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Rocket alert sirens sounded in the Golan Heights and the Galilee as Hezbollah launched dozens of rockets and UAVs, injuring two IDF soldiers and causing a large fire in the Banias Nature Reserve.
Israeli attack in Al Hudaydah renders seaport non-operational, causing injuries and casualties.
US criticizes ICJ ruling on Jewish settlements, says it will complicate conflict resolution.
A Greek resident attacked an Israeli tourist in Greece, but the tourist was able to escape harm with the help of a Tunisian citizen.
Adidas removes Bella Hadid from campaign after backlash over historical connections.
Israel demonstrates its ability to conduct long-range operations with surprise by striking Houthi targets in Yemen, aiming to retaliate against their attacks on civilian infrastructure and military sites.
Palestinian Authority UNRWA schools promote hatred for Jews and Israel, indoctrinating young students to commit their lives to martyrdom and inter-generational war.
Sydney Sweeney, a rising Hollywood star, has captivated audiences with her performances and has been the subject of much speculation.
IDF Commando Brigade clashes with Hamas in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip.
The Knesset Museum presents a special exhibition featuring WWI letters of Jewish soldiers and artifacts from Ze'ev Jabotinsky's estate.
Israeli officials are concerned about the diplomatic implications of the ICJ ruling on the Israeli occupation.
Israel remains uncertain about the elimination of Hamas' military wing leader, Mohammed Deif, after an assassination attempt in Khan Younis.
Corn in Israel is now available year-round and is found in many products, including disposable utensils made from corn polymer.
MIT physicists recreate a quantum effect in a classical system, raising questions about the distinction between quantum and classical physics.
Oren Smadja, the men's national Judo team coach, will attend the Olympic Games in Paris to support the Israeli judo team after the loss of his son in Gaza.
The ICJ opinion on Israel's presence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem was extreme and may benefit Israel in the long run.
Eden Golan is quickly becoming a top star in Israel after her participation in Eurovision and is now recognized everywhere she goes.
US State Secretary Antony Blinken warns that Iran could be weeks away from enriching enough uranium for a nuclear bomb if it continues to roll back its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal.
The Houthis fulfill their threat with the fourth phase of escalation, launching missiles and UAVs at Israel despite being overlooked for more serious threats.
U.S. intelligence warns Russia may arm Houthis; CENTCOM commander says U.S. military operations are failing to deter attacks on shipping in the Red Sea.
Israel is considering military action in Yemen following a deadly drone strike in Tel Aviv that targeted the American Embassy building.
The ICJ delivered an opinion on the legality of Israel's presence in the West Bank.
Antisemitic incidents and conspiracy theories surged after the October 7 terror attacks and the attempt to assassinate former President Donald Trump.
Police investigate explosion in Tel Aviv possibly caused by a drone crash near the U.S. Consulate. Two people injured and homes damaged.
The IDF conducted successful operations in Lebanon, killing several Hezbollah operatives including a commander and a combat engineering unit member.
The meeting between Netanyahu and Biden is in doubt as the president's health is prioritized.
Israel is concerned that a FIFA committee may recommend their expulsion from international soccer due to three requests made by the Palestinian Football Association.
Lindley Gas Services sparks controversy with offensive posts promoting antisemitism.
The IDF targeted Hamas terrorists in a UNRWA complex in Gaza, taking precautions to protect civilians.
Workers in Otwock, Poland discovered the remains of a synagogue destroyed by the Nazis during WWII while clearing ground for a parking lot. The synagogue, which could hold 650 worshipers, was set on fire in 1939 but its Torah scrolls were saved.
The mother, who was described as loving and dedicated, was arrested after attacking people with an ax and later her son's body was discovered at their home.
An IDF reserve soldier has died from injuries sustained in a drone attack on June 30 near Hezbollah. The soldier underwent a complex surgery on his head.
President Biden is expected to meet Prime Minister Netanyahu next week, pending his recovery from COVID-19. The White House is confident that they will have the chance to meet during Netanyahu's visit to the U.S.
Daniel Peretz, boyfriend of singer Noa Kirel, will miss the 2024 Paris Olympics due to a quadriceps muscle tear.
U.S. envoy Brett McGurk is heading to the Middle East for talks on the Gaza conflict, with stops in the UAE and Jordan.
The IDF is considering establishing a 'Philadelphi Brigade' to control post-war Gaza, with measures such as a subterranean barrier and sensors to detect tunnel digging.
Israeli amputee soccer team faced hostility during match with Turkey in the European Championship, including jeering and cursing during the national anthem.
Adidas faces backlash for using Bella Hadid in a campaign promoting their retro SL 72 shoe brand, which was first featured during the 1972 Munich Olympics.
An Israeli airline executive predicts that low-cost flights will not be available after the war.
The IDF and Shin Bet have eliminated a Hamas sniper responsible for killing Sergeant first class Tal Lahat, along with other Hamas terrorists.
Dubai princess announces divorce from her husband on Instagram, sparking speculation and support from followers.
The Knesset has voted against Palestinian statehood in a resolution introduced by National Unity MK Gideon Sa'ar, expressing opposition to a potential state that could endanger Israel's security and future.
The parents of a Hamas hostage spoke at the Republican National Convention, calling for awareness and pressure to secure the release of their son.
Daniel Craig stuns in a fashion campaign, blending his James Bond persona with vibrant and daring outfits.
A senior commander of the Islamic Group was killed in a southern Lebanon airstrike. Hezbollah leader threatens to expand attacks on Israeli settlements.
Israeli investors in the U.S. real estate market have encountered significant setbacks, including asset freezes and fund dissolutions.
A 17-year-old reflects on her father's death during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.
Improve your meals with this healthy dish made of zucchinis, onions, carrots, tomato puree, and more. Serve it hot, cold, or at room temperature.
Hamas is facing significant challenges and losses, but its leader's death has not been confirmed.
Israel has become a leading destination for investments in cybersecurity, with the sector accounting for a significant portion of capital raised in the country.
A study reveals the presence of toxic metals in tampons, with organic tampons found to contain higher levels of arsenic and non-organic tampons having more lead. The FDA does not require testing for chemical contaminants in tampons.
Netanyahu urges the international community to recognize the need for a replacement for UNRWA, which has been in operation for 75 years.
U.S. President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 and cancels campaign event in Las Vegas.
Edwards Lifesciences acquires Israeli med startup Innovalve for $300 million. Innovalve has developed a minimally invasive solution for treating mitral regurgitation.
Israeli judoka seeks redemption in 2024 Paris Olympics after missing out on Tokyo spot.
Meta deletes posts containing photos of hostage female soldiers after mistaking them for Hamas content.
Renowned food critic Pete Wells resigns from The New York Times due to health concerns after receiving alarming blood test results.
Attorney-general Richard Hermer KC and solicitor-general Sarah Sackman, both Jewish, were sworn into their roles alongside lord chancellor Shabana Mahmood, who is a Muslim.
Human Rights Watch accuses Hamas of war crimes in October 7 assault on Israel, calling for the release of civilian hostages and accountability for those responsible.
King Charles III announces UK government's commitment to Middle East peace and a two-state solution. Plans for a national Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre unveiled. Labour government aims to remove VAT exemption on private schools and drive economic growth.
Families of hostages warn Noa Argamani against cooperating with Netanyahu on his trip.
Prime Minister Netanyahu says there is no pressure to make a deal with Hamas, as the hostages are suffering but not dead.
The article discusses the kidnapping and captivity of female soldiers and calls for action to secure their freedom.
US CENTCOM Commander meets IDF chief Herzi Halevi in Israel to discuss security and strategic issues.
The mother of the female IDF soldiers who were abducted by Hamas confirms signs of life and calls for urgent action to secure their release.
Israel is preparing to set up a temporary hospital to treat Palestinian children from Gaza with chronic illnesses, possibly as part of a hostage deal or to address international concerns.
Ex-hostage Noa Argamani and her father will join Netanyahu on a visit to Congress, along with other individuals affected by captivity and conflict.
A picture posted by the Prime Minister's Office reveals the lack of fiscal responsibility in the government's budget discussion.
Noa Argamani, who was rescued in the Arnon operation, and her father will be part of the delegation accompanying Netanyahu for his speech to Congress.
Israel will experience unbearably hot temperatures by 2100, according to a report by the Israel Meteorological Service.
Residents of the Upper Galilee in Israel are planning to return to their homes despite the danger posed by ongoing conflict. They have formed a movement called 'Home. Returning to the Galilee' to lead the effort to rehabilitate and rebuild their communities.
Families of captive soldiers in Gaza release photos of their captivity.
Former chief rabbi urges ultra-Orthodox men to ignore draft notices and not join the IDF due to concerns about inappropriate behavior and the presence of female soldiers.
Shiite Muslims across the globe observed Ashura Day by participating in self-flagellation rituals to honor the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain.
A UK Labour Party lawmaker deletes tweet comparing Hamas hostages to Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.
The 'Wing of Zion' state airplane departs for the US without the prime minister, after security modifications were delayed.
A travel blogger couple died in a drowning accident while trying to save each other from a strong current.
London's Royal Academy has apologized for exhibiting artwork that compares Israel's conflict with Hamas in Gaza to Nazism. The institution has decided to remove two artworks from display, stating that they could cause undue upset and put people at risk. A third contentious piece remains on display and is available for purchase. The Board of Deputies of British Jews has expressed concern over the inclusion of these artworks.
Victims of sexual abuse in Israel are experiencing worsening symptoms and trauma revival due to the war with Hamas.
Netanyahu meets with families of IDF field observers killed at Nahal Oz on October 7
The IDF has targeted terrorist targets inside an UNRWA school in Nuseirat, following reports of civilian casualties. The terrorists were using the school to plan and execute attacks against Israeli forces. The Air Force also attacked a company commander in the Islamic Jihad's naval force.
Pro-Palestinians in Germany have vandalized and set fire to a school in Berlin, leading to its closure and a criminal investigation.
A 341-year-old Italian PhD degree has been donated to Bar-Ilan University's collection. The certificate features artistic calligraphy and delicate decorations.
Israel Electric Company is making preparations for potential power outages in the event of a war with Hezbollah. The country's main energy source is natural gas, but diesel can be used as a backup in emergencies.
The author discusses Max Nordau's admiration for Theodor Herzl and his role in the Zionist Movement.
Three people were wounded in a terror attack near a West Bank settlement. Security forces are searching for the attacker.
J.D. Vance calls for Israel to quickly end the Gaza war, blaming Joe Biden for prolonging the conflict.
Getting enough sleep is crucial for children's development, with both short-term and long-term damages resulting from sleep deprivation.
Rapper Eliasi, known for incitement to violence, has been deputized by Ben-Gvir, raising concerns about his role in securing anti-government protests.
Donald Trump appeared at the Republican National Convention with a bandaged ear after a shooting incident. He received a warm welcome from supporters and is set to formally accept the party's nomination on Thursday. J.D. Vance, Trump's choice for running mate, also made an appearance and will speak at the convention on Wednesday.
Troops find rockets, explosives, drones, a weapons production facility, and a recruitment office in a food line run by the terror group.
Donald Trump has chosen J.D. Vance as his running mate, despite Vance's previous criticism of him.
Kerry Bar-Cohn, a Haredi woman, shares her inspiring story on TikTok about her journey from a Reform Jewish family to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.
IDF forces find that Hamas has rebuilt its military capabilities in a compound used as the headquarters of UNRWA in Gaza, including workshops for weapons production and storage of rockets and explosives. The New York Times report exposes Hamas' use of guerrilla tactics and exploitation of civilians and infrastructure for military purposes.
A convicted sex offender was found to be involved with an ultra-Orthodox school, overseeing its staff and curriculum. Testimony and videos were presented showing young students going to the offender's home with gifts.
SolarEdge is cutting 400 jobs, including 200 in Israel, as the company faces challenges from rising interest rates and an accumulation of product inventory.
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