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The UAE has expressed its readiness to contribute troops to a post-war peacekeeping force in Gaza, making it the first Arab country to publicly support the effort. The US has been seeking to recruit countries for the initiative, but has faced difficulties in convincing Arab allies to participate.
Saudi Arabia denies involvement in Israeli targeting of Houthi-controlled port in Yemen
Senior ministers in Israel boycott vote to approve strike in Yemen due to rushed process. Israeli Air Force targets Houthi-controlled port of Hodeida to prevent import of Iranian weapons and cause financial damage to rebels.
The Israeli Air Force struck the Houthi-controlled port of Hodeida in Yemen in response to a drone attack on Tel Aviv that killed an Israeli man. At least 80 people were wounded in the strikes. Israel had threatened a response to the drone attack on Tel Aviv.
Hezbollah and Hamas fired rockets at northern Israel in response to an alleged IDF strike. The IDF struck Hezbollah buildings in southern Lebanon. Skirmishes between Hezbollah-led forces and Israel have resulted in civilian and military deaths.
EU envoy believes two-state solution is still achievable despite Netanyahu's opposition
Thousands of Israelis are rallying to urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stay in Israel and seal a hostage deal with Hamas before his trip to the United States.
The Washington Post received criticism for accusing the parents of Omer Neutra, an American-Israeli hostage, of ignoring 'Israel's assault on Gaza' during their speech at the Republican National Convention. The Post was accused of shaming the parents and downplaying their son's captivity. The paper later replaced the original post but continued to describe Neutra as 'missing,' which further angered critics. The Washington Post has faced previous accusations of employing antisemitic tropes in their reporting.
Hezbollah launched rockets at northern Israel in response to IDF strikes. The rockets were intercepted and no injuries were reported. IDF retaliated with shelling and airstrikes. Ongoing skirmishes have resulted in casualties on both sides.
The IDF killed a Palestinian man attempting to cross the border and struck a UN facility used by Hamas in Gaza City.
FIFA delays decision on suspending Israel from international soccer, allowing the team to play at the Olympics. Israeli goalkeeper Daniel Peretz will miss the Olympics due to injury.
Britain's new Labour government has announced that it will resume funding to UNRWA, providing £21 million ($27 million) in new funding to the agency.
Prof. Eugene Kandel discusses Israel's current societal problems and offers a unique solution to change the country's trajectory.
French police arrest man for knife attack in name of Hamas, days before Olympics
Donald Trump warns that countries holding American hostages will face consequences if they are not released.
An explosive-laden drone from Yemen hit an apartment building in Tel Aviv, killing a man and injuring others. The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack and stated that Tel Aviv will remain a primary target for them.
Former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo rejects the installation of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and argues for measures to prevent weapons smuggling. Netanyahu's demand for Israeli troops at the Philadelphi Corridor slows negotiations for a ceasefire agreement.
The IDF killed a senior commander in Hezbollah's elite Radwan force in southern Lebanon. The airstrike targeted a three-story house in Jmaijmeh, killing Maatouk and several other Hezbollah operatives. Israel has warned that it can no longer tolerate Hezbollah's presence along its border and may resort to military action.
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei orchestrated the rise to power of moderate candidate Masoud Pezeshkian in the recent presidential election, according to sources.
A 3,800-year-old textile found in Israel has been confirmed to be dyed using a tiny insect referred to in ancient sources, according to Israeli researchers.
Up to 60,000 Israeli businesses may close in 2024 due to the ongoing war with Hamas, according to CofaceBDI. The closures are a result of various challenges faced by businesses, including high interest rates, financing costs, manpower shortages, and logistical disruptions. Sectors such as construction, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, and entertainment have been particularly affected.
A man has been arrested for threatening to murder Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The threats were made on a messaging app, and the suspect is currently being questioned by the police.
Senior officers in the IDF are optimistic about the progress of the war against Hamas, but warn against complacency. The IDF has made progress in reducing the tunnel threat and destroying rocket-making factories, but Hamas still poses a threat to Israel. The IDF believes that a deal is urgently necessary to secure the freedom of the remaining hostages in Gaza. There is still a risk of Hamas infiltration and the need for increased security measures. The IDF is set to start drafting ultra-Orthodox men, which has faced resistance from Haredi extremists.
An Israeli airstrike in Lebanon killed a Hamas commander responsible for attacks on Israel, according to the IDF. Another strike was reported in southern Lebanon, and Hezbollah announced the death of an operative. The IDF continues to target Hezbollah commanders who were behind attacks on Israel.
Spain and Germany arrest individuals for supplying Hezbollah with parts for explosive drones used in attacks on Israel.
Israel is unsure how Biden's COVID-19 diagnosis will affect Netanyahu's US visit.
The father of an American-Israeli hostage held in Gaza claims that former President Donald Trump told him he 'stands with the American hostages' during his speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC). Other speakers at the RNC criticized the far left for allegedly abandoning the Jewish people and American values. JD Vance called for unity within the Republican Party and emphasized the importance of free speech and the open exchange of ideas.
The US has sanctioned former IDF Sgt. Elor Azaria for his involvement in the extrajudicial killing of a wounded Palestinian attacker in 2016. Azaria will be barred from entry into the US along with his immediate family members.
A woman suspected of murdering her six-year-old son has had her remand extended by nine days. The court ordered a psychological assessment and a toxicology test to determine her mental state and if she was under the influence of narcotics. The woman also attacked passersby and a security guard with an axe before being restrained.
The Knesset has passed a resolution rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state, which is likely to cause tension with Democrats who support a two-state solution.
Mossad chief warns time is running out for young female hostages held by Hamas, urging a swift agreement on a new hostage deal framework. Other officials back the need for a quick resolution. An Israeli delegation has arrived in Egypt to continue ceasefire talks as both sides consider the latest proposal.
Nine Israeli startups have secured $142 million in funding from the European Union's Horizon accelerator program. The startups were selected to receive grants from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator, which offers funding, mentoring, and business development coaching to help startups grow and enter the global market.
Israeli AI medical startup CytoReason has raised $80m in funding from investors including Nvidia and Pfizer. The company uses AI to develop computational disease models for drug discovery, helping to shorten trial phases and cut development costs.
Israel will set up a port facility in Ashdod to replace the US pier for delivering aid to Gaza, and establish a field hospital for Palestinian children in Israel.
Yael Rozman, a 26-year-old business student, was murdered by Hamas terrorists while fleeing a music festival. She is remembered as a brilliant budget manager and a person full of light, love, and joy.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pleads ignorance in meeting with families of slain surveillance soldiers and reveals Iranian plan for multi-front ground invasion.
Netanyahu aides are optimistic about repairing his relationship with Trump after Trump reposted a video condemning an assassination attempt.
The FBI used Israeli technology to crack the phone of the would-be assassin of former US President Donald Trump, according to the Washington Post.
The US State Department has corrected an error and blacklisted the correct individual after mistakenly sanctioning an Israeli man instead of a right-wing activist with a similar name.
Iran's newly elected president, Masoud Pezeshkian, has outlined his foreign policy doctrine in an article published in the Tehran Times. He called for cooperation with neighboring Muslim countries based on common Islamic values and criticized Europe for reneging on economic ties with Iran. Pezeshkian took a confrontational tone towards the US, accusing it of undermining the Non-Proliferation Treaty and hinting that Iran may consider leaving the treaty. The article is seen as an attempt to bring the West back into talks and ease sanctions on Iran.
Serbia confirms that the crossbow attack on the Israeli embassy was the work of a lone extremist belonging to the Wahhabi movement. Security services are monitoring the movement's activities in the country.
Around 80 rockets targeted northern Israel as IDF strikes in Lebanon reportedly killed 5 Syrians. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack, and the IDF targeted the launcher and a Hezbollah cell in southern Lebanon.
Google's parent company, Alphabet, is considering a $23 billion acquisition of Israeli-founded cyber unicorn Wiz, which would be the largest acquisition the search giant has ever made.
Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has barred his Norwegian counterpart from visiting Israel due to Norway's recognition of a Palestinian state and failure to list Hamas as a terrorist organization.
Three Israelis have been arrested for allegedly working for Iranian intelligence agents, carrying out tasks such as stashing money and posting anti-Israel signs. The suspects were uncovered through counter-intelligence operations by the Shin Bet and the Israel Police. One suspect has been indicted for carrying out various tasks, including delivering packages with threatening messages. The suspects were contacted through social media platforms and websites offering money for casual jobs.
The IDF increasingly believes that Muhammad Deif, the commander of Hamas's military wing, was killed in an airstrike in the southern Gaza Strip. The IDF is awaiting final confirmation before making a public announcement.
Two anti-Israel activists were arrested after a protest at the UK's Cenotaph war memorial in central London. The protest was related to the ongoing war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
Zman Yisrael editor Biranit Goren and legal reporter Jeremy Sharon discuss the debate over state funding for the legal defense of Hamas terrorists and other key legal issues in Israel.
Republican VP candidate JD Vance criticizes Biden's policies on Gaza war and calls for united front against Iran.
A merchant vessel in the Red Sea was targeted with missiles in an apparent Houthi attack. The vessel reported three missiles exploding nearby after being attacked by small craft. The ship and crew are reported as safe.
Hamas and Fatah leaders will meet in Beijing for reconciliation talks, as Israel and Hamas negotiate for a deal to release Israeli hostages.
Top US and Israeli officials meet at the White House to discuss Iran threats and Israel's security. They also discuss ongoing attacks, Iran's nuclear program, and efforts to secure a ceasefire and hostage release deal.
Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar's confidence may be waning as the US blames Hamas for the failure to reach a deal and the IDF campaign continues to expand. The elimination of Hamas's military leader, Muhammad Deif, may further increase the pressure on Sinwar to reach a deal and release hostages.
Donald Trump has been nominated as the GOP candidate for US president at the Republican National Convention, following an assassination attempt. He has also announced JD Vance as his running mate.
Residents of kibbutzim near Gaza are trying to rebuild their lives after a devastating attack by Hamas terrorists. The communities are still largely vacant, with wrecking crews demolishing condemned buildings. Survivors of the attack feel abandoned by the state and believe the authorities failed to prevent the onslaught. The government's Tekuma Authority is working to rebuild the damaged communities, but survivors say the response needs to be more tailored to individual needs.
Israeli inflation rose to 2.9% in June, driven by higher housing prices, culture and entertainment costs, and travel prices. The Bank of Israel revised its outlook for the economy, warning of risks of inflation quickening and slower economic growth.
President Herzog insists Israel's campaign in Gaza is just and could stabilize the world. Foreign Secretary Lammy calls for a ceasefire and the release of all hostages in Gaza.
A prominent Syrian businessman, sanctioned by the US and close to President Assad, was killed in an alleged Israeli drone strike near the Lebanon-Syria border. The strike may be a message to Assad not to get involved in the ongoing fighting.
A Lebanese man accused of being a member of Hezbollah has been arrested in Germany for procuring drone components for attacks against Israel.
Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman predicts that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will dissolve the Knesset and call for fresh elections in November. Liberman suggests that the dissolution of the Knesset could serve to postpone Netanyahu's pending testimony in his corruption trial.
Journalists protest the cancellation of an investigative TV show on Channel 13 amid concerns of political meddling and threats to press freedom in Israel.
Commandoes from the Air Force's elite Shaldag unit reject IDF probe into battle with Hamas terrorists at Kibbutz Be'eri on October 7.
The Health Ministry reports 440 cases of West Nile virus, with 32 deaths. The virus is primarily transmitted through mosquito bites and does not spread between people.
Two female IDF soldiers injured in Hezbollah rocket attack are recovering, with two others released from hospital. Skirmishes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces continue to result in casualties.
The memorial ceremony for the victims of the 1972 Munich Olympics terror attack will be held in secret at the upcoming Paris games due to security concerns.
UK foreign secretary David Lammy urges immediate ceasefire in Gaza and release of all hostages, emphasizing the need to end the death and destruction and allow aid to reach the people without restrictions.
Yair Netanyahu accuses Qatar of being a top state sponsor of terrorism, drawing a rebuke from a Qatari diplomat amid ongoing negotiations between Israel and Hamas.
The US destroys Houthi drones over the Red Sea and in Yemen, citing an imminent threat to US, coalition forces, and merchant vessels.
Google is said to be in advanced talks to acquire cybersecurity startup Wiz for $23 billion, in a move to strengthen its cloud computing business.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet US President Joe Biden in Washington on July 22, two days ahead of his speech before a joint session of Congress. This will be the first time Biden has hosted Netanyahu in Washington since the prime minister's latest term began in late 2022.
The Israeli government has voted to extend mandatory military service for male Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers to three years in an effort to address manpower shortages caused by ongoing conflicts.
Outgoing Israel Police chief warns against politicizing the police force and emphasizes the need for professionalism.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas blames Hamas for the ongoing war in Gaza, while Hamas condemns Abbas for siding with Israel.
Ministers in Israel view video of alleged incitement against Netanyahu following attempt on Trump's life.
Four Israelis were wounded, one critically, in a car-ramming terror attack in central Israel. The suspected terrorist was shot dead at the scene by Border Police officers. Separately, a Palestinian woman armed with a knife was detained at the entrance to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.
Hamas official Khaled Mashaal sees the destruction of Gaza as part of their path to liberation and calls for inclusivity in the postwar order.
The potential death of Muhammad Deif, the architect of Hamas's invasion and massacre in southern Israel, would be a significant blow to the organization. Deif has achieved near-mythical status among his supporters and has symbolized Hamas and its anti-Israel ideology in Gaza. His death would undermine the organization, coordination, and tactics of the Hamas army and prevent him from exploiting any potential to rebuild Hamas after the war. However, Hamas Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar is still in power and is unlikely to be deflected from his goal of destroying Israel.
Senior Hamas official announces withdrawal from Gaza hostage-truce talks due to Israeli 'massacres' and lack of seriousness in negotiations. Talks were put on hold after an Israeli bomb attack targeted a Hamas compound, leaving 92 dead.
Hostage families and anti-government protesters rally in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to demand a hostage deal and early elections.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was not yet certain if Hamas's military commander Muhammad Deif had been killed in an airstrike. Netanyahu claimed that Israel was winning the war and that 'cracks' were appearing in Hamas. He praised his handling of the war and hostage negotiations, stating that his refusal to end the campaign until all war aims were achieved allowed for the attack on Deif and other strikes. Netanyahu contended that his insistence on attacking Rafah had pressured Hamas to negotiate for a new hostage release deal.
The IDF presents the results of its probe into the Hamas onslaught and battle on October 7 in the border community of Kibbutz Be'eri to the surviving residents and family members of those who were killed and abducted.
The text of the Israeli proposal obtained by The Times of Israel contradicts Netanyahu's claim that he has not made any new demands in the ceasefire negotiations with Hamas.
Families of Israelis held hostage in Gaza march to Jerusalem demanding a deal with Hamas for their release, accusing Prime Minister Netanyahu of sabotaging the agreement.
Months after the doxxing incident that targeted Australian Jews, the effects continue to linger. The incident has led to harassment, isolation, and a sense of betrayal among the Jewish community.
Hamas has been using civilians in Gaza to protect itself and ambush Israeli troops, according to an investigation by The New York Times.
Four people were injured in Kiryat Shmona, Israel, as rockets and drones were fired from Lebanon. Israeli air defenses shot down most of the projectiles launched at the city. The Israeli Defense Forces announced strikes on Hezbollah rocket launchers and a building in southern Lebanon. The ongoing skirmishes between Israeli forces and Hezbollah have resulted in civilian and military casualties on both sides.
UNRWA has raised enough funds to continue operations until September, but still faces a funding gap and will seek additional funds for future operations and emergency appeals.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is allegedly trying to prevent accurate transcription of his wartime discussions, according to Hebrew media outlets.
Palestinians return to scenes of destruction in Shejaiya after Israeli raid, finding their homes destroyed and nothing left.
Footage reportedly shows an explosion near Iran's main drone factory in Kashan, possibly at a factory where explosive-laden drones are produced. The video was taken near Iran's Natanz nuclear plants.
Muhammad Deif, the commander of Hamas's military wing, was targeted in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. The strike resulted in multiple casualties, and Deif's fate is still unknown.
The IDF intercepted two suspected drones launched at Israel from Lebanon, preventing them from entering Israeli airspace.
Israeli fighter jets targeted a depot storing paragliders used by Hamas in attacks on southern communities. The IDF is continuing operations in Rafah and Gaza City. Eilat residents were sent to shelters as warning sirens sounded, and the military intercepted two suspicious aerial targets. The IDF announced the killing of two high-ranking Hamas commanders and located weapons and a command room used by Hamas at UNRWA's headquarters in Gaza City.
Iranian president-elect Masoud Pezeshkian seeks improved relations with Europe and revival of the 2015 nuclear deal despite accusing European nations of reneging on commitments to mitigate US sanctions.
Elon Musk has donated to a pro-Trump super PAC, according to Bloomberg. The exact amount of the donation is undisclosed.
A poll shows that 72% of Israelis want Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign over the October 7 failures. The public holds him most responsible for the catastrophe and there is broad support for a ceasefire deal with Hamas.
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