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Egyptians and IDF exchange gunfire at Rafah border crossing, resulting in the death of an Egyptian soldier.
Former New Jersey state Sen. Edward Durr, known as 'Ed the Trucker,' launches bid for governor and predicts a Trump upset in the state. Durr aims to give a voice to the regular person and believes voter turnout is crucial.
The Libertarian Party selects Chase Oliver as its presidential nominee, rejecting Trump and RFK Jr. Oliver aims to bring a message of liberty to both libertarians and non-libertarians.
An Israeli airstrike on a Hamas compound in Rafah has killed two top Hamas officials and dozens of civilians. The war between Israel and Hamas has resulted in thousands of deaths and widespread displacement in Gaza.
A Seattle museum has closed its anti-prejudice exhibit after employees walked out, accusing it of inadvertently supporting Israel.
The Biden administration is facing calls to sanction Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, a Palestinian organization with links to Iran's regime and the U.S.-designated terrorist movement Hamas.
Hillary Clinton blames women for 2016 election loss and warns about a second Trump administration in recent interview.
A new Fox Nation special called 'Officer Down: Honoring the Fallen' chronicles the journey of law enforcement officers as they patrol the streets and participate in a bike ride to Washington, D.C. to pay tribute to fallen officers.
Aid has started entering Gaza through land after a U.S.-made 'floating pier' on the Mediterranean Sea was damaged by weather. The new aid deployment is flowing through southern Israel due to disagreements with Egypt.
A judge at the U.N. International Court of Justice criticizes her colleagues for requiring Israel to work on the Sabbath in response to a case brought by South Africa accusing Israel of genocide in its war with Hamas in Gaza.
A Michigan Islamic center held a memorial for Iranian leaders killed in a helicopter crash, including one known as 'the Butcher of Tehran.' The move sparked anger due to Iran's ties to global terrorism.
President Biden's $320 million Gaza pier project has faced budget overruns and operational challenges, leading to criticism from lawmakers.
Robert De Niro narrates a Biden campaign ad with debunked or questionable claims about Trump, including the false claim that he encouraged Americans to 'inject bleach'. Conservatives criticize the ad for distorting Trump's statements and lacking context.
An exiled Iranian resistance group has provided evidence of Iran's direct involvement in supporting the Houthis in their attacks against ships in the Red Sea.
Egypt agrees to send aid trucks through Israeli crossing to Gaza, but it is unclear if they can enter due to ongoing fighting. The bodies of three more hostages killed on Oct. 7 have been recovered. The U.N. and other aid agencies report a significant decrease in the entry of food and supplies to Gaza.
Sen. Lindsey Graham criticizes the ICJ's ruling ordering Israel to halt military operations in Gaza and warns that America could be a target if it fails to defend Israel.
Two men have been arrested in Germany for allegedly planning a knife attack on a synagogue. The suspects discussed killing worshippers and being shot by police.
The UN court demands Israel to halt its military offensive against Hamas in Rafah, but the Israeli government refuses and vows to destroy Hamas.
All representatives of the UN Security Council, including the United States, United Kingdom and France, observed a solemn minute of silence in honor of the passing of Iran's president! Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio swiftly released a statement, declaring, 'The regime in Tehran has lost one of its bloodiest hardliners.'
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledges to defeat Hamas and refuses to leave remaining Hamas battalions in Rafah, comparing it to the Allies leaving a portion of the Nazi army in Berlin during World War II. President Biden warns of pausing weapon shipments to Israel if it invades Rafah.
The International Criminal Court's limited success and high costs are being questioned as the US considers sanctions against the organization.
Hamas' Gaza health ministry is facing scrutiny over the accuracy of its death toll figures, as the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that nearly 70% of hospitals in Gaza are no longer functioning.
Three US service members were injured, one critically, while supporting a mission to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza. The injuries were non-combat related and occurred on USNS Benavidez (T-AKR 306). The UN is planning new aid routes and coordination of deliveries to prevent further interception of aid in Gaza.
Republican Senator Joni Ernst accuses the Biden administration of ignoring her concerns about accepting refugees from Gaza and prioritizing national security.
Former President Trump campaigns in the Bronx to end the GOP's losing streak in New York state. The White House observes countries turning away from Israel, and the Squad alleges Trump will go on a 'murder spree' if elected. A top Kennedy staffer steps down citing a 'hateful' atmosphere.
The death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi provides an opportunity for the Biden administration to reset its approach and keep America and the Middle East safe. However, instead of deterring the regime responsible for the murder of Americans and allies, the administration offered its condolences.
American Jewish students who have experienced antisemitism on their college campuses arrived in Israel to learn about the recent terror attack by Hamas and discuss ways to combat anti-Jewish and anti-Israel activities at their universities.
The ICC is facing backlash for considering arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas officials, with critics arguing that the court is politically driven and ignores cases involving brutal regimes.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizes the ICC for requesting arrest warrants for himself, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and top Hamas leaders. President Biden rejects the ICC's application for arrest warrants.
A satirical joke about an Israeli Mossad agent being behind the crash that killed the Iranian President fooled a French TV analyst and Hamas.
House Republicans allege that Hunter Biden lied under oath during his congressional deposition. Biden's attorney denies the allegations. Biden is also facing separate trials on firearm-related and tax-related charges.
The chief of police at UCLA has been reassigned as the school investigates its response to anti-Israel protests on campus.
Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has called for the dismantling and defunding of the International Criminal Court (ICC) after a prosecutor announced plans to request arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas officials.
Israeli forces conducted a raid against a Hamas compound in Gaza, uncovering a tunnel and a significant cache of weapons and explosives.
Police cleared an anti-Israel encampment at the University of Michigan after protesters refused to remove fire hazards. The encampment demanded the university's divestment from Israel over the Israel-Hamas war.
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld discusses his views and the similarities he shares with comedian Bill Maher on 'Gutfeld!'
Former Israeli PM calls for defunding ICC after court requests arrest warrant for Netanyahu over 'war crimes'
The statue of Reverend Billy Graham was temporarily placed in Statuary Hall at the US Capitol before being moved to the Crypt of the Capitol.
The International Criminal Court (ICC) has been accused of being antisemitic and politicized, waging lawfare against democracies that defend themselves against terrorism. The ICC's indictment of Israeli leaders for alleged war crimes is seen as an attempt to delegitimize a free democracy exercising its right to self-defense.
Sen. Joe Manchin encourages Republicans to secure the border in a second attempt at passing a border bill, following Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's announcement of a vote on a bipartisan border security bill this week.
The EPA has warned that cyberattacks on water systems in the US are increasing and has urged utilities to take immediate action to protect the nation's drinking water.
Amal Clooney played a key role in advising the ICC in seeking arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Hamas leaders over alleged war crimes. The ICC determined it has jurisdiction over crimes committed by both parties. Clooney expressed her support for the ICC's decision, while Netanyahu criticized it as an example of antisemitism.
Pro-Israel lawmakers in the U.S. condemn the ICC's decision to petition for arrest warrants against top Israeli officials for war crimes in the Gaza strip.
President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemn the ICC's request for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity, calling it 'outrageous' and 'shameful'. They emphasize that there is no equivalence between Israel and Hamas and question the legitimacy and credibility of the investigation.
A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi crashed, raising questions about the implications for Iran's internal affairs and potential successors.
The U.S. Senate will vote on a bipartisan border security bill this week after previous efforts collapsed when Republicans withdrew their support, according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.
Morehouse College defends students and faculty who turned their backs during President Biden's commencement speech, stating that peaceful assembly is core to the school's social justice tradition.
Rep. Elise Stefanik defends her speech at Israel's Knesset, criticizing President Biden and Democrats for their handling of the Israel-Hamas war.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political rival, Benny Gantz, threatens to resign from war cabinet if a plan for ending the war in Gaza is not presented by June 8.
Reporter Eli Lake criticizes anti-Israel college activists for complaining about their encampments being shut down, arguing that they have been an 'enemy of free speech' for years. Lake calls for more intellectual diversity in universities to combat radicalism.
President Biden will deliver the commencement address at Morehouse College on Sunday as protests disrupt graduations across the country. The speech is an opportunity for Biden to address his support among Black voters ahead of the 2024 election.
Security experts are urging U.S. churches to increase safety measures after recent attempted shootings at houses of worship. Interest in improving safety measures is on the rise among congregations.
Anti-Israel protesters set up an encampment at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Drexel University President expressed concerns about safety and stated that the university will not tolerate destruction, harassment, or intimidation.
Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker's jersey sales have skyrocketed despite media criticism of his faith-based commencement speech.
House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik will visit Israel to reassure the country and criticize President Biden's policies.
The Republican Party of Minnesota has endorsed Royce White, a former NBA player and Black Lives Matter protest leader, as their candidate to challenge Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar.
The White House is considering resettling Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to the United States, sparking warnings from experts about the potential for terrorism and failed assimilation.
Bill Maher defends Harrison Butker's graduation speech, questioning the outrage and emphasizing the importance of choice and freedom of expression.
President Biden and former President Donald Trump are both struggling to secure their base voters as they prepare for their debate next month. Nikki Haley, a former Republican candidate, continues to gain support in GOP primaries, potentially impacting Trump's chances. Biden is facing an 'uncommitted' vote protesting his support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas. Both candidates are dealing with dissatisfaction from their respective bases, raising concerns about their popularity in the upcoming election.
Anti-Israel protesters were arrested at the University of Pennsylvania after attempting to occupy a campus building. The protesters were eventually dispersed with the assistance of law enforcement. This incident follows the dismantling of an encampment on the university's campus the previous week.
A Jewish-American political appointee has publicly resigned from the Biden administration over US support of Israel, citing President Biden's disastrous policies and lack of accountability for Israel's actions in Gaza.
A U.S.-built pier is in place to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea, but no one will know if the new route will work until a steady stream of deliveries begins reaching starving Palestinians.
Anti-Israel agitators arrested at UC Irvine claim to be professors during the dismantling of an anti-Israel encampment at the university.
The New York City Mayor's office accuses the Washington Post of promoting an antisemitic trope in an article about high-powered executives urging the mayor to shut down anti-Israel protests at Columbia University.
South Africa urges UN's top court to order cease-fire in Gaza to shield citizens in Rafah
The Florida owner of a boat 'of interest' in the death of a 15-year-old ballerina has been identified as Carlos Guillermo Alonso.
The legal defense team for nine Egyptian men accused of causing a deadly shipwreck in the Mediterranean argued that Greece has no jurisdiction in the case and that their clients were innocent survivors.
Israel announces additional troop deployment in Rafah amid warning from Biden administration
A federal appeals court has ruled that parents in Maryland's largest school district cannot opt their K-5 children out of classes and books that discuss LGBTQ topics.
North Carolina lawmakers advance bill to repeal pandemic-era mask law, raising penalties for wearing masks while committing crimes.
A man wanted in Washington state after stabbing a woman in the neck on the Clark College campus remains at large.
The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has announced its largest ever fundraising effort to support former President Trump in his bid for re-election.
Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is facing renewed criticism from Republicans in her state over comments she made in a resurfaced interview where she appears to compare Osama bin Laden and the United States' war against terrorism with the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution.
Cornell University President Martha E. Pollack has faced backlash from Jewish students, parents, and professors after expressing gratitude to anti-Israel protesters for remaining peaceful and nonviolent.
The House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill to stop President Biden from blocking offensive weapons aid to Israel on Thursday.
A Columbia University student's anti-Israel remarks during her commencement address were disrupted after an apparent glitch repeatedly cut off her microphone.
Anti-Israel agitators swarm buildings at UC Irvine, leading to a 'shelter in place' order for students and cancellation of classes.
Social media users are participating in a 'blockout' to pressure celebrities to take a stand on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
Democratic incumbent Senate candidates in key swing states are moving towards the center and right as polls show President Biden trailing former President Trump.
Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., is demanding that Attorney General Merrick Garland appoint a special counsel to investigate President Biden for stalling military aid to Israel.
Comedian Jon Lovitz criticizes 'Queers for Palestine' protesters for blocking traffic on a Florida freeway and defends Israel against accusations of genocide.
The US military has constructed a large metal pier in northern Gaza as part of President Biden's plan to deliver humanitarian aid to the region. Critics argue that the sea route is unnecessary and that aid can already be delivered through land crossings.
The Biden administration is resuming the shipment of $1 billion worth of weapons to Israel after briefly pausing it due to concerns about the planned ground invasion of Rafah.
A University of Delaware student has been charged with a hate crime after destroying a Holocaust memorial on campus and making antisemitic remarks. The incident underscores the ongoing issue of antisemitism and the need to learn from the Holocaust.
The Cannes Film Festival opened with an honorary Palme d'Or for Meryl Streep and the unveiling of Greta Gerwig's jury. Streep was awarded the honorary Palme d'Or during the opening ceremony, while Gerwig became the first American female filmmaker to serve as president of the Cannes jury.
Howard Stern says Jerry Seinfeld 'apologized for a really long time' after questioning his 'comedy chops'
Harvard University has struck a deal with anti-Israel protesters to end their encampment before the commencement ceremony. The agreement includes the retraction of suspensions, meetings to discuss divestment, and the establishment of a Center for Palestine Studies.
Bill Maher and Bill Burr engage in a tense exchange over the Israel-Palestinian conflict during a podcast episode.
House Republicans are pushing for former President Trump to receive the Congressional Gold Medal for his leadership and diplomatic achievements.
Sen. Tom Cotton criticizes the Biden administration and the United Nations for believing false casualty figures out of Gaza. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has revised its data on Palestinian casualties, reducing the number of women and children killed in the Gaza war by almost half.
Democratic Senate candidate David Trone has faced controversy for using a racial slur, confronting a reporter, allegedly threatening a delivery worker, and making inappropriate comments about Black voters.
More than 20 U.S. state-level financial officers are urging the Biden administration to continue its support for Israel amid the Israel Defense Forces' recent invasion of Rafah.
A Jewish student at Brandeis University calls for colleges to address antisemitism and protect free speech on campuses following a series of anti-Israel protests.
Duke University graduate Alanna Peykar defends Jerry Seinfeld after anti-Israel protesters disrupt his commencement speech. Peykar highlights the overwhelming support Seinfeld received from the student body and praises Duke University for creating a safe environment for Jewish students.
The Biden administration has faced criticism for sending conflicting messages on its stance towards Israel, with lawmakers arguing that it undermines US allies and emboldens adversaries.
Contentious primaries in Maryland, Nebraska, and West Virginia set up crucial general election matchups that may decide the House and Senate majorities. Former Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is the front-runner for the GOP Senate nomination in Maryland, a heavily blue state. Democrats hope to protect their fragile majority in the Senate, while Republicans are looking at a favorable election map with Democrats defending 23 of the 34 seats up for grabs. Republicans aim to recapture the Senate majority, while Democrats are looking to take back control of the House. Tuesday's primaries could also provide further headaches for President Biden and former President Trump.
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