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'I Never Did Like Politics: How Fiorello La Guardia Became America's Mayor and Why He Still Matters' by Terry Golway is a short and lively new book that introduces readers to the life and career of Fiorello La Guardia, who is widely considered one of New York City's greatest mayors.
Rep. Brian Mast has asked the State Department to provide records of its communication with radical pro-Hamas groups that have funded anti-Semitic protests on college campuses.
The Biden administration is using a pier system built off the coast of Gaza to channel aid through UNRWA, a Hamas-linked organization, but is not disclosing the extent of UNRWA's involvement.
Harvard College has sanctioned two Rhodes Scholarship recipients for participating in an illegal anti-Israel encampment on campus, preventing them from graduating this month.
The Biden administration has sent condolences to Iran following a helicopter crash that killed its hardline president and foreign minister.
Lily Greenberg Call, a liberal activist, resigned from her position in the Biden administration, criticizing President Biden's support for Israel.
A medical examiner has determined that a pro-Israel demonstrator died after being struck with a bullhorn by a pro-Hamas college professor during a demonstration in California.
Harvard University ignored recommendations from its in-house Antisemitism Advisory Group and failed to address instances of anti-Semitic harassment on campus, according to a congressional report.
Anarchists and communists vandalize University of California's administrative offices in solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance.
Jamaal Bowman claims anti-Israel protesters at Columbia University were 'protesting peacefully' despite reports of violence and aggression.
Harvard University interim president Alan Garber has reached an agreement with student radicals who have been camping on his lawn for three weeks. The students will pack up their encampment and suspended students will be reinstated.
Israel targets Hamas war room in UNRWA school, killing terrorists and minimizing civilian harm.
Harvard University has reached an agreement with unauthorized student protesters to end the encampment on campus and discuss divestment from Israel.
The United Nations has cut its Gaza death toll figures by half, confirming that Hamas officials have been lying about the total number of casualties.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticizes Israel's war effort against Hamas and calls for them to leave Gaza, citing violations of international humanitarian law. President Joe Biden's announcement to stop supplying certain weapons to Israel faced criticism. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to continue fighting regardless of US support.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says perceived tension between the US and Israel is hurting hostage negotiations and destabilizing the Middle East.
Left-wing groups and Islamic organizations are lobbying against a bipartisan bill that would remove tax-exempt status from nonprofits supporting terrorist organizations.
The Biden administration has halted a weapons shipment to Israel to prevent their use in a potential assault on Rafah, a city in Gaza where many Palestinians have sought refuge.
Middlebury College calls for ceasefire in Gaza but does not address hostages or Hamas, potentially exacerbating legal troubles amid discrimination allegations.
Biden judicial nominee Amir H. Ali received an award from an Arab-American civil rights group that supports the anti-Israel BDS movement and has board members who praise Hamas. Ali's affiliation with the group has raised concerns, as has his role at a nonprofit that has called to defund police departments.
Soros-backed Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner criticized the NYPD's arrests of Columbia University rioters, calling them 'stupid.' Krasner made the remarks while visiting the University of Pennsylvania's 'Gaza Solidarity Encampment,' where organizers have defied orders to disperse.
Jewish students at Northwestern University met with members of Congress to discuss rising anti-Semitism on campus, recounting incidents of defaced symbols and chants telling Jews to 'go back to Germany.' Alumni and parents accuse the university of inaction, and the Department of Education is investigating. Northwestern president declined to arrest protesters and made concessions, including hiring more Palestinian faculty members.
Student protesters have erected more than 100 'Gaza Solidarity' tent encampments on college campuses across the United States in recent weeks.
UCLA's Race And Equity Director faces criticism for suggesting Jews 'enjoy the benefits of whiteness' amid violent anti-Israel protests at the university.
Police arrested students who seized a building at Columbia University after president Minouche Shafik declined to bring police to campus.
Northwestern University professors are encouraging students to skip classes to attend anti-Israel demonstrations on campus, and some are even moving their lessons to the site of the protest encampment.
Documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show coordination between campus radicals and outside groups aimed at outfoxing university administrators.
Rep. Ilhan Omar and her daughter attend anti-Israel protest at Columbia University, which has led to the cancellation of in-person classes.
The US House passes a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, which now moves to the Senate for approval.
Columbia University students are demanding President Shafik to restore order on campus amid ongoing protests and violent clashes. They express concerns about safety and limited access to campus, as well as incidents of anti-Semitic protests and violence. Representative Virginia Foxx calls for action to address the situation and enforce campus rules.
Advocacy groups are pressuring the Biden administration to freeze US funding to the United Nations and revoke Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian's American visa due to Iran's appointment to leadership positions within the international organization.
A House measure aims to prevent the Biden administration from using taxpayer funds to rebuild Gaza, fearing it will empower Hamas to rebuild terror tunnels.
President Biden's advice to Israel not to escalate against Iran is criticized for its lack of understanding of the situation and the dangers of defense without retaliation. The article argues for a stronger response to the Iranian attack and the need to reestablish deterrence against Israel's enemies.
Harvard University has appointed Vivian Hunt, an ex-McKinsey consultant and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), to lead the Harvard Board of Overseers, which helps select the university's next president.
The IDF kills Hezbollah commander as Israel plans response to Iran's attack.
The Biden campaign is seeking a DEI director, and six candidates are recommended for the position.
Hill Harper accuses opponent Elissa Slotkin of pandering for campaign 'checks' by not sufficiently criticizing Israel. Slotkin has tread a cautious line on the Israel-Hamas war, denouncing Iran's aerial bombing of Israel but also criticizing the Israeli military for civilian deaths and advocating for more humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Israel will respond to Iran's missile strike on the country even without backing from the Biden administration, according to Israeli lawmaker Ohad Tal.
Left-wing dark money behemoth funded by George Soros provides bail money and legal support for 'Free Palestine' protesters who block major airports, highways, and bridges.
A coalition of Republican lawmakers has introduced a bill to impose sanctions on Iranian terrorist proxy groups operating in the Middle East. The bill aims to classify these groups as designated terror organizations and force the Biden administration to take action against them.
Israel is considering retaliatory strike on Tehran after Iran launched missiles and drones towards the country. Israel's allies have urged them not to retaliate to avoid a wider regional war. Hamas has rejected an offer from Israel for a temporary ceasefire.
Anti-Israel protesters in Chicago and other cities shut down road access to airports and major highways as part of coordinated protests for a free Palestine.
Anti-Israel activists disrupted a dinner hosted by UC Berkeley Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, following the circulation of a blood libel cartoon targeting the dean.
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