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The Italian government has taken issue with Alfa Romeo's decision to not make their cars in Italy, resulting in a dispute over the use of the 'Milano' name.
The Gaza war has prompted many secular Israelis to explore their Jewish heritage and traditions through the conversion process.
Israel's economic, security, and social crises prompt a call for reassessment from Nobel laureate Angus Deaton.
Plug-in hybrid vehicles were found to emit 139 grams of CO2 per kilometer, compared to the reported 40 grams per kilometer.
Israel is worried that an international alliance may weaken their response to Iran, and they are seeking policy changes and assurances from the U.S.
The Israeli Air Force has postponed the planned operation in Rafah, but remains determined to conduct a ground attack.
Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, accused the Iranian regime of acting like the Nazi regime during a Security Council meeting. This comes after the Iranian ambassador defended Iran's recent attack on Israeli diplomatic premises as an act of self-defense.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer objected to the limited response considered by the Chief of Staff.
Chinese company disqualified from Haifa Port tender after alleging lack of independent judgment by the Tender Committee.
Iran launched ballistic missiles and drones in an overnight assault on Israel, but failed to cause significant damage or enter Israeli territory, according to an IDF spokesperson.
Clashes broke out in the West Bank after the killing of an Israeli settler, leading to increased deployment of IDF forces.
Blood is vital for our physiological systems and plays a crucial role in maintaining our health.
Armenian Defense Minister discusses military cooperation with Iran, despite Israel's fight for independence and opposition to Iran.
NASA has chosen three companies to develop lunar rovers for the Artemis program, with one expected to be selected for use starting from 2030.
Senator Kaine expresses concern over Israel's military response in Gaza and the high number of Palestinian casualties.
The IDF and Mossad have approved plans for a strike on Iran, including an attack on an Israeli embassy in an Arab country.
The Health Ministry has ordered that Ozempic should only be prescribed for diabetes, not weight loss, due to the introduction of Wegovy for obesity treatment.
Israel faces criticism for hindering aid delivery to Gaza, prompting a call from the UN Security Council for the removal of obstacles.
Iran had planned to retaliate for the killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, but Israel and the U.S. are working to limit the potential damage.
Three sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh were killed in an IDF airstrike in Gaza. They were military operatives of the terrorist organization.
The ADL report card reveals that US universities are failing to adequately address antisemitism and protect Jewish students.
Thirteen Israelis indicted in New York synagogue tunnel case, with passports confiscated for nine and four suspects in Israel. Accused deny allegations and Justice Perlmutter refuses to ban them from the synagogue.
A daughter was born to the widow of fallen soldier Gideon Ilani, four months after his death in battle. The baby is their seventh child, and while there is joy, there are also mixed emotions as she will never meet her father.
Polls indicate a decline in support for Israel following the recent conflict with Hamas.
Trump criticizes Jews supporting Biden and accuses Biden of abandoning Israel
Prof. Avi Wigderson, a researcher at Princeton University, becomes the sixth Israeli to receive this prestigious award.
Filming for a movie about the life of Jesus, directed by DJ Caruso, has recently finished in Morocco. Israeli actress Karen Hartley-Thomas, known for her Oscar-nominated makeup work, is also involved in the production.
The IAEA has raised concerns about Iran's nuclear weapon capabilities after noting suspicious activities at the Fordow facility.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry's digital division has launched a campaign to expose evidence of sexual violence committed by Hamas to the Arab world.
Israeli officials warn that an Iranian attack will be met with strikes on Iranian soil.
Philadelphia court issues injunction against cinematheque for canceling Israeli documentary screening.
Hamas is reasserting control over Khan Younis in southern Gaza following the IDF's withdrawal, as Israeli officers predict a protracted battle ahead.
A 6,000-year-old ivory jug has been discovered near Be'er Sheva, providing insights into ancient trade relations and the Chalcolithic era.
Israel's military assault on Gaza has faced international criticism, and Biden has also faced protests demanding a cease-fire and restrictions on U.S. military assistance for Israel.
Britain maintains its arms sales to Israel despite previous concerns over an embargo. Israeli commitments on humanitarian issues and the killing of aid workers were conveyed to British Foreign Minister David Cameron, who confirmed that the defense export policy will remain unchanged.
A 254-year-old Jewish manuscript documenting the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov has been found in a Bnei Brak home.
BDS aims to disrupt major European bicycle races to protest Israeli team's participation, accusing them of supporting military occupation and apartheid.
Israel has unmasked the Iranian hacker group Black Shadow, which has been conducting cyber-attacks against Israeli companies.
The use of external players to resolve plot complications is criticized by literary theorists.
The US believes Iran will respond to the general's assassination through militias, while Israel may strike targets in Iran if attacked.
The Defense Ministry expects 20,000 more injured individuals by year-end, with over 6,800 already wounded. The Rehabilitation of Wounded Department will offer assistance to all patients, prioritizing physical injuries and addressing emotional wounds.
Islamic Jihad prisoners admit to fabricating a story about a rocket hitting a hospital to shift blame onto Israel.
Israeli woman in Bangladeshi prison receives divorce papers from Rabbinical Court.
The iconic American car, the Ford Mustang, has arrived in Israel with its powerful V8 engine and classic design.
Over 50% of Israeli students are facing daily mental distress after recent events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and war.
Calls for conditions on U.S. military funding to Israel amid the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
McDonald's Global has acquired the franchise in Israel, leading to concerns and speculation about the implications for the Israeli public.
The Israeli government has withdrawn most of its forces from Gaza, leaving only a small number of soldiers remaining in the enclave.
Florist unknowingly sends funeral flowers to family of hostage in an Iranian scheme.
Former hostage files complaint against Dutch airport worker for humiliation and detention.
Al Jazeera continues to broadcast in Israel and has expanded its coverage to include both left- and right-wing Israeli figures.
The IDF has destroyed three tunnels in Khan Younis, including two that reached into Israel. The tunnels were discovered years ago but were recently demolished by the IDF.
Israel is prepared for any scenario with Iran, as analysts believe Iran will carry out a revenge attack itself. The U.S. did not receive prior notice of an Israeli strike in Damascus.
The soldiers were identified as Captain Ido Baruch, Sergeant Amitai Even Shoshan, Sergeant Ilai Zair, and Sergeant Reef Harush.
A growing number of women are participating in a strike to demand their rights and challenge the agunot crisis in the Jewish community.
Eye contact is a powerful non-verbal communication tool that influences our brain and social behavior.
A Palestinian teen was arrested in Jerusalem for an alleged stabbing plot after being found with a large knife taped to his body.
Boris Johnson criticizes the proposal to ban arms sales to Israel, warning of its potential consequences and questioning the Foreign Secretary's silence.
Israel has admitted guilt of negligence in the accidental killing of seven World Central Kitchen workers, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to apologize.
Brazilian President alleges that 12.3 million children lost their lives in Gaza Strip and Israel as a result of bombings in a war against humanity.
Bonnie Timmerman, a Jewish Hollywood casting director, reflects on her discovery of Natalie Portman and expresses admiration for her career.
Make-a-Wish Israel is expanding its team of ambassadors and volunteers to fulfill the wishes of children. Israeli pop artist Noa Kirel, one of the organization's ambassadors, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children.
Americans frequently overlook the accomplishments and abilities of older individuals, questioning why there are no younger candidates to lead the country.
23 academics call for halt of military aid to Israel, alleging 'genocide.'
The IDF has stated that there is no need for Israelis to prepare for an emergency despite recent military actions and fears of Iranian retribution.
Israeli politician Bezalel Smotrich opposes the purchase of combat aircraft without approval from the finance committee, causing potential delays in delivery.
The IDF has called up reserves and the Security Cabinet will meet amid concerns of an imminent attack from Iran.
IDF arrests 20 suspects and kills one during an operation in Jenin, West Bank. A terrorist who threw an explosive device was neutralized.
Around 60,000 Israelis have been evacuated from their homes near the border with Lebanon since the war broke out in October.
U.S. officials describe Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer as animated during talks in Rafah, but remained composed. The meeting aimed to discuss how Israel could sustain its campaign against Hamas.
Amit Soussana, a former captive in Gaza held by Hamas, has publicly shared her experiences of sexual assault during her captivity in an interview with the New York Times.
Israeli NBA star Deni Avdija is compared to soccer legend Leo Messi in terms of the excitement he generates among Israeli fans.
Rare footage shows a European badger in the Negev region of Israel, a nocturnal animal mainly encountered following roadkill accidents.
Israel has provided significant amounts of food and water as aid to Gaza, responding to an appeal regarding its obligations under international and Israeli law.
Stray dogs from Gaza continue to cause problems in southern Israel, as they recently killed seven deer in a petting zoo.
Survey shows growing relations between Israel and Diaspora Jewry.
Special needs Israeli, Emanuel, joins twin sister in the IDF after a long journey to enlistment.
An officer has been acquitted for fatally shooting an unarmed Ethiopian teen, leading to protests in Israel.
Hyundai Ioniq 5 becomes the first autonomous car to receive a driver's license.
IDF drone strike kills 7 aid workers in Gaza after attacking vehicles of an aid organization that had taken food from a UAE-financed aid ship.
Former hostages in the Gaza Strip testify about the sexual assault they endured while in captivity.
Israel's Defense Minister warns of heavy consequences for those who act against Israel in the Middle East.
The Defense Minister is concerned about the public's response and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah's reaction to a potential war in the north.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry has enhanced security measures for all Israeli representations worldwide in response to the recent assassination of an Iranian general.
Critics argue that AIPAC stifles criticism of Israel.
The attack sends a message to Iran and the Syrian regime.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will stay in the hospital for an extra day after undergoing hernia surgery. Despite the discomfort, he appeared fine during a Cabinet meeting.
Acclaimed Israeli author Sami Michael has died at the age of 97, leaving behind a lasting impact on Israeli culture and literature.
Cases of vandalism at Jewish synagogues and businesses have become common in the US since the war in Gaza.
The recent surge in the number of stray dogs infiltrating the western Negev region from the Gaza Strip has been alarming.
IDF lone soldier surprises parents on stage at Paris synagogue event, embracing them as the crowd cheers.
600 IDF soldiers killed since October 7, including Staff Sgt. Nadav Cohen who was killed in Khan Younis.
Hamas leader visits Iran for the second time, Iran clarifies they will not intervene in the war.
The sister of Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh was arrested in southern Israel for security-related offenses.
Eylon Levy, a wartime public diplomacy star, has officially ended his tenure as an English-language government spokesperson after tweeting against British Foreign Secretary David Cameron.
Israeli high-tech sector raises $3.1 billion since start of war, showing resilience amid challenges.
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