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The International Court of Justice has ruled that Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories is illegal and called for action from the global community. Israel rejects the ruling and dismisses the idea of a Palestinian state. The world community has an obligation to support the recognition of Palestine as a permanent member of the UN.
Working with communities is crucial for the future of philanthropy in the Middle East, according to a report on next-generation philanthropy in the region. Philanthropists prioritize community impact and meeting the needs of communities. However, there is a gap in empowering community leaders and beneficiaries in philanthropy. Philanthropists face challenges in accessing conflict zones and engaging with local NGOs. Closer collaboration with communities and facilitating proximity to causes is necessary.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the US Congress amid tensions over the Gaza war and pressure to negotiate a ceasefire with Hamas.
Saudi Arabia denies involvement in Israeli targeting of Houthi-controlled port in Yemen
A Gaza hospital performs an emergency cesarean section to save a baby boy after his mother dies in an Israeli strike.
China is eyeing Kazakhstan's vast reserves of nickel, a key mineral for electric vehicles and clean energy technologies, as part of its strategic approach to securing critical minerals. Kazakhstan, a mineral-rich country in Central Asia, is attracting attention as a potential supplier of these minerals to China, the largest producer of EVs and batteries. Kenges Rakishev, a prominent businessman in Kazakhstan, is investing millions of dollars in extracting nickel and cobalt in the Abay region. China's investments in Kazakhstan's infrastructure also aim to establish easier trade routes to Europe.
Foreign Secretary David Lammy chartered a luxury private jet for his visit to Israel, despite Labour's promise to reduce ministers' flights.
Former President Trump chose to try to unify the nation after the assassination attempt against him, according to GOP congressional candidate James Hayes.
Seeking psychotherapy for mental health problems is important, but many people avoid it or feel guilty about it. Setting goals in therapy is essential for lasting results, and it is important to make goals measurable.
Norman Solomon's book 'Making Sense of God' offers a refreshing and accessible exploration of theological discourse, aiming to provoke thought and stimulate discussion rather than indoctrinate or convert readers.
Wizz Air predicts that flight prices between the UK and the Middle East could be reduced to a quarter of current levels once it receives new aircraft. The airline plans to launch new routes between the UK and Middle East countries already served by the airline from continental Europe.
The SNP has written a letter to the Foreign Secretary calling for the suspension of arms sales to Israel and immediate action to protect civilians in Gaza.
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