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Mandel, a Romanian-born Israeli mathematician, who claimed to have cracked the lottery, has been denied a retrial and now faces jail time for fraud.
An Israeli fashion label has created a swimsuit inspired by Princess Diana's iconic look. The swimsuit pays tribute to the princess's style and is a nod to her final years before her tragic death.
Archaeologists have found ancient Greek roof tiles in Jerusalem, providing the oldest evidence of their use in Israel. The discovery is linked to the time of Antiochus IV, the ruler of Hanukkah.
The Palestinian Prime Minister considers Hamas as a potential partner after the war, while Israel is hesitant to discuss post-war plans. Arab states are open to involvement in Gaza's reconstruction but seek assurance of Israel's commitment to broader discussions.
An IDF soldier was killed in a friendly fire incident in Gaza when Apache helicopter pilots mistakenly targeted the building housing the soldiers.
22 IDF soldiers and officers have been killed in Gaza since the resumption of fighting, including Sergeant Major (res.) Kobi Dvash and Master Sergeant (res.) Eyal Meir Berkowitz.
Indonesian government ministers and senior speakers have been subjected to cyber attacks, including threats and harassment, from pro-Palestinian activists.
The central governance of Hamas in Gaza City and around Khan Younis is collapsing as the military's aggressive maneuvers succeed in eliminating Hamas's military capabilities.
Footage shows Hamas terrorists crawling in a room before being killed. IDF releases footage of surrendered Hamas operatives being monitored.
Israeli singer Omer Adam has launched a project to fund special taxis for soldiers returning from furlough in the Gaza Strip.
The Gaza war highlights the devastating impact of fanatical armies with rudimentary weapons.
Former beauty queen speaks out about indifference to Hamas rapes
The IDF has published a video showing Israeli forces engaging with Hamas terrorists in Gaza, highlighting their success in outmaneuvering the group and destroying their infrastructure.
Qatar is actively mediating between Israel and Hamas to end the crisis in Gaza, with the immediate priority being to end the war.
Divers in Eilat spot a giant manta ray near the Dolphin Reef and swim alongside it for half an hour.
Two students sue University of Pennsylvania over alleged danger to Jewish and Israeli students on campus.
Children released from Hamas captivity during last month's cease-fire are suffering psychological scars that will be difficult to heal, according to Dr. Efrat Harlev, CEO of Israel's Schneider Children's Medical Center.
Two soldiers have been killed in Gaza battles, according to the IDF. Operations continue in Shijaiyah neighborhood.
Israeli forces have attacked over 20,000 Hamas targets in Gaza, and a new hostage has been named, raising the total to 138.
Hamas launched rockets from a humanitarian zone near UN facilities, endangering Gazan civilians.
Pfizer CEO slams university chiefs for handling of antisemitism
U.S. officials emphasize the need for Palestinian Authority involvement in post-war Gaza, while Israel and Arab nations have differing views on the extent of this involvement.
Israel is urging Egypt to accept Gazan refugees, but Egypt rejects any attempt to relocate displaced Palestinians into its territory.
A father is fighting to free his son from captivity in Gaza, as numerous groups advocate for the release of hostages.
Families of hostages plead for immediate action in distressing meeting with war cabinet ministers.
The European Commission is increasing efforts to combat hate crimes, including rising antisemitism, by boosting protection for places of worship and strengthening rules against illegal hate speech online.
The IDF has uncovered a significant weapons cache in Gaza, including rockets, drones, and explosive devices.
Dogs have played a significant role in the war against Hamas, with examples of bravery and resilience.
10 arrested in Jenin op, bombmaking lab and underground shafts uncovered
The parents of an Israeli hostage have criticized the Red Cross for their lack of action in trying to reach the captive.
US urban warfare expert shares his traumatic experience after watching a viral video of Hamas atrocities and highlights the significance of remembering the horrors.
A drone from Lebanon carrying a prayer in Arabic and the name of an imam was aimed at Israel, raising concerns about Hezbollah's ongoing attempts to harm residents in the area.
Former Canine Unit soldier opens kennel in Eilat to care for dogs of evacuees from the southern border.
Families of hostages demand prompt publicization of their experiences and urge for prisoner exchange
Israeli women were sexually abused by Hamas terrorists, but there's little hope for justice due to burial law.
IDF forces have killed senior Hamas officials in an attack on a terror tunnel in Gaza.
Ultra-Orthodox girls in Israel excel in mathematics and reading, while academic achievements decline in most OECD countries.
Government Minister Benny Gantz affirms that the IDF will continue and expand its operation in the Gaza Strip, asserting Israel's determination to determine its own future.
The IDF has resumed combat in Gaza, targeting Hamas strongholds and eliminating senior commanders. They have moved to the third phase of the ground offensive and are using combined strikes from air, sea, and land.
The IDF has initiated the third phase of its ground offensive in Gaza, targeting the city of Khan Younis, which is known for its underground tunnels and agricultural areas.
Gal Gadot, the Israeli star, is expecting her fourth child as she was spotted in Hollywood with her husband.
Hamas sedated hostages before release to make them appear happy, according to the Health Ministry.
Emilia, who was previously held captive, returns to kindergarten and is warmly welcomed by her classmates.
US officials express frustration with Biden's response to Houthi ship attacks, citing concerns about the threat to US forces and downplaying of the situation.
The Israel-Hamas war has intensified the challenges faced by TikTok, as bans and concerns about data security continue to grow.
Rockets hit Be'er Sheva and surrounding areas, causing evacuation of Russian citizens and WHO supplies moved due to Israeli military warning.
Ex-Miss World Linor Abargil criticizes women's groups for not speaking out against sexual assaults on October 7.
Israeli start-up Rescue Heat has developed a thermal patch that can efficiently and safely transfer heat, potentially saving lives in battlefields.
Israel launches website to raise awareness about the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries and Iran, featuring images of persecution and aiming to release an English version soon.
Soccer star Manor Solomon discusses the challenges of being outside of Israel during the current situation and expresses his hope for a positive outcome.
The IDF is intensifying its attacks in Gaza, targeting specific areas and seeking to eliminate Hamas' observation posts.
Israel has updated travel warnings for 80 countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia, in response to security concerns.
IDF reservist wins NIS 20 million lottery jackpot after filling out ticket during leave from reserve service.
A hospital in northern Lebanon has moved underground due to the nearby volatile confrontation line with Hezbollah.
Gelienor 'Jimmy' Pacheco, a Filipino national who was abducted by Hamas and recently released, shared his harrowing experience in captivity in Gaza.
Israel expresses disappointment at the lack of support from international women's organizations regarding the October 7 atrocities.
Waze users in Israel are seeing Arabic writing on the map due to GPS jamming by the Israel Defense Forces.
Gal Gadot speaks out against the lack of response to Hamas' violent actions and the ongoing abuse of women.
A new school in Kerem Maharal, Israel, has opened its doors to children evacuated from communities near the Gaza border.
Three IDF soldiers have been killed in battles in the Gaza Strip.
Three ships 'suspected to be Israeli' were attacked in the Red Sea by the Houthis in Yemen, who are loyal to Iran. The U.S. military responded by shooting down three drones.
Shin Bet head vows to pursue Hamas globally after recent terror attack.
The IDF is preparing to capture Jabalia and Shuja'iyya, two urban areas near the border, as part of their ongoing operations against Hamas.
IDF chief announces ground operations in southern Gaza, as Palestinians are urged to evacuate.
Bank Leumi has frozen the account of Gisha NGO in Tel Aviv, citing money transfers to Gaza and anti-Israel remarks.
Israeli cannabis farms are struggling to find workers during the Gaza war, leading to volunteers stepping in to help.
Israel is at a critical point in its battle against Hamas, with the government focusing on setting clear objectives and creating a strategy for success.
A Telegram channel posing as the pro-Israel hacker group WeRedEvils has scammed thousands of users online.
Israeli officials have reported a 'foiled attack' off the coast of Yemen. The United Kingdom's Maritime Trade Operations Agency (UKMTO) stated that the detected UAVs came from Yemen, but did not specify if they were launched by Houthi rebels. Ships in the area have been advised to exercise extreme caution.
A study shows the extent to which Israeli advocacy struggles against the Palestinian narrative on social media.
Released hostages describe the horrific conditions and urge for the immediate release of the children held captive in Gaza.
Hamas and Israel are at odds over the treatment of prisoners, raising concerns about a potential geopolitical crisis in southern Gaza.
Major General Assaf Hammi, commander of the Southern Brigade in the Gaza Division, passed away on his 41st birthday.
The IDF resumes attacks on Hamas without the usual air support.
An elderly woman survives a Hamas attack and hopes to celebrate her 97th birthday with her grandson, who is being held hostage.
Rabbis in Israel declare the death of six hostages without seeing their bodies in a special meeting led by Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef.
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphasizes the importance of civilians in the Gaza war and calls for a two-state solution to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict.
A knife-wielding assailant killed one person and injured two others in a terror attack near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The suspect, who shouted 'Allahu Akbar', was arrested after the attack.
The U.S. supports Israel for various reasons, but Israeli conduct may impact future support.
Netanyahu pledges to continue ground offensive until war objectives are reached, with over 400 Hamas targets destroyed and terrorists eliminated.
Hamas official says no negotiation or captives release until war ends
IDF troops in Gaza receive card decks with faces of senior Hamas figures as identification tools and to demonstrate their resolve to capture them.
Aviva Sela, a member of Kibbutz Be'eri, reflects on her upcoming 97th birthday and the captivity of her grandson in Hamas's tunnels in Gaza.
Arnold Schwarzenegger meets with families of Gaza hostages in Los Angeles.
Arab Israeli lawmaker Abbas urges Palestinian terrorist groups to seek peaceful resolution with Israel and work with the Palestinian Authority.
Spanish envoy summoned for second reprimand in one week after Prime Minister of Spain questions Israel's adherence to international humanitarian law.
Libya has released four Hamas arms smugglers after accusations of exposing state security secrets and smuggling weapons.
Susan Sarandon backpedals on controversial remarks about Jews.
Israel prepares to resume ground operations in Gaza, facing challenges in Hamas strongholds and Hezbollah's rearmament.
The article discusses the betrayal of truth by intellectuals and highlights the example of Lustick and Dr. Sarah Roy who have supported extremist groups like ISIS and Hamas.
Netanyahu tells Blinken that he is committed to eliminating Hamas after a shooting attack in Jerusalem.
IDF spokesperson reports that the IDF has targeted terrorist infrastructure and carried out attacks on multiple terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip.
18 women are still captive in Gaza, and their safety is at risk due to the ongoing war. Israeli official suggests a truce could be achieved if Hamas releases 10 women.
Israel and Hamas are engaged in ongoing fighting as Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar uses hostages as bargaining chips and asserts his control through rocket attacks.
Israeli shipping company diverts vessels to longer routes, increasing prices. Houthis threaten to resume military activities against Israel if Gaza attacks continue.
Hamas leader says Israel refuses hostage exchange and insists on release of female soldiers
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