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Israel vows retaliation over Iran attack after calls for restraint. Iran lacks modern air defense systems and fighter jets, while Israel has one of the most advanced air forces in the world.
Iran claims it has acted with restraint after launching strikes on Israel, which it says were in self-defence.
Israel claims to have intercepted the majority of drones and missiles launched by Iran, stating that the confrontation is ongoing.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing pressure to negotiate a ceasefire in Gaza from both foreign governments and his own right-wing coalition partners.
Worshippers in Gaza hold prayers by destroyed mosque as Palestinians shelter in city and Israel plans military offensive.
US officials criticize President Biden's pressure on Israel, questioning the moral and legal basis of US support and citing the unconditional nature of the assistance provided.
Elderly women win landmark climate case in Europe, demanding government action. Israel allows aid trucks in. Simon Harris becomes youngest leader in Ireland.
Francesco Lotoro has dedicated his life to recovering the music created by composers and performers who died in concentration camps during the Second World War.
Israeli troops withdraw from Gaza's biggest city as residents consider returning. Rescuers search for survivors from a ferry in Mozambique. Total solar eclipse to occur in parts of North America.
Israel is reducing troops in southern Gaza, leaving one brigade. The withdrawal is a tactical move and not a sign of the war ending. Israel aims to dismantle Hamas' capabilities.
Israeli army official says military has pulled all troops out of southern Gaza exactly six months after the Hamas attacks that triggered the current conflict.
Former Cabinet Secretary Lord Mark Sedwill urges government to clarify legal advice on UK arms sales to Israel and questions their appropriateness and potential leverage.
BBC's Jeremy Bowen visits kibbutz Nir Oz in Israel, which was severely affected by a Hamas attack during the war.
More than 1,200 Israelis killed by Hamas, with reports of sexual violence against hostages.
The Israeli army recovers body of hostage in Gaza, Mexico severs ties with Ecuador after embassy incident, and an activist speaks out against women becoming surrogate mothers.
The killing of aid workers in Gaza has damaged Israel's reputation in Poland, says the country's foreign minister. He criticizes Israel's claim of mistaken identity and questions their rules of engagement.
International calls to curb arms sales to Israel and investigate the deaths of aid workers in Gaza are increasing.
Polish aid worker Damian Soból killed in Israeli strike on Gaza aid convoy.
Friendly relations between British Muslims and Jews are strained, and interfaith work is in crisis. A debate about the value of interfaith work.
Seven aid workers killed in Gaza air strike, with footage showing damaged vehicles. World Central Kitchen founder blames Israel, while IDF conducts review.
Israeli strike destroys Iranian consulate in Syria, killing senior Iranian commander.
Burned buildings at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City after Israeli troops siege.
Former Iranian prisoner Anoosheh Ashoori, who was falsely accused of spying, will be running in the London Marathon after being released in March 2022.
Feeding Gaza becomes a risky operation as aid is dropped from the sky to reach starving people. Turkey prepares for local elections and previously unheard recordings of Marvin Gaye are found in Belgium.
BBC Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent explores prospects for peace in the Middle East and covers stories from India, Tibet, Ireland, and Guinea.
Four women in Gaza share their experiences of resilience, fear, and despair during the Israel-Hamas war.
US President Joe Biden is working to secure the release of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, who was detained in Russia a year ago. Israel vows to pursue Hezbollah after an attack on Syria. The UK is increasing its aid for Sudan.
Sam Bankman-Fried, once a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for fraud.
Humza Yousaf faces challenges as the new First Minister of Scotland, with changes in leadership and arrests of party members. He has abandoned some of Nicola Sturgeon's commitments and activists are concerned about the lack of clear direction.
Netanyahu cancels talks with US after UN resolution on Gaza ceasefire
The UN passes a resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, while Israel criticizes the resolution. The programme also covers updates on Boeing and a scientific experiment.
Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand examines the various forms of masks we wear, inspired by the festival of Purim.
Gunmen open fire at a concert hall near Moscow, killing dozens and injuring many more in a suspected terrorist attack. The building is now engulfed in flames. In other news, the Princess of Wales discloses her cancer treatment, and the UN Security Council fails to adopt a resolution on Gaza.
Antony Blinken visits Israel and discusses ceasefire and normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia.
The US will support a call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel-Gaza conflict in return for a hostage deal, according to a draft resolution to be voted on by the UN Security Council.
Israeli troops have raided Gaza's biggest hospital, al-Shifa, claiming it was a cover for a Hamas command and control centre. The raid highlights the ongoing fighting and the desperate humanitarian situation in Gaza, as well as the fact that Hamas is still a significant threat.
Police are investigating a house fire in east London as a possible antisemitic hate crime after a man made threatening and 'allegedly antisemitic' comments near the scene.
Haiti's gangs oppose transitional council, Gaza faces food insecurity, Chumbawumba rejects right-wing association, Yellowknife mayor prepares for wildfires.
US President Joe Biden has praised the return of power-sharing in Northern Ireland and expressed commitment to protecting peace and progress in the region during talks with Irish PM Leo Varadkar. They also discussed support for Ukraine and the Israel-Gaza conflict.
Israel plans to relocate displaced Palestinians in Gaza to 'humanitarian islands' in the middle of the strip, but critics question the lack of clarity on the operation.
The BBC investigation reveals allegations of mistreatment of medical staff by IDF forces during a raid on Nasser hospital in Gaza.
The US House of Representatives has passed a bill that could ban TikTok in America, giving ByteDance six months to sell its stake. A UN staff member has been killed in Gaza, and a Korean village is surrounded by landmines.
Palestinian medics in Gaza claim they were beaten and humiliated by Israeli troops after a hospital raid.
Displaced people in Rafah in the Gaza Strip have prepared meals using the limited food available to mark the start of the Muslim holy month. Ramadan celebrations in Gaza were muted due to the ongoing conflict and the hunger crisis in the territory.
Irish president condemns 'propaganda' against UN over Gaza
Extra police deployed in Jerusalem as Palestinians prepare for Ramadan. New maritime routes planned for aid to Gaza. Programme covers various global news stories.
Protests broke out at the opening of a Holocaust museum in Amsterdam as Israeli President Isaac Herzog's attendance sparked controversy over Israel's actions in Gaza.
Victims of Islamist-inspired terror attacks have written an open letter against anti-Muslim hate and called for politicians to avoid equating extremists with the majority of British Muslims. The letter comes as the government plans to define extremism and cut ties with groups that cross the line.
A US military ship is heading to Gaza to build a temporary pier to deliver aid supplies by sea, following President Joe Biden's announcement. The UN has warned of an impending famine in Gaza, and aid deliveries by land and air have been challenging and dangerous.
The IDF has finished building a new road across northern Gaza, raising concerns that it may be used as a barrier to prevent Palestinians from returning to their homes.
Renewed fears of violence spreading to Jerusalem during Ramadan as a truce remains elusive.
US President Joe Biden says it was 'looking tough' for a ceasefire agreement in Gaza by the start of Ramadan. We speak to an Israeli government spokesman, and hear about the preparations for the first shipment by sea of much needed humanitarian aid into Gaza.
Tens of thousands of people are marching in London calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.
A ship carrying humanitarian aid is expected to set sail from Cyprus to Gaza to help alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis in the region.
A maritime corridor from Cyprus to Gaza could soon begin operating to provide aid to the territory, with support from the EU, US, Britain, and the UAE.
Joe Biden's State of the Union address highlighted foreign policy issues, including Ukraine, Israel-Hamas war, and China. He compared Putin to Hitler, emphasized support for Ukraine, and expressed a desire for competition with China. Biden also addressed the Gaza war, blaming Hamas and urging Israel to allow supplies into the territory.
Hamas delegation leaves Gaza truce talks in Cairo without deal
Israel has approved plans for the construction of over 3,400 new homes in West Bank settlements, drawing condemnation from the Palestinians and the international community.
The World Food Programme's attempt to deliver food aid to northern Gaza was blocked by the Israel Defense Forces, and the aid convoy was later looted by desperate people.
A UN team finds evidence of sexual violence, including rape and gang rape, during Hamas attacks on Israel.
The US has airdropped 36,000 meals into northern Gaza in co-ordination with Jordan, but the strategy has sparked considerable discussion as humanitarian organisations say it cannot meet the soaring needs.
India urges citizens working in Israel to 'relocate to safe areas' following an anti-tank missile attack near the border with Lebanon.
Zouahra's husband was killed by fire from an Israeli gunboat while he was on his way to the seaside. She and her children now live in a refugee camp, struggling to provide for their basic needs.
Transport for London has painted over an Israel-Gaza peace mural that was defaced, stating it was to avoid encouraging antisocial behavior. The charity behind the mural plans to replace it with a more inclusive design.
US Vice-President Kamala Harris urges Israel to allow more aid into Gaza and calls on Hamas to accept terms for a ceasefire in talks with Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz. The US is pressuring Israel to facilitate more aid for Gaza as President Joe Biden faces political pressure over his administration's handling of the Israel-Gaza war.
A UN team has found evidence of sexual violence, including rape and gang rape, during the Hamas attacks in Israel on 7 October. Israel has rejected the allegations and accused the UN of trying to keep the report quiet.
Children are dying of starvation in northern Gaza due to a lack of food and severe levels of malnutrition. Hospital buildings have been destroyed. The UN warns that famine in Gaza is almost inevitable.
Super Tuesday, the most important day in the 2024 race for the White House, is approaching. Voters in 15 states and one US territory will choose candidates for president, providing insight into the strengths and weaknesses of Joe Biden and Donald Trump as they head towards a rematch in November.
Hopes for a Gaza ceasefire ahead of Ramadan are fading as Israel and Hamas demand different conditions. International pressure for a ceasefire deal has increased due to dire humanitarian conditions in Gaza.
Israel's public broadcaster has requested changes to the lyrics of a song submitted for this year's Eurovision contest after it was barred for breaking rules on political neutrality.
Archaeologists have found lentil caches in the Middle East, indicating that lentils were cultivated alongside other crops. The lentil's significance in human society has been overlooked compared to wheat and barley.
Hopes rise of new ceasefire deal in Cairo talks as a Hamas delegation arrives and the US says Israel has accepted the deal. Pressure for a ceasefire grows after an incident outside Gaza City and warnings of famine in northern Gaza.
Bloomberg's Emily Ashton discusses the week's political developments at Westminster, including the Rochdale by-election and discussions on various topics with guest speakers.
American fashion designer and icon Iris Apfel dies at 102. Known for her unique style and creativity, she was a prominent figure in the fashion industry for over five decades.
Many injured in rush on aid convoy in Gaza suffered gunshot wounds, according to the UN. Hamas accuses Israel of firing at civilians, while Israel claims most died in a stampede after warning shots were fired. Calls for a full investigation have been made by global leaders.
The Hotel Montana in Marwaniyeh is providing shelter for displaced residents of Lebanese border towns who have fled the ongoing hostilities between Hezbollah and Israel. Around 90,000 people have been displaced in Lebanon, with the majority staying with relatives or in rented houses. The conflict has also caused fear and uncertainty for the safety of families in southern Lebanon, as the fighting continues to escalate.
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak addresses the nation, expressing concern over threats to democracy and condemning extremists. Critics question the impact of his argument while others offer support. The Israel-Gaza conflict continues to shape public conversation.
US President Joe Biden is facing political challenges as he responds to the Israel-Gaza conflict, with domestic pressure and electoral considerations complicating his approach.
George Galloway wins Rochdale by-election with a large majority after campaigning on the Hamas-Israel war. Labour candidate faces controversy over alleged antisemitic remarks.
The recent by-election in Rochdale, won by George Galloway, has raised concerns for mainstream parties in the UK.
Michigan voters have sent a clear warning to the White House that Joe Biden's support for Israel's war in Gaza could cost him dearly in the presidential election in November.
US President Joe Biden hopes for a ceasefire 'by next Monday' as negotiations progress between Israel and Hamas.
This article follows the lives of Gazans as the Israel-Gaza war nears its five-month mark and highlights the challenges they face under intense Israeli bombardment.
Israel presents plans for assault and evacuation in Rafah, while UN warns of famine in Gaza. China announces increased pace of space missions. Taliban authorities publicly execute a convicted murderer in Afghanistan.
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh has resigned, citing the need for new arrangements to address the emerging reality in Gaza. President Mahmoud Abbas accepted his decision, potentially paving the way for a technocratic government.
Ex-Tory MP Lee Anderson refuses to apologize for suggesting Sadiq Khan is controlled by Islamists, leading to his suspension from the party.
The prime minister is facing increasing pressure to address the comments made by Tory MP Lee Anderson, who was suspended from the party.
Nikki Haley vows to stay in the race after South Carolina defeat in Republican primary against Donald Trump.
Israel's war cabinet has been briefed on talks over a ceasefire deal in Gaza, after reports of progress made in talks in Paris on Saturday. Riot police on horseback clashed with anti-government demonstrators in Tel Aviv as they tried to make their way to Democracy Square.
Ukraine marks second anniversary of Russian invasion as war enters third year. Calls for international support as Russian forces make gains.
The Gaza Strip is in desperate need of aid, but aid agencies are struggling to cope with the overwhelming demand. The collapse of security in Gaza has hindered aid deliveries, and the Israeli government has been accused of hindering the work of the UN agency responsible for assisting Palestinian refugees.
BBC Radio 4's You're Dead to Me explores the legendary Queen of Sheba and the diverse interpretations of her story throughout history.
Celebrities including Piers Morgan, Nigella Lawson, and Oprah Winfrey have criticized the use of AI deepfake online adverts that falsely suggested they endorsed a US influencer's self-help course. The adverts have been taken down by YouTube and Meta.
Howard Jacobson reflects on the power of mockery and the liberation of laughter in light of recent events in Israel.
MP Bob Stewart has had his racially aggravated offence conviction quashed after making a racially insensitive comment to an activist outside the Foreign Office.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has laid out his vision for a post-war Gaza, which includes Israel maintaining security control indefinitely and Palestinians running the territory with no links to groups hostile to Israel.
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