the killing of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy in the West Bank.
A surge of antisemitic acts on college campuses across the United States is prompting some parents and students to rethink their higher education plans, according to an educational expert.
An official with English soccer's governing body, the FA, has resigned after posting an inflammatory social media comment about Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Wasim Haq, a council member of the FA, wrote that Adolf Hitler would be proud of Netanyahu. Haq had already been suspended by the FA for the controversial post, which he later deleted.
A Michigan businessman offered $20 million to a Democrat candidate to challenge Rep. Rashida Tlaib, but the candidate declined.
German police arrest two men accused of smuggling over 200 migrants into Europe.
Families of American hostages held by Hamas are urging others to reserve an empty seat at their Thanksgiving gatherings in honor of those yet to return home.
Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, chanting and singing 'Palestine will be free'. NYPD officers remove protesters to allow the parade to continue. Protests demanding a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war have been happening across the U.S.
Israeli soldiers discover tunnel shafts, weapons, and launch complexes at Hamas' Northern Brigade headquarters in Gaza.
Elon Musk is suing Media Matters for manufacturing a report claiming Nazi content ran on his app alongside corporate ads from major companies. Media Matters is a left-wing group used by mainstream media outlets to silence conservatives. Investigations by Texas and Missouri Attorney Generals are underway to expose Media Matters' fraudulent tactics.
Israel and Hamas have agreed to a temporary cease-fire and hostage release deal. Israel will release at least 50 hostages, while Hamas will release one hostage for every three Palestinians released by Israel.
The White House honors a cop-hating Antifa member who clashed with Georgia police officers and was killed in the altercation.
The New York University Alumni Club of Israel is suspending ties with the school over its handling of antisemitism, citing incidents of antisemitic rhetoric and violence on campus.
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