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Israeli forces are reportedly in the Shuafat refugee camp to demolish the home of a Palestinian teenager charged with fatally stabbing a border guard.
Nearly 6 in 10 Democrats think Israel's response in Gaza is excessive, according to a new survey. Americans are divided on whether Israel's response has gone too far or is appropriate.
Dozens of Filipinos have fled from the war-ravaged Gaza Strip into Egypt with the help of Filipino diplomats and Qatar mediation. They are traveling to Cairo, where they plan to take flights back to the Philippines.
The US House of Representatives is nearing a vote on whether to censure Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib for her rhetoric about the Israel-Hamas war.
Restaurants in the US that publicly support Israel have faced boycotts but have been rescued by Israel supporters.
Mourners gather outside the Knesset to blame Netanyahu for the October 7 attack and call for an end to the war with Hamas.
Israel screens harrowing footage of Hamas attack for world media to 'get message across'
Hundreds hold somber vigil near Knesset; bereaved relatives criticize Netanyahu.
President Herzog emphasizes the need for hostage release in Gaza, while VP Harris focuses on humanitarian aid and the rise in antisemitism.
The US is concerned about the 163 Palestinians killed and 1,319 Palestinians placed under administrative detention in the West Bank, according to the White House.
The Attorney General has frozen all coalition funds, stating they are meant to fund war expenses against Hamas. Any other use of the funds will require a cabinet resolution and judicial review.
Residents of Kibbutz Kfar Aza return to retrieve belongings while world leaders, journalists, and volunteers bear witness to the horrors of the Hamas terrorist attack that resulted in the murder of between 52 and 60 people.
Families of hostages held in Gaza gather for prayer service and rallies demanding their release as Israel increases diplomatic efforts.
Israel opposes US plan for humanitarian pauses in Gaza without the release of hostages first, according to officials.
A prayer service was held at the Western Wall to pray for peace and the release of hostages in Gaza.
Former employee of French Foreign Ministry tears down posters of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Paris, sparking an administrative investigation and potential legal consequences.
The IDF has uncovered more tunnels near an old amusement park and a university in the northern Gaza Strip. Troops also discovered a weapons depot with various equipment.
President Isaac Herzog calls on American university presidents to address antisemitism on campus and protect Jewish students in an open letter.
Families of hostages in Gaza join together to sing Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' as part of a campaign for their release.
A far-right minister in Israel's cabinet risked causing an international scandal by suggesting that dropping a nuclear weapon on Gaza should be considered. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released him with only a suspension, highlighting his prioritization of coalition management over wartime concerns.
The US accuses Iran of forcing its Jewish citizens to hold anti-Israel rallies, which is condemned as abhorrent exploitation by US officials.
Nonprofit Rio de Paz plants 1,400 Israeli flags on Copacabana beach to honor Hamas massacre victims and show solidarity with Israel.
German Air Force Chief Commander General Ingo Gerhartz visits Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv and donates blood as a gesture of solidarity during the ongoing conflict with Hamas.
Three drones targeted a military base in Iraqi Kurdistan hosting US-led anti-jihadist coalition troops. Two drones were shot down, and a third crashed without exploding. No casualties or infrastructure damage were reported. The attacks have been linked back to Iran and have been condemned by the US.
Maj. Gen. Yaron Finkelman hails IDF soldiers and commanders for their actions in the war on Hamas, emphasizing the goal of defeating the group and returning the hostages held by Hamas.
The Israeli military has opened a humanitarian corridor for Palestinians to evacuate from the northern part of Gaza to the southern part. Gazan residents, some with their arms raised and carrying white flags, were seen moving on foot towards the southern part of the enclave.
Israeli soldiers capture a Hamas stronghold in Gaza City and strike terrorists near a hospital as the military continues its ground offensive in the Gaza Strip.
Louish Rijal, a Nepali student, was among the foreigners caught in the violence between Jews and Arabs in Israel. Despite knowing little about Israel, he was excited about the opportunity to participate in an internship program. Louish survived the attacks and has been evacuated back to Nepal.
Israeli soldiers stationed near the Gaza border express a mix of pride and fear as they prepare to enter Gaza, while their families express pride but also fear for their safety.
A local rabbi says the circumstances surrounding the death of a Jewish man in Los Angeles are unclear after he was allegedly struck with a megaphone by a pro-Palestinian protester.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that Israel will maintain security control over Gaza indefinitely after the war with Hamas. He suggests flexibility on humanitarian pauses and expresses willingness to agree to a ceasefire if all hostages are released. Netanyahu emphasizes coordination with the US and the need to protect Israeli civilians while acknowledging the challenge of limiting civilian casualties due to Hamas' use of human shields.
An elderly Jewish man in Los Angeles dies after being hit by a pro-Palestinian protester's megaphone, marking the fourth antisemitic crime in the city this year.
Far-left Jewish activists occupy Statue of Liberty demanding Gaza ceasefire and criticizing Israel's actions.
Actor John Turturro and writer Ariel Levy have created a stage adaptation of Philip Roth's novel 'Sabbath's Theater', exploring themes of sex, grief, and the human body. The play opened on November 1 in Manhattan.
Yemen's Houthi rebels claim to have launched a drone attack on Israel, but there is no evidence of any incursion. The IDF did not comment on the claims.
Pro-Palestinian protesters block traffic at Port of Tacoma, calling for ceasefire in Gaza and claiming a military supply ship was carrying weapons for Israel.
Qatar slams Israeli claim that Hamas uses tunnels under hospital it funded.
The White House is set to send $320 million worth of precision-guided bombs to Israel, amid escalating tensions in the region.
Israel's HMOs report a sharp decline in flu shot uptake, with decreases of 20-30 percent compared to last year. The healthcare system highlights the importance of the flu vaccine for vulnerable groups and encourages COVID-19 booster shots.
Taglit-Birthright Israel invites alumni to return to Israel to help harvest crops in the war-torn south and assist with other volunteer work.
Seventy trucks carrying humanitarian aid crossed from Egypt to Gaza today, containing medical supplies, food, and water. The figure falls short of the initial goal set by the US for 100 trucks per day.
Israeli security services have successfully prevented several plots against Israeli targets abroad, according to a security official.
A US defense official confirms that the Ohio-class submarine deployed to the Middle East is not carrying nuclear weapons. The submarine is an SSGN variant, which is incapable of firing nuclear weapons.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the US is aggressively pushing for more aid to Gaza amid the Israel-Hamas war. Blinken held talks with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan to address concerns about the conflict.
Eight firefighters from Miami Beach are going to Israel to help fill in for Israeli firefighters who have been called up to serve in the IDF. This is the first city-sanctioned mission of its kind in the US.
Opposition leaders criticize Netanyahu for blaming reserve soldiers for Hamas's October 7 attack and call for his resignation. They urge him to focus on returning hostages, defeating Hamas, and improving the government's performance.
Netanyahu calls on foreign envoys to demand the release of hostages held in Gaza and access for the Red Cross.
Palo Alto Networks is set to acquire Israeli cybersecurity startup Talon Cyber Security for a reported $600 million to $650 million, marking its second acquisition of an Israeli startup in less than a week.
Israeli troops find rocket launchers and rockets in a youth center and mosque in Gaza.
Opposition Leader Yair Lapid joins the call to amend the nation-state law to ensure equality for non-Jewish citizens, following a plea from the Druze community.
Over 60% of Israelis donated to the war effort during the third week of the Israel-Hamas conflict, giving more money than ever before, according to a new study. The most common recipients were IDF soldiers and security forces, families of victims, injured individuals, hospitals, rescue forces, and support for evacuated communities. Volunteerism slightly decreased during the third week compared to the first two weeks.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells foreign envoys that Israel's war against Hamas is not a local battle and warns that if the Middle East falls to the axis of terror, Europe will be next.
The IDF says it killed the commander of Hamas's Deir al Balah battalion in an airstrike in the Gaza Strip. The commander, Wael Asfeh, was involved in sending terrorists into Israel and had planned additional attacks.
US Catholic universities offer campuses as refuge for Jewish students facing persecution on American campuses.
Editor David Horovitz and military reporter Emanuel Fabian discuss the latest updates on the Gaza conflict on The Times of Israel's Daily Briefing. Topics include the condition of attacked police officers, the division of the Gaza Strip, an anti-tank missile attack from Lebanon, Jordan's airdrop of medical supplies to Gaza, controversial remarks by a minister, and the war for public opinion.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly supports publishing a video of Hamas atrocities, while the IDF considers releasing part of the footage.
Nobel laureate Narges Mohammadi begins hunger strike in Iranian prison over medical care and hijab requirement.
Netanyahu and Denkov discuss the fight against barbarism and the importance of humanitarian aid in Gaza.
US Senator Bernie Sanders rejects calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, expresses support for Israel's right to defend itself, and calls for a humanitarian pause in the fighting.
Two police officers were stabbed, one critically, in a terror attack near Jerusalem's Old City. The assailant was shot dead by other officers. Tensions are high in the region due to ongoing conflicts and recent attacks.
A 16-year-old Palestinian assailant was shot dead by police after carrying out a stabbing attack near Jerusalem's Old City, injuring two officers.
The US has disclosed the location of a nuclear-capable submarine, highlighting its presence in the region.
The State Attorney's Office in Israel has not indicted anyone for incitement against Arabs or 'leftists' despite inflammatory remarks on social media. Indictments have been filed against Arab citizens for incitement to terrorism. Hebrew social media has also been filled with incitement against Arab Israelis and 'leftists'.
Jordan sends medical aid to Gaza via airdrop coordinated with Israel and the US to replenish a field hospital running low on supplies.
Soldier killed and another seriously injured during fighting in Gaza, bringing the total number of soldiers killed to 30.
The UN reports that 88 staff members from UNRWA have been killed in Gaza, the highest number ever recorded in a single conflict. The UN calls for a ceasefire and demands the release of hostages by Hamas.
Protesters burned an Israeli flag outside a synagogue in Malmo, Sweden, while chanting 'bomb Israel' during an anti-Israel rally in response to Israel's attacks on Hamas in Gaza. Jewish communities in Europe are reporting a surge in antisemitic hate crimes.
The US and Israel worked with Jordan to coordinate an airdrop of medical supplies into Gaza as Jordan's field hospital was running out of supplies.
Jordan's Queen Rania criticizes the rejection of a Gaza ceasefire, argues against Israel's bid to eliminate Hamas, and condemns rising antisemitism and Islamophobia.
Jordan airdrops medical aid into Gaza, bypassing Israel's embargo, but it is unclear if the aid reached the hospital or if Israel had knowledge or consent.
An Arizona pastor and his congregation have converted to Judaism after leaving the Messianic movement, a religion that combines Jewish rituals with the worship of Jesus as the messiah.
Learn about 20 Jewish college basketball players to watch in the upcoming NCAA season, including standout athletes and Israeli prospects.
Seven rockets hit Kiryat Shmona, causing heavy damage to homes but no injuries. Power outages have occurred, and residents are advised to stay close to bomb shelters.
Turkish police fired tear gas at pro-Palestinian protesters outside a military base housing US forces, coinciding with the arrival of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Ankara. Thousands of people also marched in Marseille, France, in support of the Palestinians and calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.
Netanyahu reiterates no ceasefire without hostage release, emphasizes continued fight and unity among soldiers.
IPF Atid Director Shanie Reichman hosts journalist Neri Zilber to discuss the newly-entered phase in the Israel-Hamas war.
President Herzog accepts credentials of US Ambassador Jack Lew, expressing gratitude for American friendship during ongoing war with Hamas. Lew vows to prioritize release of hostages.
IDF reveals evidence of Hamas using Gaza hospitals for terror purposes and warns Palestinians to evacuate from northern Gaza.
Former British prime minister Boris Johnson shows support for Israel and condemns Hamas terrorists, criticizes UK protesters, and addresses rising antisemitism.
A forum of 200 leading businesses urges the Israeli government to prioritize the economy during the war and implement an economic wartime aid plan.
An IDF commander has suspended a reservist who criticized him on social media for holding an unapproved meeting with a politician.
US Secretary of State Blinken condemns settler violence and emphasizes the need to protect Palestinians in Gaza during a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Abbas in Ramallah.
The Iron Dome intercepted a drone from Lebanon, while the IDF responded to anti-tank fire with artillery shelling.
Democratic critics of Israel, including Cori Bush, could face primary challenges over their stance on the recent conflict with Hamas.
The Palestinian Authority criticizes Israeli minister's remark on nuking Gaza, while Prime Minister Netanyahu distances himself from the comments.
Sgt. Yehonatan Maimon, 20, of the Nahal Brigade's reconnaissance unit, was killed during the ground operation in the Gaza Strip.
The IDF killed an Islamic State operative and arrested 36 suspects, including 18 Hamas members, during overnight raids in the West Bank.
Israel is sharing footage of Hamas atrocities with parliaments and press offices globally to expose the cruelty of the terrorists.
Jon Voight expresses disappointment at Angelina Jolie's anti-Israel stance and defends Israel's actions against Hamas in Gaza.
IDF confirms Iron Dome interceptor launched at target entering from Lebanon, causing rocket sirens in northern community of Mattat.
Former UK and Australia leaders Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison visit Israel in solidarity with the country and to meet with hostages' relatives in Gaza.
Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu clarifies that his remark about nuking Gaza was metaphorical and emphasizes the need for a strong response to terrorism.
Prime Minister Netanyahu rejects Minister Eliyahu's suggestion of nuking Gaza, highlighting Israel's commitment to protecting civilians.
A far-right minister in Israel suggests nuking Gaza as an option in the war and opposes humanitarian aid to the region.
The Republican Jewish Coalition slams Obama for his comments on Hamas and Israel, stating that his past policies have strengthened Hamas and criticizing his attempt to dilute his own culpability.
American officials have advised Israel to take several steps to reduce firepower in the Gaza Strip and take a more exacting approach to its war against the Hamas terror group, according to a report.
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