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Super Tuesday contests will bring Biden and Trump closer to winning their party's nominations, setting up a historic rematch that many voters are not looking forward to.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clashes with anti-Israel protester, denies accusations of not acknowledging Gaza as a 'genocide.'
Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi, who was expelled from France, claims that he would not have been deported if he were in the UK.
The prime minister of Australia has rejected a referral to the International Criminal Court that accused members of federal parliament of supporting alleged war crimes in the Middle East.
A Jewish mother in London finds a swastika on her garden gate on the anniversary of her father's death, highlighting the rise of anti-Semitism in the city.
US airman Jack Teixeira pleads guilty to leaking top secret Pentagon documents and faces almost 17 years in jail.
A man has been arrested for attacking pro-Palestinian protestors with a nail gun outside an Israeli homes expo in Toronto.
Former President Donald Trump has urged President Joe Biden to close the southern border with Mexico to address the migrant crisis. Trump emphasized that Biden has the authorization to close the border and should use his policies.
Former President Donald Trump urged President Joe Biden to close the southern border to address the migrant crisis. Trump accused Biden of allowing in migrants and called on him to use his presidential powers to tackle the problem.
Mohamed Hadid, father of Gigi and Bella Hadid, calls President Joe Biden a 'Zionist war criminal' and compares him to Nazis in a scathing post against Israel and the US.
The 'uncommitted' movement is heading to Minnesota to protest President Joe Biden's policy on Israel. Activists hope that a coalition of progressive Democrats and Muslim Americans will fuel a strong protest vote on Super Tuesday.
US Vice President Kamala Harris meets with Benny Gantz to discuss the Israeli offensive in Gaza and the need for a ceasefire and increased humanitarian aid.
A retired pastor in California drew a Swastika on his Jewish neighbor's groceries, claiming he was trying to teach her about its history as a symbol of peace.
Three underwater data cables providing internet and telecommunications around the world have been cut in the Red Sea, potentially escalating the ongoing crisis in the region.
George Galloway has been sworn in as the new Rochdale MP, raising concerns about tensions over Gaza. He arrived at Parliament in a dark Volvo and expressed interest in forming a new party with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Galloway's request to be sworn in by Sir David Davis was declined.
Vice President Kamala Harris calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza and criticizes Israel for humanitarian crisis
A photo taken by an AP photographer shows Israeli female soldiers on the Gaza Strip border, capturing the proximity and the presence of female soldiers in combat.
Israel has boycotted ceasefire talks with Hamas after the group refused to provide a complete list of hostages that are still alive.
Artworks by Gazan artists have been displayed on the International Wall in Belfast as a show of solidarity amid the ongoing conflict in the region.
Rania Abu Anza mourns her twin babies killed in an air strike in Gaza, as the family insists they were civilians and not Hamas fighters.
British UFC fighter Muhammad Mokaev has called for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to 'stop genocide' and called for a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.
Israel's use of AI algorithms in its war against Hamas is being questioned as civilian deaths in Gaza rise. Experts are skeptical about the effectiveness of algorithms in mitigating harm.
George Galloway's deputy, Chris Williamson, is being investigated by police for his comments about Israel's right to exist. The investigation follows his refusal to condemn the recent attacks by Hamas terrorists on Israelis.
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is scrambling to find money for a 2p cut in personal taxation in Wednesday's Budget. The Treasury had hoped to have £30bn available for handouts, but unexpected rises in the cost of Government borrowing has reduced that to around £13bn.
Intelligence experts warn of increased 'chatter' among Islamist fanatics, indicating rising tension. Increase of anti-Semitism in Britain and victory of George Galloway in Rochdale by-election are concerning. Civilised majority must resist militancy and extremism. Initiatives and vigilance can help, but freedom should not be restricted.
A British-registered cargo ship sinks in the Red Sea after an attack by Yemeni Houthi rebels. All crew members are safe.
Turnout for Iran's parliamentary election is estimated to be around 40%, marking a historic low, according to unofficial reports.
Iran counts ballots in elections with low turnout and expected conservative dominance.
Gunfire accounts for 80% of wounds from aid convoy bloodshed, according to the head of a Gaza City hospital. At least 115 Palestinians were killed and more than 750 others were injured in the city on Thursday, when Israeli troops opened fire as huge crowds raced to pull goods off an aid convoy.
Ukrainian troops face ammunition shortages and lost ground to Moscow due to a lack of military aid from the US. The Republican-controlled House has shown little urgency in resupplying Ukraine, despite warnings from congressional leaders.
Palestinian women detained by Israeli forces during the Israel-Hamas war have alleged physical abuse and neglect, including beatings and strip searches.
Richard Lewis' cause of death has been revealed as 'cardiopulmonary arrest' according to his death certificate. The legendary comedian battled Parkinson's disease and died at the age of 76 after suffering a heart attack. His widow, Joyce Lapinsky, thanked fans for their support and encouraged donations to the charity Comedy Gives Back in his memory.
14-year-old Chinese surfer Yang Siqi becomes the youngest person to qualify for the Olympics, beating competitors from Britain, Costa Rica, and Spain.
Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi was deported from France to Tunisia after insulting the French flag in a sermon.
Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's marriage to Formula 1 boss Christian Horner may be in trouble after leaked WhatsApp messages of a sexual nature allegedly between Horner and an unknown colleague were sent to his F1 bosses.
Negotiators at a World Trade Organization meeting in the UAE ended their summit early without reaching agreements on major initiatives. The only agreement reached was on extending a pause on taxes on digital media. The upcoming elections, including the US presidential election, pose challenges for the WTO.
Lady Gabriella Windsor's husband, Thomas Kingston, has died by suicide just weeks before their fifth wedding anniversary.
Prince William visited a pub in Wrexham and downed a shot of whisky with Hollywood star Rob McElhenney.
George Galloway's victory in the Rochdale by-election is a humiliation for Keir Starmer and a reminder of the Labour Party's struggle with the Gaza crisis.
A Jewish man wearing a skullcap was subjected to alleged anti-Semitic abuse on the London Underground. British Transport Police are investigating the incident.
Rishi Sunak delivered a powerful speech addressing extremism in Britain, emphasizing unity and resistance against those trying to tear the country apart.
A major wildlife criminal investigation has uncovered evidence of a multi-million-pound international trade in illegally traded wild-caught birds. The investigation, known as Operation Tantallon, has revealed that Scottish peregrine falcons are being stolen to order for clients in the Middle East, where falcon racing has become a popular sport.
Rishi Sunak calls for unity against extremism after George Galloway's win in the Rochdale by-election. Sunak highlights rising anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and warns of forces trying to tear the country apart.
Recent polls show that President Joe Biden is trailing Donald Trump in seven swing states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. There are concerns over Biden's age and mental acuity, with eight in ten swing-state voters believing he is too old to run again. Trump is also leading in critical states like Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. These polls pose challenges for Biden's potential 2024 campaign.
Imports of fuel oil to the U.S. Gulf Coast dropped to a five-year low due to increased use of heavy Canadian crude and disruptions in the Middle East.
George Galloway has won the Rochdale by-election, becoming the new MP for the constituency after a divisive and controversial campaign.
George Galloway's party expects to win the Rochdale by-election comfortably, according to campaign representatives. The result is anticipated to have significant implications for mainstream party politics.
Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza City rushed to an aid distribution point in search of food, only to be met with chaos and live fire from Israeli troops. Over 100 people were killed and 760 were wounded in the incident. The incident highlights the worsening shortages and desperate situation in Gaza.
Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and bipartisan lawmakers are pushing for a floor vote on funds for Israel and Ukraine, gathering signatures on a discharge petition. The bill offers $66 billion in defense-only aid and includes provisions related to immigration.
Oil prices fall as U.S. crude stockpiles rise and concerns about slow demand increase.
Pro-Palestine protesters disrupt Chorley Council meeting, leading to scuffles and chaos as a Tory councillor tries to restore order.
Supporters in South Carolina are running out of time to pass a hate crimes law that would increase penalties for crimes motivated by race, gender, or sexual orientation.
Joe Biden's campaign denies panicking after losing to 'uncommitted' in Dearborn, Michigan. Anti-war activists and Arab American leaders urged voters to choose 'uncommitted' over Biden due to his policies in the war in Gaza.
Over 100,000 protest votes in Michigan's Democratic primary send a message to President Biden over his support for Israel's war in Gaza.
Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso express concerns about the sustainability of Formula One's record 24-round season and its impact on drivers' careers.
Biden's campaign denies panic over 'uncommitted' votes in Michigan's primary election despite over 101,000 voters choosing 'uncommitted' instead of voting for the president.
Congress is racing to strike a federal spending plan to avoid a government shutdown. House Speaker Mike Johnson faces a crucial test to keep the government open by Friday's deadline. Emergency funding for Ukraine and other allies remains stalled. Negotiators are considering temporary measures to keep the government running until the end of the month. Western allies are watching closely to see if Johnson will consider Biden's request for emergency funds.
Voters in Rochdale, England express little enthusiasm for an election dominated by political disputes over the Gaza war and the potential return of leftist firebrand George Galloway to parliament.
Iran is holding parliamentary elections this Friday, but many people are expressing frustration and discontent and may choose not to vote due to the poor economy and mass protests.
Activists in Michigan who supported 'uncommitted' instead of President Biden celebrated their success and plan to take their anti-war push to the Chicago Democratic Convention.
Qatar's emir visited France to discuss ceasefire efforts in Gaza and the release of hostages held by Hamas. The two leaders emphasized the need for a ceasefire and discussed creating a Palestinian state and providing humanitarian aid for Gaza. Qatar has played a key mediation role in the Gaza war, and three of the hostages are French nationals.
Two senior U.S. Democratic senators are urging President Biden to seek congressional authorization for military action against Houthi targets in Yemen. The strikes carried out so far have not been effective in stopping the Houthis' attacks.
Global stock index edges up while US dollar falls against the yen
Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud criticizes President Biden's comments about a cease fire while eating ice cream, as part of a protest movement in Michigan pushing for voters to choose 'uncommitted' on the Democratic ballot.
A Palestinian father has spoken about the loss of 103 relatives, including his wife and children, in a single Israeli strike in Gaza. The bodies of some family members are still trapped in the rubble. The offensive in Gaza has killed at least 29,878 people, according to the Health Ministry in Hamas-run Gaza.
Yemen's Houthis say they will reconsider attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea if Israel ends its aggression in Gaza. Shipping risks have increased, prompting warnings from Maersk. Seafarers have signed agreements for double pay and the right to refuse to sail through the Red Sea. The owner of a hijacked vessel calls for the release of its crew members. The International Maritime Organization calls for collective action to protect seafarers and the release of the hijacked vessel.
A pause in the conflict in Gaza that could lead to a sustained ceasefire is 'in reach right now', according to Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell. The UK government is urging both Israelis and Hamas to seize the opportunity to end the fighting.
The Bahrain Grand Prix is celebrating its 20th edition and will take place on Saturday. Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver at the race with five wins, and Max Verstappen has led the championship for a record 39 successive races.
Nikki Haley continues to criticize Donald Trump and refuses to drop out of the race despite recent defeats. Trump is leading in Michigan, while Biden faces potential backlash in the Democratic primary.
Palestinians in Gaza are desperate for a lasting ceasefire as a temporary truce could be agreed soon, but Hamas is demanding a permanent end to the fighting.
President Biden expressed hope for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, stating that he believes it could begin by next Monday. He made the comments during a taping of Seth Meyers' comedy show, which was surrounded by anti-Israel protesters.
US President Joe Biden has expressed hope that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas could begin by the beginning of next week, with representatives from multiple countries acting as intermediaries in the conflict.
Hamas receives draft proposal for 40-day truce in Gaza, including prisoner-hostage exchange and humanitarian aid provision.
Hezbollah has launched rockets at an Israeli base in response to Israeli military actions in Lebanon, escalating tensions between the two sides.
Israel is ready to halt its war in Gaza during Ramadan if a deal is reached to release some of the hostages held by Hamas.
Oil prices cling to gains amid concerns about Red Sea attacks on shipping and improved demand in China.
The Palestinian Museum in the West Bank is showcasing artworks from war-torn Gaza in an ongoing artistic demonstration.
US President Joe Biden has said that a new ceasefire between Israel and Hamas could start as soon as Monday, with negotiations ongoing for a six-week halt to the fighting and the release of hostages held in Gaza.
Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament have become billboards for hardline political agitators preaching division and intimidation. The tolerance of protest in the UK has been stretched to breaking point, with Islamist militants and Far Left extremists going beyond the limits of decency and legality. British Jews are living in fear, with security stepped up at schools and synagogues. Members of Parliament have been forced to employ bodyguards, and MPs' homes and families are being targeted. The police and politicians are cowering before the mob, and the response of law enforcement has been pathetic and craven.
Michigan voters are expected to deliver a protest vote to President Joe Biden in the state's primary election over his support for Israel in the conflict with Hamas.
President Biden hosts talks on aid for Ukraine and government shutdown at the White House.
US President Joe Biden hopes for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to take effect by early next week, allowing for the release of remaining hostages.
Under-fire MP Lee Anderson insists that 'we are losing control' of London to 'extremists' and refuses to apologize for his comments about Sadiq Khan.
Hulu is facing backlash for preventing a Texas Church from running an ad on its platform, claiming it qualifies as 'religious indoctrination.' Attorneys for the Church argue that this discrimination is 'over the top' and demand that Hulu clarify its policies and allow the ad to run.
A Harvard professor has resigned from the university's antisemitism task force after just one month, citing frustration with the group's lack of progress.
Charlotte Church insists she would sing controversial protest chant 'From the River to the Sea' again despite backlash from Jewish campaign groups.
Iran has increased its uranium stockpile and continues to bar inspectors, according to a report by the IAEA.
An Air Force officer set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in DC in protest of the war in Gaza. Aaron Bushnell, an aspiring engineer, sustained life-threatening injuries and is currently hospitalized. The incident occurred as the White House faces pressure over the conflict in Gaza.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns of the disregard for international law and calls for greater respect for human rights and peace globally. The UN Human Rights Council begins a session amidst ongoing human rights crises.
Financier Lord Jacob Rothschild has passed away at the age of 87. He had a successful career in the family bank and was involved in various roles in the finance and arts sectors.
Charlotte Church leads choir in singing 'anti-Semitic' song at pro-Palestine event, causing controversy and anger in the Jewish community.
Israeli and Saudi ministers meet at WTO talks in Abu Dhabi, expressing optimism for a potential partnership.
Rishi Sunak warns that the UK will not bend to the threat of violence and intimidation, expressing concern over the hijacking of legitimate protests by extremists to promote terrorism and the targeting of MPs and anti-Semitic tropes on Parliament.
Thousands of supporters rally in Brazil to defend former President Jair Bolsonaro against legal challenges that could lead to jail time.
A survey reveals that the majority of UK exporters and manufacturers have experienced disruption in the Red Sea due to attacks on shipping by Yemen's Houthi rebels.
More than half of UK export businesses have been affected by disruption to shipping in critical trade routes along the Red Sea, according to a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). Iran-backed Houthi rebels have been attacking container ships in the Red Sea since November, forcing vessels to reroute and increasing delivery times and shipping costs.
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