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Iran warns Israel of using a new weapon in response to any Israeli action following Iran's recent attack.
Several new Haggadahs will be published in 2024, including ones focused on Zionism, American patriotism, and Star Wars.
The Italian government has taken issue with Alfa Romeo's decision to not make their cars in Italy, resulting in a dispute over the use of the 'Milano' name.
President Biden's efforts to avert a sustained conflict in the Middle East face challenges as the cycle of retaliation could continue following the successful defense of Israel against Iran's aerial attack.
Gazan journalist Sami Obeid discusses the hardships of living in Gaza under Hamas rule and suggests annexation by Israel as a potential solution.
Hamas has reduced the number of hostages it is willing to release in a ceasefire deal with Israel, offering to release fewer than 20 hostages in exchange for a six-week ceasefire.
Australian police have declared a knife attack on an Assyrian church bishop and his followers in Sydney as a terrorist act motivated by suspected religious extremism.
The already tense West Asia situation took a potentially disastrous turn on April 1, when an attack on Iran's diplomatic complex in Damascus left seven military advisors of the feared Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) dead. Blaming Israel for the military strike (Israel hasn't claimed responsibility for it), Iran vowed revenge, sparking fears of a wider regional conflict that could further destabilise the global economy.
Israel's odds at Eurovision rise after attack, EBU takes control of participation decision
The US describes Iran's attack on Israel as a failure and praises Israel's defense. A coalition of five armies successfully repelled the attack, and the US emphasizes its commitment to the region and Israel's defense.
Steadfast American support for an Israeli operation against Iran and Hezbollah will send a clear message to the Islamic Republic and improve overall security in the region.
Israeli hospitals are shifting their healthcare priorities to focus on mental health and rehabilitation in the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas war. Efforts are being made to address the mental health pandemic caused by the war, including incorporating mental health support into triage and establishing alternative inpatient clinics. Mental healthcare provision is being expanded to under-supported areas of the country, and steps are being taken to address the shortage of mental health professionals.
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