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Israel strikes Houthi targets in Yemen after drone attack on Tel Aviv, causing fires and civilian casualties. This is the first direct response to the hundreds of Yemeni attacks Israel claims to have faced in recent months.
New Leicester MP, Shockat Adam, missed aid funding announcement in Parliament due to potential death threat.
Labour passed the public test, but faces a daunting challenge ahead as reminders of potential drama outside of their control serve as a warning.
Adidas drops Bella Hadid from SL72 trainers campaign after Israeli criticism
Donald Trump confirmed as Republican presidential candidate, tensions rise in West Bank, Hindu nationalism in India, archaeologists explore Pompeii, and attempted assassination of Trump
Microsoft is recovering from a global IT outage that disrupted services worldwide. Businesses and health services were affected, leading to concerns about the vulnerability of interconnected technologies. CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz apologized for the impact and assured customers of recovery efforts.
We can learn about adding variety to breakfast from Eastern Mediterranean countries, where dishes like Turkish eggs and tomato and egg dishes are popular.
Belgium's match against Israel in the Nations League will be played behind closed doors in Hungary due to security concerns. The Belgian Football Federation had to find a new venue after no local authority in Belgium agreed to host the match.
Conservative MPs elected in the recent election have filled frontbench roles, with 51 out of 121 MPs now having positions.
The UN's top court is giving its opinion on the legal consequences of Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories, which carries significant political weight.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blocked the establishment of a hospital for sick children from Gaza within Israeli territory, despite the urgent humanitarian needs.
The UK will resume funding UNRWA, the UN's agency for Palestinian refugees, after suspending donations in January due to alleged links between its staff and terror groups.
SheerLuxe defends the use of AI influencer Reem, an AI editor providing recommendations on fashion, beauty, and travel. The company faced criticism for creating a woman of color using AI instead of hiring one.
David, a Jewish student at Manchester Grammar, faces a dilemma when he is invited to a birthday party on the Jewish sabbath.
The US military has ended its mission of delivering aid to Gaza via a floating pier after only 20 days due to bad weather. The UN and other humanitarian organizations argue that land routes are more effective for aid delivery.
Bangladesh shuts schools amid deadly student protests, demanding reform of the quota system for public sector jobs.
An epic Jewish family saga set in Manchester in 1905 follows the Sandberg family as they navigate their new life and strive for a better future for their son David.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a report stating that Palestinian groups, including Hamas, committed war crimes on 7 October. The report calls for further investigation into potential crimes against humanity and accuses Israel of war crimes as well. Hamas has denied targeting civilians and demanded the withdrawal of the report.
Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups committed war crimes during the 7 October attack on southern Israel, according to Human Rights Watch. Israel launched a military campaign in response, resulting in the deaths of over 38,790 people in Gaza.
Israel and Hezbollah are on the brink of war, with potentially catastrophic consequences for the Middle East and beyond. The conflict has been escalating for months, and the United Nations has issued a warning about the potential devastation.
Muhammed Bhar, a man with Down's syndrome and autism, died alone during the war in Gaza as his family decided to stay in their neighborhood despite the bombings.
Belgium cancels hosting Nations League match with Israel due to security concerns and potential demonstrations.
David Lammy calls for immediate ceasefire during Israel visit and expresses frustration over lack of aid trucks entering Gaza. Labour Party faces backlash from some Muslim voters. UK government to make decisions on weapons sales to Israel and funding to UN's main aid agency in Gaza.
Senior Hamas commander Rafa Salama was killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza. The strike also resulted in the deaths of at least 90 Palestinians and injured 289 others.
Senior Hamas commander Rafa Salama was killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza, dealing a blow to the group's military capabilities. The strike also targeted another top Hamas leader and resulted in numerous casualties, including civilians.
Dr Ruth, a Holocaust survivor, became a cultural icon in the US, changing attitudes towards sex and advocating for contraception and safe sex during the AIDS epidemic.
The possibility of a large-scale Israeli invasion of Lebanon this summer is a major security threat in the Middle East, according to Professor Malcolm Chalmers of the Royal United Services Institute.
An Israeli strike kills dozens in a designated humanitarian area in Gaza, France struggles with Prime Minister appointment, and charges against Alec Baldwin are dropped.
At least 20 Palestinians killed in Israeli air strike on humanitarian zone in Gaza, with over 90 injured. The strike targeted a densely populated area of displaced people.
Anwar El Ghazi wins wrongful dismissal case against Mainz over social media posts about the Israel-Gaza conflict.
A man is seeking to retrieve his beloved Persian rugs after they were mistakenly donated to a charity and sold.
Israel's defence minister calls for state inquiry into Hamas attacks on Kibbutz Be'eri, where 101 people were killed, as military admits failure to protect the community.
The US floating aid pier in Gaza will shut down soon due to technical and weather-related issues, less than two months after it was installed.
Israeli army warns Gaza City residents to flee before new round of urban combat.
29 Palestinians killed and dozens wounded in Israeli air strike on Gaza camp.
The Israeli military has ordered all residents of Gaza City to evacuate south to the central Gaza Strip due to an intensified offensive. The UN has expressed concern about the evacuation orders.
Cheltenham Literature Festival will continue despite losing funding from Baillie Gifford, which has withdrawn sponsorship from multiple book festivals.
Hamas warns Israeli operations threaten ceasefire talks as Israeli military pushes deeper into Gaza City and kills 'dozens of terrorists'. Palestinian health officials report at least 18 people killed in Israeli air strikes.
Australia appoints special envoy to combat antisemitism and preserve 'social cohesion' amid rising community tension over the Israel-Gaza war.
Pro-Palestine protesters in Oxford have ended their occupation of university land after facing legal action.
Masoud Pezeshkian, a reformist candidate, has been elected as Iran's president, promising to moderate Iran's conservative outlook and improve relations with the West.
Israel has intensified its bombardment on Gaza City, with tanks closing in on the center of the city. The Gaza Civil Emergency Service is unable to reach casualties due to ongoing fighting. The Al-Ahli Baptist hospital has been evacuated, and patients have been taken to an overcrowded hospital. Residents are unsure of where to go and are fleeing towards the port area of Gaza City.
A senior Hamas official was killed in an Israeli air strike at a school in Gaza City. The Israeli army says it targeted the school building where 'terrorists were operating and hiding' and took steps to minimize civilian harm. Eyewitnesses report that the attack targeted the Holy Family School, where many people were sheltering.
France is voting in one of its most significant elections in years, with the far right hoping for a historic victory, but with political stalemate the more likely result.
The Labour Party has seen changes in voting patterns among Muslim and Jewish voters, with wins for independent candidates in previously safe Labour seats. A Muslim voter and Labour Party member criticizes the party's response to the crisis in Gaza.
Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal's Moscow reporter, is the first American journalist jailed in Russia since the Cold War. He's accused of espionage and has been detained for fifteen months.
Muslim and Jewish voters in the UK express concerns about the Labour Party's stance on racism and Israel.
Iran elects reformist president, strike on Gaza school, calls for Biden to withdraw, and nervousness in France ahead of election.
An air strike on a school in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of at least 13 people and left many injured. The building was being used as a shelter for displaced people.
A chocolate bar from Dubai has become a TikTok sensation, with Brits traveling thousands of miles for a taste.
Vandals tear down posters of Israeli hostages outside US lawmaker's office.
The head of Israel's spy agency Mossad has reportedly met with Qatar's Prime Minister, raising hopes for a ceasefire and hostage deal between Israel and Hamas. There are indications that Hamas has accepted a key point of President Biden's proposal, putting pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The civilian population of Gaza is growing increasingly desperate for an end to the conflict.
Iqbal Mohamed, an independent MP, is welcomed in Dewsbury and Batley after winning the local elections. The area has shown an appetite for change, with the Labour Party losing overall control and the UK's newest political party, Reform, finishing third.
Labour's Paul Waugh wins the Rochdale election, defeating George Galloway who previously won a by-election in the area.
France's Prime Minister warns of a 'climate of fear' ahead of elections while football star urges people to vote against far right. Israel and Hamas resume ceasefire negotiations. Pressure on US President to step aside as candidate.
Hezbollah fires over 200 rockets and drones into Israel in response to the killing of a senior commander. Israel's military reports one officer killed and targets Hezbollah 'military structures' in southern Lebanon.
Hezbollah retaliates by launching rockets into Israel after the killing of a senior commander.
Hezbollah targets Israeli military bases with rockets and attack drones in retaliation for commander's killing. Efforts to end Gaza fighting and release Israeli hostages underway. French election and immigration's impact on Marseille communities also discussed. IVF's potential role in saving rhinos from extinction highlighted.
Israel is studying Hamas's response to a ceasefire plan proposed by President Biden, while Hamas has reportedly dropped its demand for an immediate full ceasefire.
Open criticism of Hamas is growing in Gaza as residents express dissatisfaction with the group's actions during the recent conflict with Israel.
Hezbollah confirms that one of its senior commanders has been killed in an Israeli air strike in southern Lebanon, escalating tensions between the two sides.
The French Prime Minister warns that the far-right party is the only one capable of achieving a majority in the upcoming elections.
Pro-Palestine activists blockade Glasgow drone parts plant in protest against its links with the Israeli military.
Plans for an eruv around Hale, Greater Manchester, which would create a symbolic boundary exempt from a Jewish rule, have been revived after being dropped in 2016.
The issue of Gaza is expected to influence voters in Bradford during the upcoming election.
Palestinians are fleeing Khan Younis in Gaza after Israel issued evacuation orders. Multiple Israeli strikes have been reported, resulting in casualties. Patients and medical staff are being evacuated from a hospital, and the IDF is responding to projectiles launched from Khan Younis.
The Birmingham election debate addressed the topics of football, Gaza, and charisma. Parties differed on the issue of a ceasefire in Gaza, with one candidate arguing against it and another referencing historic IRA attacks.
The controversy over ultra-Orthodox conscription in Israel continues as the army faces manpower shortages and pressure to end blanket exemptions.
Two more Palestinians claim they were forced onto an Israeli army jeep and driven along village roads during a military operation in the West Bank.
The University of Warwick has called its students' actions 'reprehensible' after a video showed them singing a Nazi marching song at a college event.
French parliamentary elections commence with Marine Le Pen's party leading in polls. UN reports dire conditions in Gaza, and the economic impact of TikTok ban in India is explored.
French voters head to the polls in a snap election that President Macron says will shake people from their 'political fever' - but could also see the far right make further gains.
French voters head to the polls in a snap election that President Macron says will shake people from their 'political fever' - but could also see the far right make further gains.
Slavery, migration, corruption, and renewable energy are key issues in the Mauritania election.
Oxford University has threatened court action to close down protest camps calling for the university to cut financial ties with Israel.
The last surviving Blackburn Beverley plane, nicknamed 'Big Bev', is being moved to the Solway Aviation Museum in Cumbria after being stored in Hull.
Three activists in Singapore have been charged for urging people to deliver letters to the prime minister calling for an end to ties with Israel.
Palestinians in Shejaiya, Gaza are fleeing as Israeli forces continue to bombard the area. The death toll has risen to seven, with more casualties feared under the rubble. The closure of the Rafah border crossing has hindered aid and medical evacuations in southern Gaza.
Palestine Action destroys military hardware at a Buckinghamshire firm accused of being a key supplier for Elbit Systems, Israel's largest arms firm.
Paulo Nutini announces a homecoming gig in Paisley with tickets available to win through a 'text to donate' competition. The funds raised will be split between two charities: Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders and The STAR Project.
Former home secretary Suella Braverman still has 24-hour security due to threats and harassment she faces. The UK government has allocated a £31m budget for security for politicians, and all election candidates now have access to panic alarms and a named police contact.
Protesters spray-painted an academic building at the University of Cambridge, claiming it was to reflect 'Palestinian bloodshed'. The university condemned the act as vandalism and said it was happy to engage with students.
Julian Assange has been released from a British prison after fighting extradition to the US for 14 years. He will now return to Australia, but must first appear in court in a US territory. Other news includes protests in Kenya, a court ruling in Israel, and scientific excitement over a moon sample.
Attacks in Russia's Dagestan region have left 19 dead, including police officers and civilians, raising concerns about the threat of Islamist terror groups.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says intense fighting in Rafah is nearly over and rejects Palestinian Authority running Gaza. Clashes continue in Rafah and Israeli air strikes cause casualties in Gaza City. Defence Minister Gallant visits Washington to discuss Gaza war and tensions with Hezbollah.
Israeli military to investigate incident of strapping injured Palestinian to military vehicle in the West Bank.
Tens of thousands of Israelis protest in Tel Aviv demanding a Gaza ceasefire and the return of hostages held by Hamas.
Israel and Hezbollah are edging closer to all-out war, with some Israeli residents seeing it as a solution to the constant threat of rocket attacks.
At least 22 Palestinians killed near Gaza Red Cross office, Nasa sued for space junk, and Competitive Eating King banned from hot dog competition.
The Israeli army has acknowledged strapping a wounded Palestinian man to the front of their vehicle during a raid in Jenin, violating protocol. The incident was captured on video and the man's family claimed that the army did not provide an ambulance.
Protesters spray-painted a building at Cambridge University in response to the university's alleged silence on Israeli atrocities in Palestine.
The Red Cross reports 22 deaths in Gaza shelling near its offices, urging Hamas and Israeli military to prioritize civilian protection.
Israeli air strikes on Gaza City have caused significant casualties and destruction, targeting Hamas military infrastructure sites and a residential block in a historic refugee camp.
Residents of Chapeltown in Leeds express their concerns and frustrations about the upcoming general election, citing issues such as the cost of living, lack of representation, and neglect of working-class areas.
The ICRC has reported 22 people killed in a strike near its Gaza office. The incident has raised concerns for the safety of humanitarians and civilians. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has warned of the escalating hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.
IS still exists and is active in many countries around the world, despite losing territory in 2019.
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