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US officials believe Israel will focus on striking Iran's proxies instead of directly attacking Iran in response to Iran's attack.
Several new Haggadahs will be published in 2024, including ones focused on Zionism, American patriotism, and Star Wars.
Gazan journalist Sami Obeid discusses the hardships of living in Gaza under Hamas rule and suggests annexation by Israel as a potential solution.
Australian police have declared a knife attack on an Assyrian church bishop and his followers in Sydney as a terrorist act motivated by suspected religious extremism.
Iran assures China of restraint against Israel, while China condemns Israeli attack and offers to work with Saudi Arabia to avoid further escalation.
China supports Iran's restraint against Israel and condemns the Israeli attack, while expressing willingness to work with Saudi Arabia to prevent further escalation in the Middle East and promote a ceasefire in Gaza.
Israel is considering its response to Iran's air attack, weighing the risks of a forceful retaliation against the potential blow to its US-led cooperation.
Additional US fighter squadrons deployed to the Middle East will remain there following the recent attack by Iran. The US is prepared to protect its forces and support Israel, but does not seek wider conflict.
The IAEA chief is worried about Israel potentially hitting Iranian nuclear sites. Inspections will resume after being temporarily closed.
An alleged Israeli airstrike hits a home in southern Lebanon, causing a loud explosion and visible black smoke. Reports suggest the blast was heard in neighboring regions.
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi says the Iranian attack on Israel has created new opportunities for cooperation in the Middle East and that Iran will face the consequences for its actions.
Belgium plans to withdraw refugee status of Palestinian activist accused of being an 'extremist hate preacher.'
Egyptian FM Sameh Shoukry asked Israel to publicize his call with Israel Katz. They discussed the recent attack by Iran and the situation in Rafah. Shoukry pledged to continue working on bilateral relations.
Prime Minister Netanyahu assures Likud ministers that Israel will respond to Iran's attack, but wisely and not impulsively. Israel commits to updating the US before any strike to prepare for Iranian retaliation.
Israeli hospitals were prepared to deal with the recent attack from Iran, as they have been on high alert since the war with Hamas in Gaza six months ago. They have employed various strategies to be ready for any eventuality, and their emergency preparedness meant that additional precautions were not necessary during the attack.
The UAE did not participate in intercepting Iranian missiles and drones launched at Israel, according to a senior Israeli official. Reports of broad Arab participation are said to be exaggerated and inaccurate.
Opposition leader Avigdor Liberman emphasizes the need for Israel to coordinate with the US in responding to Iran's attack and urges Prime Minister Netanyahu to prioritize action over talk.
Consumer prices in Israel rose at a faster rate than expected in March, with annual inflation reaching 2.7%.
The Israeli war cabinet has decided to respond to Iran's missile and drone attack, aiming to prevent future attacks and coordinate with the US.
Israeli jets strike Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon after rocket fire at Israel.
Gaza's archaeological treasures have been saved by the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, as some of the artifacts are stored in a warehouse in Switzerland.
Otzma Yehudit party announces it is no longer bound by coalition discipline due to opposition from ultra-Orthodox factions.
Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, provided intelligence on Iran's plans to attack Israel, playing a crucial role in the successful air defense measures that thwarted the assault, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Hamas has presented mediators with its own proposal for a ceasefire and hostage release deal with Israel, demanding a six-week ceasefire before any hostages are released.
US House Speaker Mike Johnson plans to pass aid to Israel this week after Iran's attack. The House remains divided over aid to Ukraine.
The US shifted its stance from criticizing Israel's actions in Gaza to defending it against an attack from Iran.
The IDF successfully intercepted a hostile drone over Eilat using a ship-mounted Iron Dome missile defense system for the second time in a week. The drone was believed to have been launched from Yemen and was downed by a missile fired from a Navy corvette.
Thousands of Gazans attempted to cross a closed checkpoint towards Gaza City after rumors spread that it had been opened, but Israel denied the reports.
Israel's war cabinet has not reached a decision on how to respond to Iran's missile and drone attack, but a response is expected.
The UK, France, and Jordan have summoned the Iranian envoys to protest Iran's attack on Israel. Jordan's air force intercepted and shot down dozens of Iranian drones that violated its airspace and were heading to Israel.
Chicago councilwoman denies celebrating Iran's attack on Israel after facing backlash from Jewish community leaders.
The Democratic Majority for Israel and the Republican Jewish Coalition have united to condemn Iran's attack on Israel and urge Congress to provide security aid.
The IDF has lifted restrictions following the Iranian missile and drone strike, allowing schools to reopen and large gatherings to take place.
Gulf states are seeking to prevent a full-scale war between Israel and Iran, as the recent conflict in Gaza puts their policy of detente at risk.
The IDF successfully shot down a suspicious aerial target in the Eilat area, believed to be a drone launched from Yemen.
Foreign Minister Israel Katz urges UK and France to impose crippling sanctions on Iran and proscribe the IRGC as a terrorist organization following the shooting down of Iranian attack drones.
US President Joe Biden told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel had won the latest round against Iran, demonstrating its military superiority and commitment to Israel's defense.
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant speaks to US counterpart about establishing strategic alliance against Iran and updates on Israel's war with Hamas.
Kibbutz Be'eri in Israel has declined the honor of lighting a torch at the Independence Day ceremony due to the event's focus on 'heroism' rather than acknowledging the tragedy of the assault that took place in the community.
G7 leaders condemn Iran's attack on Israel and call for stability in the Middle East. They also urge a ceasefire and the release of hostages in Gaza.
Settlers in the West Bank set car ablaze as IDF soldiers fail to intervene, sparking criticism from rights group.
Iran's attack on Israel was celebrated by many Palestinians in Gaza as retaliation for the Israeli offensive on their enclave.
Culture and Sport Minister Miki Zohar slams Israel's weak response to Iranian aggression, urging a strong retaliation against Iran.
Shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange decline as investors await Israel's response to Iran's attack. Western countries condemn the assault and express support for Israel. Economists warn of increased defense spending and fiscal risks for Israel.
Israel's war cabinet Minister Benny Gantz emphasizes the need to strengthen regional alliances and cooperation following a successful defense against Iran's attack.
A 7-year-old girl in Israel is in critical condition after being injured in an attack by Iran. She underwent surgery for a serious head wound and is now in the pediatric intensive care unit.
Hamas rejects Israel's proposal for a hostage agreement, indicating a lack of interest in a humanitarian deal and the return of hostages.
IDF reports that 99% of the projectiles fired by Iran at Israel were intercepted. Some missiles hit the Nevatim Airbase, causing slight damage.
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says Israel has halted the main Iranian attack, but warns the campaign is not over. He praises the IDF for their impressive response and emphasizes the need to remain vigilant.
Germany warns that Iran's airstrikes on Israel risk a regional war and expresses solidarity with Israel.
Jerusalem residents seek shelter and stockpile supplies as Iran launches a drone and missile attack on Israel. The Israel Defense Forces report that over 200 projectiles were launched, including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones. Israelis nationwide are no longer required to stay near protected rooms, but restrictions on gatherings and educational activities remain in force. Residents of northern Israel also prepare for potential attacks.
The IDF Chief of Staff is meeting with top military officials to discuss defensive actions, recent attacks, and future plans.
The IDF intercepted most Iranian ballistic missiles, with a few impacts identified. Fighter jets also shot down drones and cruise missiles. Israelis no longer need to stay close to bomb shelters.
France condemns Iran's drone strikes on Israel as a threat to stability and warns of potential military escalation.
Comedian Eitan Levine is attempting to set a record for the most ceremonial opening pitches thrown in one baseball season and raise $100,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Houthi rebels in Yemen have launched drones towards Israel in coordination with Iran, posing a potential threat to Israeli ports and shipping.
The chief of the IDF Home Front Command urges citizens to vigilantly adhere to guidelines as more than 100 Iranian drones head towards Israel.
US Embassy in Jerusalem 'heartbroken' by killing of staffer in traffic dispute with off-duty border cop.
The IDF is deploying more troops to the West Bank after violence by settlers against Palestinians. Clashes occurred, resulting in injuries. Calm has been restored and a manhunt for the terrorists who murdered a 14-year-old Israeli teenager is ongoing.
A resident of northern Israel was seriously wounded when a Hezbollah drone exploded in a kibbutz in the Galilee. Hezbollah has been carrying out daily attacks on northern Israel amid the war in Gaza.
An off-duty police officer shot and killed an Arab man in Jaffa during a traffic dispute. The officer has been arrested and protests have erupted demanding justice for the victim.
The IDF confirms two explosive-laden drones launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon struck the Hanita area. Hezbollah claimed to have targeted a building used by Israeli forces.
Ofer Halperin-Rothschild shares her experience of being uprooted from her home in Kibbutz Kfar Aza due to the ongoing conflict and her involvement in community initiatives to bring healing through art.
German police shut down a pro-Palestinian conference over hate speech concerns after a banned speaker appeared by video link.
Qantas reroutes Perth-London flights amid concerns of Iranian strike on Israel.
Multiple people stabbed at Sydney mall, witnesses report gunfire
Hamas remains in control of parts of Gaza despite depleted capabilities, according to officials. Tensions exist within the group's leadership and dissent is rising in Gaza.
The IDF hit rocket launchers in Gaza and conducted pinpoint operations against terror groups in the Strip.
Human rights lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Germany's approval of arms export to Israel, citing concerns of potential violations of international humanitarian law.
The IDF has dropped leaflets in Gaza urging Palestinians to help locate hostages held by Hamas. The leaflets include names and photos of hostages and provide contact information for sharing information.
The IDF carried out an airstrike to destroy an engineering vehicle that was accidentally left behind in Gaza.
US intelligence reports suggest that Iran may retaliate on Israeli soil in the next 24 to 48 hours. Israel is preparing for a possible direct attack, but no final decision has been made by Iran. US government employees in Israel have been restricted from traveling to certain areas.
Polyglot singer Tali Golergant, with Israeli roots, will represent Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest after a 31-year break. She will perform in English and French, despite not growing up speaking these languages. Golergant is excited about the opportunity and believes it will be a significant step for the music industry in Luxembourg. She is also planning to release music post-contest that incorporates her various languages, including Hebrew.
Experts warn that Europe is ignoring the presence and activities of Hamas and Hezbollah networks within its territory, as recent arrests highlight the often-overlooked activities of these anti-Israeli jihadi terror groups. European law enforcement authorities have struggled to prosecute these groups due to limited resources and legal obstacles.
Israel says it cannot transfer additional aid to Gaza due to undistributed aid waiting on the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom Crossing. Israel has increased the amount of aid going into Gaza and is working to improve coordination with humanitarian organizations. A dispute with the United Nations over aid distribution continues.
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant spoke with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who emphasized the US's unwavering support for Israel's defense against Iranian threats.
Jenni Asher is on track to become the first Black woman cantor in the US after graduating from the Academy for Jewish Religion California next year. She aims to bring new life to synagogue music and push herself and others to grow.
Opposing rallies in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem call for different outcomes in the war against Hamas in Gaza.
Israel is on high alert for a potential Iranian attack, with multiple international actors warning Tehran against a major assault on the Jewish state. The United States has restricted its employees in Israel from personal travel outside certain areas due to Iran's threats. Iran has signaled to Washington that it will respond in a way that aims to avoid major escalation. Israeli and US officials have been in contact to prepare for an imminent attack they believe is coming.
Sgt. Maj. Adir Shlomo, 47, was killed defending the Sderot police station from Hamas terrorists. He was described as a humble, happy person who valued his family above everything.
The date for the civilian evacuation in Rafah remains uncertain, with conflicting statements from Israeli officials.
White House acknowledges progress in Gaza aid delivery but faces criticism for not doing enough.
Jerusalem experienced a calm Ramadan despite fears of violence, with Palestinians praying peacefully at Al-Aqsa Mosque and no major clashes with Israeli police. Factors contributing to the calm included limited Hamas support among Palestinians, the sidelining of a far-right minister, and cooperation from Jordan. Israeli officials credited the government's decision-making and security preparations, while Muslim leaders at the Temple Mount delivered heated but not incendiary sermons. Jordan played a stabilizing role by not issuing over-the-top condemnations against Israel.
Keshet International will develop two ancient history docu-series featuring Bettany Hughes, exploring the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the Vikings' journeys.
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant informs US counterpart that Israel will respond to any direct Iranian attack on its territory.
Negotiators in Israel are discussing an enlistment plan with quotas and economic sanctions for ultra-Orthodox enlistment. Some politicians support recruiting those outside of yeshivas but oppose the enlistment of full-time students.
Israel anticipates the arrival of US ships to construct a Gaza dock on April 28. The Turkish flotilla from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition is also expected to challenge the Israeli blockade.
UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak backs Israel's 'right to defend itself' against Iranian threats amid rising tensions in the region.
Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara reportedly states that there is 'no legal basis' for exempting ultra-Orthodox community members from IDF draft.
Russia and Germany call for restraint amid Iranian threat to strike Israel. Lufthansa suspends flights to Tehran. Israel prepares for security needs. US and Israeli sources believe Iran is planning major strikes against Israel.
A new poll shows that Israelis remain pessimistic about the future of the country's security and democracy, with only 35% optimistic about democratic rule and 34% optimistic about national security.
The High Court of Justice has given the state an extra five days to respond to petitions regarding the Gaza humanitarian crisis.
Senior IDF generals meet with Red Cross, USAID, and UN aid groups to discuss Gaza aid and increase coordination.
Turkey's ban on exports to Israel is set to hit the construction industry hard, leading to higher costs and prices for consumers and businesses. There are concerns that other countries may follow suit and boycott Israel, damaging trade relations. The economic impact will be felt in the immediate term and in government revenue. Israel's Foreign Minister plans to prevent Turkey from exporting additional products to Israel in response to the trade restrictions.
German police are offering a reward for information on an arson attack on a synagogue in Oldenburg. Witnesses are asked to submit accounts through an online portal.
Israel criticizes new Irish PM for not mentioning Israeli hostages in inaugural speech on Gaza war.
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