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Video shows Palestinian men stripped and detained by IDF in northern Gaza.
The US will take action against Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians in the West Bank, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
England has a chance to reach the Women's Nations League finals and keep Team GB's Olympic hopes alive. The winners of each group in League A will advance to the finals tournament, where the two finalists will qualify for Paris 2024.
Israeli ground operation begins in southern Gaza
Ministers from 60 countries gather at the UN climate conference in Dubai to address the health challenges of global warming.
The Palestinian Red Crescent says the first humanitarian aid trucks have entered Gaza since a temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas collapsed on Friday. Aid agencies say there's still a desperate shortage of supplies.
Families on both sides share their experiences of reunions with loved ones after a temporary pause in fighting. Human rights organisations say the number of Palestinians held without charge in Israeli prisons has increased dramatically since 7 October.
Twelve more Gaza hostages and 30 more Palestinian prisoners released under truce. Truce extended for 48 hours. Israeli Prime Minister plans to continue operations in Gaza.
Malawian opposition and rights groups criticize President Chakwera for sending citizens to work on farms in Israel amid the conflict with Hamas.
Three Thai hostages released from Gaza are in good health and will be returned to Thailand soon. 17 hostages have been released so far.
Sierra Leone under curfew as prisoners on the loose
Nine-year-old Emily Hand and 13-year-old Hila Rotem Shoshani are reunited with family after being released by Hamas in Gaza.
Thirteen hostages, including an 85-year-old woman, have been freed as part of a deal between Israel and Hamas.
UK foreign secretary calls for arrest and prosecution of those responsible for 'settler violence' in the West Bank. Lord Cameron expresses concern over high civilian casualties in Gaza and urges Israel to adhere to international humanitarian law.
This article explores the current situation in the West Bank and its implications for peace and violence in the region.
Qatar announces four-day halt to Gaza fighting, humanitarian aid to be delivered and hostages released.
A potential deal is close to freeing Israeli hostages in Gaza in exchange for a four-day ceasefire. The programme also covers the plans of a senior Palestinian official to govern Gaza and the potential impact of elections in the Netherlands on politics.
Scotland's national team is celebrating their qualification for the Euro 2020 finals after back-to-back penalty shootout victories. John McGinn expresses pride in the team's performance and hopes for future success.
Premature babies from Gaza City's al-Shifa hospital have been safely evacuated to an Emirati hospital in Rafah with the assistance of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.
Eleven Palestinian neighbourhoods in the West Bank district of H2 have been under a harsh lockdown since the Hamas attack on Israel, with residents confined to their homes at gunpoint by the Israeli military.
A Belfast-born man who lost his wife and family members in a bombing in Gaza will be reunited with his children at Dublin airport.
Two strikes hit Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, killing at least 80 people, including a UN-school. Israeli government is investigating the incidents.
Irish citizens and dependants return from Gaza, expressing relief and safety in Ireland after experiencing a dire situation in the Gaza Strip.
Irish citizens and dependants return from Gaza, expressing relief and describing the dire conditions in the Gaza Strip.
Palestinians, including hospital evacuees, flee Gaza City on foot as Israeli tanks and diggers move through the streets.
Arab leaders meet in Riyadh for an Emergency Summit on Israel-Gaza conflict, while violence in the West Bank raises concerns. Spain's PM faces backlash, injured musicians in Chile find ways to be heard, and Taiwan's declining birth rate poses economic challenges.
Australia will donate part of their match fee to humanitarian efforts in Gaza following their World Cup qualifier against Palestine. The match was relocated to Kuwait due to the Israel-Gaza conflict. The team is prioritizing their performance and putting aside their emotions during this challenging time.
The recent violence in Israel and Gaza puts small-scale peace projects at risk.
The death figures in Gaza are recorded by medical professionals before being passed on to the health ministry. The figures only include people recorded dead in hospital and do not distinguish between military and civilian deaths.
Gaza's biggest hospital runs out of power, leading to mass burials. Former state department official discusses support for Israel among its allies.
Irish PM pledges to do all he can for girl believed to be Hamas hostage
South Korea expresses concerns over North Korea's strike capability and potential for a Hamas-style attack.
The crisis in Gaza hospitals worsens, LGBTQ+ community in Poland, and British cabinet reshuffle.
David Cameron's return is marked by his controversial foreign policy decisions during his time as Prime Minister.
Gaza's main hospital, Al-Shifa, is no longer functioning due to a lack of power caused by limited fuel offered by Israel. The hospital is unable to provide renal dialysis to its patients and has resorted to mass graves and bodies lying outside, posing a risk of outbreak and infection.
Doctors warn of babies at risk in Gaza hospital, Israel plans evacuation. Other news includes Arab-Muslim summit, London protests, Pope Francis dismissing Bishop, and Iceland's state of emergency.
Fighting persists around Gaza's main hospitals, with the main intensive care unit at Al-Shifa hospital being hit. Rival factions in Sudan's civil war accuse each other of blowing up a bridge over the River Nile. High-altitude forests in the Andes are being restored.
The Israel-Gaza conflict, hope in divided societies, diplomatic efforts, luxury trade in Peru, and a baseball team's victory in Japan are featured in this week's stories.
Leaders of Arab and Muslim countries convene in Riyadh for an emergency summit to address the war in Gaza and prevent further tensions in the region.
Fighting near hospitals in Gaza raises concerns for the safety of patients. Israeli forces are reported to be close to several hospitals, and explosions have been reported throughout the day. The International Committee of the Red Cross warns that hospitals in northern Gaza are in a critical state, endangering thousands of lives.
France's President Macron calls on Israel to halt killing of women and children in Gaza and urges support for a ceasefire.
Hospitals in Gaza under fire as Israel's land incursion continues
Zoe Strimpel is turning her attention to engineers, agriculturalists, and silversmiths instead of journalists, sociologists, and anthropologists, finding their knowledge more practical and less depressing in a chaotic world.
Israel will begin daily pauses in its bombardment of northern Gaza, Palestinians advised to go south to escape fighting, and other topics discussed include the 7th October attacks, the shooting of a Spanish politician, and the Catholic Church's stance on the LGBTQ+ community.
The Confederation of African Football (Caf) has recommitted to its partnership with beIN Media Group after cancelling the broadcast deal two months ago. Talks between the two parties have resulted in the re-establishment of a mutually beneficial partnership.
Acapulco struggles after Hurricane Otis, tensions rise in Israel's mixed cities, Pakistan deports Afghan nationals, Chechen women entrepreneurs change Pankisi Gorge, and Romania's healthcare system faces challenges.
An Irish-Israeli girl who was initially reported dead may actually be a hostage, according to the Israeli military.
Israel says army has 'encircled Gaza City'
Civic and faith leaders in Oxford come together to condemn violence in Israel and Palestine and emphasize the importance of peace and understanding.
US continues diplomatic push as Arab nations demand Gaza ceasefire
The foreign minister of Ireland, Micheál Martin, has condemned Israel's attacks on Gaza, describing them as disproportionate and unnecessary.
In Jerusalem, Israelis are dealing with the aftermath of the Hamas attack. The Turkish President expresses support for Hamas. Peace Week in Geneva raises questions about international organizations. The Congolese military fights the rebel group, M23. Ukrainians find refuge in neighboring countries and Bali.
Two Palestinians living abroad discuss the deaths of their family members in the Israel and Hamas war.
Mainz has terminated the contract of Anwar El Ghazi over a social media post about the Israel-Gaza conflict.
This podcast episode features stories from Israel, Gaza, Germany, New Caledonia, and Hungary, including interviews with individuals affected by the conflict in Gaza and discussions on international relations and cultural communities.
Hundreds attend rally in Oxford calling for Gaza ceasefire. Protesters march through city centre and hear from interfaith speakers. Jewish students at University of Oxford report facing hostility.
Israeli ambassador to the UN wears yellow star to protest UN Security Council's inaction on Israel-Gaza situation.
Mainz lifts suspension of Anwar El Ghazi over his social media post about the Israel-Gaza conflict and gives him an official warning.
An anti-Israel mob stormed a Russian airport, causing its closure, as they reportedly sought people arriving from Tel Aviv. Israel calls for decisive action against incitement to violence.
UN aid warehouses in Gaza are looted by desperate people, leading to concerns of societal breakdown.
A Palestinian living in Glasgow speaks out about the loss of 42 family members in Gaza attacks as protests against Israel's actions take place in multiple cities.
Israel says ground operations are expanding in Gaza as it intensifies its bombing campaign. Troops and tanks are inside the Gaza Strip, but it is unclear if this is the start of a full-scale ground invasion. Hamas reports clashes with Israeli forces in northern Gaza.
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has condemned the 'acts of terror' inflicted on Israel, and Israel has responded by withholding visas from United Nations officials.
The Express reports on the release of a hostage, while the Times reports on her experience. The Financial Times reports on comments by UN Secretary General António Guterres, who said that 'clear violations' of international law had been committed.
85-year-old Yocheved Lifschitz was kidnapped by Hamas gunmen on motorbikes and taken into a 'spider's web' of underground tunnels. We also hear from Khan Younis in the south of the Gaza Strip, and the women of Iceland are on strike over inequality and gender violence.
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