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Rabbi eulogizes Saadia Yaakov Dery, a dedicated student and loving family man, who was killed in the Gaza Strip. Friends and colleagues remember him as a man of the people and a giver. The Hesder Yeshiva Union mourns his death and prays for victory over enemies.
Police in Montreal are investigating after projectiles were fired at an Israeli-owned restaurant. The owner believes it was a targeted attack due to his Jewish identity. The incident is part of an increase in antisemitic incidents in the city.
Former hostage Agam Goldstein-Almog graduates high school and shares her mixed emotions and difficulties after being released.
Foreign Minister Israel Katz warns that Hezbollah will be destroyed in a war with Israel after a drone filmed sensitive sites in Haifa.
UNRWA unable to use aid corridor due to looting by Gazans, putting aid workers at risk.
The US maintains its assessment of the war in Gaza despite the dissolution of Israel's War Cabinet. Hamas has rejected President Biden's ceasefire proposal, but mediators are exploring options to move forward.
The US has imposed sanctions on individuals and entities supplying weapons and funding to the Houthis rebels. Several entities are based in China. The Houthis have increased attacks on vessels and fired rockets towards Israel.
US Vice President Kamala Harris condemns Hamas' sexual violence during its attack on Israel and calls for a ceasefire and hostage release deal.
Unit 360 prepares 400 volunteers in the North to ensure immediate and dignified burials for casualties of battle. Rabbi Meir Barel urges public to donate for securing gear to equip the volunteers.
Eli Shtivi urges Yair Lapid to join the government for unity, while Lapid criticizes the government for undermining national security and betraying soldiers.
An IDF soldier suffering from PTSD criticizes the government's treatment of post-trauma victims and highlights the case of a soldier who committed suicide.
Prime Minister Netanyahu criticizes National Unity Party leaders for resignation, accusing them of defeatism and wanting to leave Hamas intact. National Unity Party defends themselves, praising Gantz's international connections and stating he never agreed to end the war or establish a Palestinian state.
YachadUK, a progressive group of British Jews, has been accused of spreading false information about an Israeli journalist, Elchanan Groner.
Eight IDF soldiers were killed in an APC explosion in Gaza. Family members and teachers eulogized the fallen soldiers, praising their dedication, bravery, and love for Israel.
Evidence of the Gallus Revolt, the last Jewish resistance against Roman rule, has been found in Lod, Israel. The discovery includes a public building with a hoard of ancient coins and artifacts associated with the Jewish community.
New footage shows the dramatic rescue of Noa Argamani during 'Operation Arnon' in Nuseirat, with Yamam and Shin Bet officers working under heavy fire to bring her to safety.
Sergeant Shalom Menachem, a soldier from Beit El, was killed in an APC disaster in Rafah. He was described as a hero and had been serving in Gaza for five months.
Recently freed hostage Andrey Kozlov calls for public support at rally for families of those still held captive in Gaza.
The Commanding Officer of the Southern Command praised troops for their effective operational activity in Rafah and stated they will continue moving forward until goals are achieved.
Amsterdam is removing Chinese-made security cameras over fears of espionage, following a similar move by the British government. The US is also concerned about Chinese espionage through the TikTok app.
Moshe Feiglin eulogizes his grandson, Sergeant Yair Levin, who was killed in the fighting in Gaza, and calls for new leadership.
Minister Itamar Ben Gvir sees the resignation of the National Unity Party as an opportunity for his faction to bring victory and wants to enter the War Cabinet for more influence.
National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has requested to join the War Cabinet after the resignation of Benny Gantz and the National Unity Party. He criticized the exclusion of senior ministers and called for unity in determining Israel's security policy.
IDF Chief Staff LTG Herzi Halevi conducted a situational assessment and emphasized the importance of bringing back the hostages and dismantling Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
Former IDF official explains why Israel did not issue an evacuation warning before the hostage rescue in Gaza.
Deputy Secretary-General of the Council of Europe emphasizes the need to combat hatred towards Jews in Europe during a conference commemorating the Day of Liberation and Rescue of Holocaust survivors.
Israeli civilians torch Palestinian vehicles in Burqa near Shechem following a dispute with Palestinian shepherds. This is the second incident in less than 24 hours.
Hillel Penrod, a righteous convert to Judaism, shares his inspiring story of transitioning from Christianity to Noahide to Judaism and his work as a cartoonist creating 'Torah comic books' for kids.
UN chief criticizes Israel for strike on UNRWA school in Gaza, calls for protection of civilians and a humanitarian ceasefire.
Russian President Putin criticizes Israel over its operations in Gaza, calling it the complete elimination of the civilian population.
Troops have located and destroyed a large tunnel containing weapons and explosives that reached the Philadelphi Corridor.
Clashes erupted at Damascus Gate during the Flag March, leading to arrests and calls for action to protect journalists.
Minister Benny Gantz criticizes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for avoiding the mayor of Kiryat Shmona during his visit to the city. The Prime Minister's Office states that no civil meetings were coordinated for him during his military tour.
IDF soldiers locate missing Oketz K-9 Unit dog and neutralize potential threat
The ADL has accused the Jewish Voice for Peace Action PAC of violating campaign finance laws by spending a small portion of its funds on political candidates and accepting excessive donations.
The Day of Liberation and Rescue of the Jews of Europe was observed, marking 79 years since the rescue. Prayer services were held worldwide with a special emphasis on the participation of schoolchildren. Special messages were delivered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and State President Yitzhak Herzog, emphasizing the ongoing fight against evil.
A woman's life was saved when she came to the hospital with the snake that bit her. Doctors treated her and her condition is now stable.
The body of an American Jewish soldier who went missing during World War Two has been reburied after being found in a mass grave with Nazi soldiers.
Ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir threaten to resign from government if it agrees to Biden's proposed outline for the release of hostages. They demand the destruction of Hamas and oppose the withdrawal of the IDF and the release of terrorists.
A synagogue in Vancouver was set on fire in a deliberate act of hate, prompting increased police presence at local Jewish institutions. The incident follows two other attacks on Jewish institutions in Canada in the past week, including a shooting at a Jewish school in Montreal. Canadian officials have condemned the acts of antisemitism and called for immediate action to protect Jewish Canadians.
Netanyahu's Office responds to Biden's speech on Israel's proposal for a ceasefire and hostage release deal in Gaza. Biden reveals three-phase plan and urges acceptance.
Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, will step down after serving for four years and also as Ambassador to the United States for a year. Erdan's decision was influenced by family considerations. His work at the United Nations was commended for his strong representation of Israel.
Hamas releases video with voice of kidnapped Noa Argamani, drawing shown believed to be hers. Families Forum urges Israeli government to act and bring hostages home.
The IDF intercepted a cruise missile from Iraq over the Golan Heights and successfully intercepted two drones over Eilat. No damages or injuries were reported.
White House spokesperson says Israel's strike in Rafah did not cross Biden's red line. IDF releases recording suggesting the blast was caused by a Hamas ammunition warehouse.
Rabbanit Michal Nagen urges the public to attend the Arutz Sheva-Israel National News Jerusalem Conference in New York City this Sunday, June 2nd.
Israel will require visitors to obtain an electronic travel authorization (ETA) before entering the country, starting in August 2024.
IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi announced that 80% of military objectives have been achieved, with the remaining 20% needing more time. Israel is set to present a comprehensive proposal for a hostage release deal, while criticism arises over the absence of Major General Nitzan Alon in the war cabinet meeting.
Rabbi Avraham Kroizer, 80, recounts being forcefully pushed to the ground by a policeman in Meron, sparking violent clashes between police and visitors.
US and French diplomats pay tribute to victims of Djerba synagogue attack in Tunisia.
Rocket parts and weapons were found in a school in Jabaliya during a targeted raid by IDF troops. In Rafah, terrorist operatives were eliminated and large quantities of weapons were discovered. The IAF also conducted airstrikes on terror targets across the Gaza Strip.
IDF troops continue their operational activity in Gaza, eliminating terrorists and dismantling infrastructure. An IAF aircraft eliminated a sniper cell that fired at IDF troops.
Egyptian President Al-Sisi has agreed to release humanitarian aid to Gaza via Israel, following a conversation with US President Biden. The leaders also discussed efforts to secure the release of hostages and achieve a ceasefire in Gaza.
CIA director William Burns will travel to Europe to meet with Israeli and Qatari officials to revive hostage release talks and establish a ceasefire in Gaza.
Israeli Defense Minister thanks US Secretary of Defense for opposing ICC claims and discusses military operations against Hamas and aid delivery in Gaza.
Israel unable to hold territories cleared of terrorists, allowing Hamas to recruit new terrorists; US intelligence estimates only 30-35% of Hamas terrorists eliminated.
Ireland is expected to recognize a Palestinian state, prompting concerns from Israel about increased terrorism and instability.
The IDF has eliminated the Hezbollah rocket chief responsible for attacks against Israel in Lebanon.
The article discusses the history of pogroms against Jewish communities throughout the centuries and highlights the recent brutal pogrom that occurred in Israel on October 7th, 2023.
House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries and President Joe Biden condemn the International Criminal Court's request for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders, stating their support for Israel's security.
Rabbi instructs students to omit prayer following death of Iranian President Raisi in helicopter crash.
An Arab-built illegal structure near Efrat's Dagan neighborhood was demolished by the Civil Administration after multiple legal proceedings.
800,000 civilians have been evacuated from Rafah since the IDF began its operation in the eastern part of the city, according to the UN. The UNRWA Commissioner-General expressed concern over the lack of safe water supplies and sanitation facilities in the areas where people are fleeing to. He also called for a complete ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.
Artist Karen Frostig is working to establish a Holocaust memorial at the site of the Jungfernhof concentration camp in Latvia.
French police shoot dead an Algerian man who attempted to set fire to a synagogue in Rouen. The incident is being investigated as an antisemitic attack.
IAF fighter jets intercepted two UAVs that approached Israel from the east. The aircraft did not enter Israeli airspace.
British author Douglas Murray shares stories of heroism and bravery witnessed during his visit to Israel, highlighting the resilience and courage of the Israeli people.
A torch was lit to represent the support of Diaspora Jewish communities for Israel during the invasion by Hamas. The torch was lit by Debra Loskove and Rabbi David Meir, who honored the Jewish people and the nation of Israel before lighting it.
Support is needed to provide IDF soldiers in Gaza with the necessary equipment and protective gear to ensure their safety and effectiveness in their mission.
US Secretary of State Blinken opposes major military ground operation in Rafah, emphasizing the need to protect civilians and aid workers in Gaza.
Israel's Ambassador to the US criticizes the US decision to withhold weapons from Israel during discussions about a planned offensive in Gaza. President Joe Biden warns of halting weapon shipments if a major ground invasion of Rafah occurs.
Protesters clash with drivers in Tel Aviv as they demand the return of hostages from Gaza. Clashes ensued and a demonstration was also held outside the home of Shas chairman Aryeh Deri.
Cornell University President Martha Pollack resigns amid antisemitism on campus, stating her departure is unrelated to the protests and threats. The university has faced incidents including a student threatening to kill Jews and a professor describing a terrorist attack as 'exhilarating.'
President Biden instructs his team to continue working with Israel to defeat Hamas. US has not made a final decision on an arms shipment to Israel. Netanyahu responds, stating that Israel is prepared to stand alone and fight with determination.
Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and over 400 Jewish and Christian Faith Leaders thank former President Donald Trump for his support for Israel and rejection of a two-state solution.
Egypt protests to US over Israel's conduct in Rafah operation, claiming it undermines their mediation efforts and strengthens extremists in Egypt.
An IDF soldier was injured by rockets fired from Rafah towards the Kerem Shalom Crossing in southern Israel. The Hamas terrorist organization is accused of using civilian areas to launch attacks.
Two Republican lawmakers accuse Robert Malley of storing classified documents on his private email account and cell phone, which were accessed by a 'hostile cyber actor.' They demand answers and information from Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
Oksana Kipper, wife of murdered Israeli businessman in Egypt, believes he was targeted for nationalist reasons. She expresses concerns for her safety and mentions her daughter and need for assistance if she moves to Israel.
Meta is considering whether the phrase 'From the river to the sea' used by anti-Israel activists should be allowed on its platform. The Oversight Board is reviewing cases involving the phrase and seeking public input on how to moderate content related to it.
Former IDF commander raises alarm over an exposed terrorist tunnel near Jerusalem village, highlighting the security threat posed by adjacent Arab homes.
IAEA chief Rafael Grossi expresses dissatisfaction with Iran's cooperation on its nuclear program and calls for concrete action. He highlights the slow progress in implementing the 2023 agreement and expresses concern over Iran's enrichment activities.
UNRWA chief criticizes Deputy Jerusalem Mayor for protest outside organization's offices in Jerusalem.
The widow of fallen soldier Yossi Hershkovitz met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and asked him to continue the war until an overwhelming victory.
JetBlue cancels man's ticket after he asked a flight attendant to remove her Free Palestine pin, leading to accusations of racist and genocidal statements.
A family in the Jewish settlement of Ramat Arbel faces the threat of their homes being destroyed by the local government despite Knesset approval.
Israeli forces plan to capture the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing as part of their military operation in southern Gaza. The crossing is a main entry point for humanitarian aid into Gaza and Israel believes it is a strategic site for Hamas.
Republican Senators warn ICC of consequences if it issues arrest warrants for Israeli officials over Hamas massacre response.
The IDF is expanding a humanitarian area in Rafah to accommodate residents and encourage them to move there. The expanded area includes field hospitals, tents, and increased supplies.
Yair Lapid speaks at Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, emphasizing hope and resilience in the face of tragedy and the importance of Israel's democracy and values.
The Biden administration stopped a shipment of US-made ammunition to Israel, raising concerns and drawing criticism from House Republicans.
CIA Director William Burns is traveling to Qatar to salvage the hostage talks with Hamas as they are 'near collapse.' Hamas launched ten rockets from Rafah at the Kerem Shalom area on the Israeli border, injuring ten people.
Heads of local authorities in the north are calling on the government to prevent the collapse of businesses in the northern communities due to severe financial damage and lack of compensation. The local economy, based on tourism, has been greatly affected by the security situation in the area.
The Israeli government has unanimously approved the closure of Al Jazeera channel in Israel, citing national security concerns. The decrees include instructions to stop broadcasting the channel and block access to its websites.
Hamas' response to the proposed ceasefire-prisoner swap deal will not arrive on Saturday night, Israel Hayom reported. Senior Israeli sources state that if Hamas insists on remaining in power, the deal will not happen.
An Israeli woman in Italy shares a story about a waiter who unknowingly mentions a friend who is part of the Bibas family, who have been kidnapped by Hamas.
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