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Israel's relations with the United Nations have reached a historic low after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres invoked a rarely used diplomatic tool to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, causing outrage among Israeli diplomats.
Calls for the resignation of UPenn President Liz Magill have intensified following her controversial testimony at a House hearing.
US officials are discussing post-war Gaza governance plans with the Palestinian Authority and Arab nations, focusing on a unified government led by a revitalized Palestinian Authority. The Biden administration opposes an Israeli security buffer zone within Gaza after the war and advocates for a two-state solution.
A man has been arrested for firing a shotgun outside a synagogue in Albany, New York. Police are investigating whether it was a hate crime.
Israeli forces are pursuing Yahya Sinwar, the top Hamas official in Gaza, accused of being the 'mastermind' behind a recent terror attack. However, removing Sinwar alone would not necessarily topple Hamas.
Steven Spielberg has spoken out about the October 7 attacks in Israel, expressing his shock at the violence against Jews. He made the comments in a feature published by the USC Shoah Foundation, an organization he founded to document Holocaust survivor testimonies. The foundation is working to counter antisemitism and preserve history through their initiatives. Spielberg directed the film 'Schindler's List' and has been actively involved in raising awareness about genocide.
Top officials at the United Nations are warning of an 'apocalyptic' situation in war-torn Gaza with 'no place safe to go' for civilians, as Israel's war with Hamas spreads into the south, where many had previously sought refuge.
Friends and relatives mourn the death of Yuval Castleman, an Israeli civilian who was shot dead by an Israeli reservist soldier after he responded to a terror attack in Jerusalem.
Two House Democrats are introducing a resolution condemning Hamas' use of sexual violence against Israeli women. The resolution follows comments made by Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Rep. Pramila Jayapal that upset her Democratic colleagues and highlighted divisions within the party over the Israel-Hamas conflict.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption trial resumes after a two-month pause, as he faces charges of fraud, breach of trust, and bribery.
CNN producer Ibrahim Dahman's relatives were killed and childhood home destroyed in separate strikes in Gaza.
Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal stands by her call for a ceasefire in Gaza as fighting resumes following the collapse of a truce on Friday. Jayapal emphasizes the importance of negotiations and a long-term plan. Members of Congress and the Biden administration face pressure to publicly call for a ceasefire, but the administration argues against it.
Mirna El Helbawi's Connecting Gaza initiative uses virtual SIM cards to restore telephone and internet connection for Palestinians amidst Israeli airstrikes.
The war in Gaza has led to increased polarization and division, with rising antisemitism and Islamophobia. Engaging thoughtfully with those who hold different opinions is crucial in fostering empathy and understanding.
US college campuses are experiencing growing divisions and tensions due to the intense debate surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict.
A person set themselves on fire outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta in an extreme act of political protest, leaving two people injured. Authorities believe the incident was not related to terrorism and did not pose a threat to the consulate staff.
Hostages freed from Hamas captivity in Gaza are sharing their experiences, revealing the harsh conditions they endured, including being kept in underground tunnels, forced silence, and meager rations.
The truce between Israel and Hamas is reaching a critical phase as it is set to expire soon. Both sides are in a day-to-day extension phase, with the Israeli military intercepting a rocket launched from Gaza. Hamas is urging its forces to remain prepared for combat.
A truce between Israel and Hamas has been extended into Thursday after tense negotiations. Hamas initially declined to produce a list of hostages that included women and children, a condition set by Israel.
University of California professors are opposing the UC president's plan for a 'viewpoint-neutral history of the Middle East,' arguing that it infringes on their academic freedom.
Kinnan Abdalhamid, a Palestinian student, used his EMT training to respond to a shooting incident in Vermont.
Democrats in the Senate are divided over whether to attach conditions to aid sent to Israel, Ukraine, and the US southern border. Some Democrats, including Sen. Peter Welch of Vermont and Sen. Bernie Sanders, have advocated for conditions on the aid, while others argue that the administration is already engaging with Israel on military operations and that international laws exist to govern the rules of war.
The Israel Defense Forces are assessing a claim by Hamas that the youngest Israeli hostage, 10-month-old Kfir Bibas, his brother, and his mother have been killed.
Kfir Bibas, a 10-month-old baby, has been held captive by Hamas militants in Gaza for over 50 days. His family is desperate to know if he is safe or alive.
Khaled Nabhan mourns the loss of his grandchildren, who were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. The temporary truce has allowed families to assess the devastation caused by the conflict.
Medical workers were unable to reach wounded Palestinians during an Israeli operation in the West Bank, leading to the deaths of two individuals. The hospitals in the area were surrounded by Israeli forces, preventing medical personnel from providing care.
Today is Giving Tuesday and the Israel-Hamas truce in Gaza has been extended. US presidents and other leaders will attend a tribute service for former first lady Rosalynn Carter. President Joe Biden is not expected to attend the COP28 climate summit. Efforts are underway to rescue trapped workers after a tunnel collapse in India. Google is deleting inactive accounts starting Friday.
The US military will fly humanitarian aid to Egypt to be brought into Gaza, including medical supplies, food, and winter weather gear. The aid will be distributed by the United Nations and aims to help civilians in the region during the rainy season. The US is also working to increase the delivery of commercial goods into Gaza in addition to basic humanitarian aid.
Israeli women and children have been freed by Hamas, but families of other hostages remain in limbo. The fate of soldiers and adult civilian males remains uncertain, as they are considered the hardest to negotiate out of Gaza.
An agreement has been reached to extend the Israel-Hamas truce in Gaza by two days, following discussions between Qatar, the US, and Egypt.
A 4-year-old American hostage abducted by Hamas has been released to Red Cross officials, marking the first successful release of an American hostage since the Israel-Hamas truce began.
The release of Israeli hostages by Hamas highlights the fragility of the deal between the two parties, as tensions rise in Israel.
The CDC says it's possible to get Covid-19 and flu vaccines together, but a recent study found a slight risk of stroke. However, other studies have not found the same risk, and getting both shots together may improve immune responses.
Hamas to release hostages, Israel to release prisoners in deal. Israel-Hamas war expected to continue for two more months. US hopes for release of American hostage. Hezbollah fires rockets at Israel, Israel strikes back. Aid trucks enter Gaza from Egypt.
Israel and Hamas have reached an agreement for a pause in fighting and the release of some hostages held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian prisoners jailed by Israel.
Netanyahu is pushing for approval of a deal to release hostages held by Hamas.
Israel and Hamas have approved a hostage release deal, marking a breakthrough in their ongoing conflict. The deal includes the release of hostages and Palestinian prisoners, as well as the entry of aid relief to Gaza.
Israel and Hamas have agreed to a four-day humanitarian pause and the release of at least 50 hostages held in Gaza in exchange for Palestinian women and children held in Israeli jails.
A new poll shows a decline in support for President Biden among young voters, potentially impacting future elections. The generational divide within the Democratic Party is attributed to Biden's support for Israel.
Families of hostages in Israel demand answers and a deal for their release as frustrations grow. Negotiations for a truce agreement and the release of hostages are ongoing, with some optimism but no deal yet.
Ben Brody has filed a defamation lawsuit against Elon Musk, claiming that false claims made by the billionaire on social media have caused him significant harm.
A Utah man has been charged with making threats against a pro-Palestinian group in Washington, DC. The increase in threats against Muslims and Jewish people in the US amid the war between Israel and Hamas has been a cause for concern.
Elon Musk's X is suing Media Matters over a report on pro-Nazi content on the social media site, which played a role in a damaging brand revolt.
Thousands of Israelis evacuated from communities near the Lebanese border due to escalating conflict with Lebanon-based militants fear a full-blown confrontation with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.
Hamas attack on Israel results in high death toll and Israeli military responds with lethal campaign on Gaza.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken asserts that he made progress on his goals during his recent Middle East trip, focusing on protecting civilians, increasing humanitarian assistance, and preventing the conflict from expanding. However, there were few tangible results to show for the flurry of meetings with leaders. The situation on the ground has shifted since Blinken's last trip, and the stakes were high as Israel is poised to launch a new phase of its offensive in Gaza. The civilian death toll in the war-torn Gaza Strip is rising, and concerns about regional conflagration loom large.
With threats against American Jews on the rise, many have begun seeking firearms training and purchasing weapons out of fear for the safety of their communities and families.
Ukrainian President Zelensky invites Trump to visit Ukraine and questions his claim to end the war in 24 hours. Zelensky praises Biden's visit and argues for continued US support for Ukraine.
Goldman Sachs has launched the Goldman Sachs Global Institute, a geopolitical advisory unit, to help clients understand and navigate rising tensions and geopolitical risks.
Billionaire hedge fund CEO Bill Ackman has urged Harvard University to address a rise in antisemitism and anti-Israel attacks on campus, warning that failure to do so could impact the university's funding.
A guided missile submarine has arrived in the Middle East, sending a message of deterrence to regional adversaries.
Embattled GOP Rep. George Santos refuses to rule out a potential plea deal with the federal government and admits to mistakes in handling criminal charges against him.
Tensions between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his military command escalate over the state of the war with Russia.
Hundreds of thousands of women in Gaza are facing a desperate health crisis due to Israel's blockade, which has curtailed critical reproductive supplies and basic necessities. Israel's airstrikes have killed at least 9,155 people, with the vast majority of fatalities being women, children, and the elderly.
The lack of medical resources and fuel in Gaza hospitals is causing a dire situation, with healthcare professionals being killed and hospitals being taken out of service. Organizations are appealing for fuel to power generators and the United Nations Secretary-General has highlighted the issue. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes a ceasefire and continues to block fuel from entering Gaza.
Stanford University is investigating multiple potential hate crimes, including a hit-and-run involving an Arab Muslim student. Other incidents reported include students being shoved, spat at, and belongings being vandalized, all motivated by hate.
Pro-Palestine protests calling for a ceasefire in Gaza have taken place in Washington, D.C. and other cities worldwide.
This episode of CNN 10 covers college campus tensions, Daylight Saving Time, a mysterious phenomenon in Scotland, and includes a weekly news quiz.
Muslim and Arab American voters in Michigan are reconsidering their support for President Biden due to his response to the Israel-Gaza conflict, which they feel has hurt and betrayed them.
Aliza Samuel, a survivor of the Israeli festival massacre, returns to the site of the attack, sharing her experience and emphasizing the need to inform the world about what happened.
Israel admits to targeting an ambulance in Gaza, claiming it was being used by Hamas. Multiple videos show bloodied people near the ambulance.
Antisemitic attacks have surged across Europe amid the Israel-Hamas war, with incidents reported in Austria, France, Germany, and the UK. Jewish communities are facing threats, vandalism, and violence, leading to concerns for their safety and well-being. The rise in antisemitism is reminiscent of dark times in history and has sparked fears among Jews about their future in Europe.
The Pentagon has halted support for congressional visits to Israel and restricted official visits due to the Israel-Hamas war, citing the dangerous situation and burden on service members.
Israel will return Gazans working in the country back to the besieged Palestinian enclave and sever contact with Gaza, according to the Security Cabinet.
Fuel supplies are depleted and public services have collapsed in Gaza, leaving the UNRWA unable to provide essential services. The UN official also addresses reports of Hamas hoarding fuel.
Israeli strikes in Gaza's Jabalya refugee camp have caused catastrophic damage and casualties, targeting Hamas commanders and infrastructure. Hamas denies the presence of its leader and accuses Israel of committing a heinous crime against civilians.
A Palestine TV correspondent and 11 family members were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. Israel's attacks on Gaza have resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries, and the war has been particularly deadly for journalists.
US intelligence suggests that Syria's Assad has agreed to provide Hezbollah with a Russian missile defense system, delivered by the Wagner Group. This raises concerns about a potential escalation in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.
The House is preparing to vote on a $14.3 billion aid package for Israel, leading to a clash with the Senate over aid to Ukraine and proposed funding cuts.
The GOP plan to cut IRS funds to pay for Israel aid would increase the deficit by almost $12.5 billion over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Cutting IRS funding would hamper enforcement efforts and result in less tax revenue collected. The IRS estimates it would collect nearly $26.8 billion less in revenue over a decade if the proposed funding cuts take effect.
Maps on Chinese mobile apps from Baidu and Amap are missing the name of Israel, while neighboring countries are labeled. China recognizes Palestine as a state but does not include a country name marker for it on the maps. China has criticized Israel's response to the conflict with Hamas and called for a ceasefire, aligning with its support for the Palestinian cause.
Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson faces divisive floor votes and personal feuds within the Republican party as resolutions to censure members and expel a fellow GOP representative threaten to split the party.
Israel says it has thwarted an aerial attack by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, as tensions rise in the region. The Houthis launched ballistic missiles and drones against targets in Israel, with plans for more strikes until the 'Israeli aggression' ceased.
A deadly Israeli strike in Gaza's largest refugee camp has caused catastrophic damage and killed a large number of people, according to eyewitnesses. The strike has been condemned as a crime by the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN.
A Palestinian American family living in Minnesota is grieving the loss of 42 relatives who were killed in a single day in Gaza. The family compound was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike, according to family members. The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries, with civilians caught in the crossfire. The family is pleading for a ceasefire and for the killing to stop.
The Israeli army has begun a ground operation in Gaza, slowly advancing towards the largest population center. Israeli forces have entered Gaza from multiple points, and evidence of damage from Israeli strikes is visible. The number of Israeli military vehicles inside the perimeter is increasing.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for a pause in fighting in Gaza, bone-chilling air from Canada causes temperatures to drop in the US, General Motors and the United Auto Workers union reach a tentative agreement, former President Donald Trump falsely claims Mexico would pay for his border wall, and the White House issues an executive order on artificial intelligence.
The recent anti-Jewish riot in Russia's Dagestan region has raised concerns about the consequences of Russian President Vladimir Putin's balancing act on Hamas and the blowback from his war on Ukraine.
Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman criticizes Trump, warns against his reelection, and expresses concern about the risks posed by the violence in the Middle East. He also believes the stock market is overvalued and criticizes the lack of fiscal 'discipline' in Washington.
Turks celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, but today's Turkey is different from the secular state envisioned by its founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan watched the celebrations, while his critics accused him of erasing Ataturk's memory. Erdogan appeals to the country's pious population and is continuing to push Turkey's growing influence on the world stage.
New video shows aftermath of airstrike on Gaza mosque, 13 killed and dozens injured.
Pro-Palestinian protestors gather across the globe to call for a ceasefire as Israel intensifies its bombardment of Gaza.
The US and Qatar have halted the release of $6 billion in humanitarian funding for Iran after Hamas's attacks on Israel.
Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for not doing enough to combat antisemitism in the US during the Israel-Hamas conflict and reaffirmed his support for Israel and Jewish Americans.
Pressure is mounting on Israel to take action against Hamas as the war continues, according to terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman.
Former official claims that the rumored Hamas hostage release would have been a calculated and manipulative move to maintain leverage on Israel and the international community.
The United States launched airstrikes against pro-Tehran militia groups in Syria in response to recent attacks against US soldiers. President Joe Biden's show of strength is intended to send a strong message to Iran while avoiding a dangerous regional escalation.
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will continue ground raids into Gaza in the coming days, with the purpose of killing Hamas militants and laying the foundations for an all-out invasion. Israel has disputed that there are fuel shortages in Gaza, and UNRWA has said its operations are being 'paralyzed' due to the lack of fuel.
Ilana Dayan and David Axelrod discussed the aftermath of Hamas' attack on Israel, its political implications, and the future of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship.
A diplomatic spat between Israel and the United Nations has broken out after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Hamas' October 7 attacks on the country 'did not happen in a vacuum.' The US has vetoed a draft resolution for a ceasefire, and the World Health Organization has called for a ceasefire to allow aid to reach civilians in Gaza.
President Joe Biden is hosting Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for a lavish state dinner at the White House amidst a brewing war in the Middle East. Biden is also attempting to deepen ties in the Pacific and counter China's growing influence in the region.
The UN agency working in Gaza said it will be forced to halt its operations due to a lack of fuel, exacerbating a humanitarian crisis, as Israeli airstrikes killed more than 700 people in 24 hours. The UN Secretary General called for an immediate ceasefire Tuesday, sparking a fierce row at the United Nations.
Queen Rania of Jordan has accused Western leaders of a 'glaring double standard' for failing to condemn the deaths of civilians under Israeli bombardment in Gaza. The death toll is now at more than 5,000, and the United Nations is calling for a ceasefire.
Talks to secure the release of hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza are ongoing, with the US and Israel discussing the situation in a telephone call Monday evening. Four hostages have been released so far, but Israel is pressing for a comprehensive plan for a larger release.
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