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Doctors Without Borders expresses horror at deadly Israeli strike in Rafah, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
Democrats are divided on how to talk about Biden's immigration policies, with some emphasizing border security and others calling for a stronger focus on pro-immigrant policies.
Police and protesters clashed in Tel Aviv as rallies across Israel demand Gaza ceasefire and the return of hostages. Anti-government protests criticize Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's handling of the war against Hamas. Negotiations for a ceasefire and hostage swap deal will resume on Tuesday in Cairo.
President Biden discusses NATO expansion, actions in the Middle East, and progress in reducing military sexual assaults in his commencement address to West Point graduates.
At least 10 people, including children, died in Gaza after a drone strike hit a school being used as a shelter. The healthcare system in Gaza is on the verge of collapse as hospitals face shortages of fuel, medical supplies, and equipment.
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Israel to stop its military operation in Rafah, adding to the mounting international pressure on Israel over its war against Hamas.
The upcoming US presidential election has led to politically charged conversations in the workplace, causing employers to stress the importance of civility and set boundaries for discussions. HR experts recommend acknowledging tensions and strong emotions while making it clear that personal attacks and talking down to someone with a different opinion will not be tolerated. Employees are advised to take a moment to label their feelings and respond logically, and to focus on the professional relationship rather than trying to convince someone they are wrong. It is also important to recognize the effect of social media on people's views and to keep conversations civil and educational.
Labor Day traditionally heralds the final push for presidential campaigns, but a frenetic, compressed calendar this year means the critical marker is the holiday that signals the start of summer rather than the one that marks its end.
CIA Director Bill Burns is traveling to Europe to revive talks on a ceasefire and hostage deal between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.
The funeral of former Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is unlikely to have a significant impact on the country's political landscape. Foreign dignitaries attending the funeral may be more interested in observing Iran's current state and how their relationships with the country have changed.
Congressional hearing examines antisemitism on college campuses amid criticism of universities' response to protests.
President Biden hosts Kenyan President Ruto to counter China's influence in Africa.
Families of Israeli soldiers abducted by Hamas release graphic footage of their abduction.
Popular YouTuber 'Ms Rachel' faced backlash after launching a campaign to raise money for children in war-torn areas, including Gaza, with angry comments accusing her of disregarding the pain of Israeli children and supporting Hamas.
New details have emerged about the hours after the helicopter carrying the late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi went missing. The chief of staff revealed that the helicopter ran into inclement weather and crashed, resulting in the death of Raisi and others on board. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian and the head of the president's protection unit did not respond to calls after the crash.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denies allegations that he is starving Palestinians in Gaza as a method of war, calling it a 'pack of lies.' The denial comes after an arrest warrant application was filed against Netanyahu and Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in the International Criminal Court (ICC) on allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Egyptian intelligence changed the terms of a ceasefire proposal, angering officials from the US, Qatar, and Israel and causing an impasse in the talks.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wants to work with Congress on legislation to penalize the International Criminal Court after it applied for arrest warrants for Israeli officials. Lawmakers from both parties condemn the ICC's actions, and House Republicans are considering sanctions. The Biden administration continues to support the ICC's investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine.
Israeli authorities shut down the Associated Press' live camera feed of Gaza, citing a violation of the country's new foreign broadcasters law.
At least 12 Palestinians killed and 10 wounded in Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Rescue efforts underway in destroyed buildings. Israel's war in Gaza causing critical supply shortages and destruction of infrastructure.
The Biden administration condemns the International Criminal Court's efforts to seek arrest warrants for Israeli officials and Hamas leaders, stating that it equates a terrorist organization with a US ally. President Biden calls the ICC's efforts 'outrageous' and emphasizes the lack of equivalence between Israel and Hamas.
Iran's hardline President Ebrahim Raisi has died in a helicopter crash, leaving the country's establishment facing an uncertain future.
The prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seeking arrest warrants for top Israeli and Hamas figures on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity over the October 7 attacks on Israel and the subsequent war in Gaza.
The International Criminal Court is seeking arrest warrants for Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity over the October 7 attacks on Israel and the subsequent war in Gaza.
President Biden supports ceasefire in Gaza, US national debt at record high.
President Biden speaks at Morehouse College, addressing Gaza ceasefire and US national debt on CNN 10.
Israeli war cabinet minister delivers ultimatum, Dow Jones hits milestone, Giuliani served with indictment, political commentator dies, Cohen testifies in trial.
Morehouse College President David A. Thomas has stated that he would shut down commencement ceremonies rather than allow police to remove student protesters during President Joe Biden's graduation speech.
President Joe Biden delivers commencement address at Morehouse College amid controversy over his administration's policies on the Israel-Hamas war.
Pastor Glenn Germany wants to improve security at his church after surviving an attempted shooting, but the small congregation lacks the funds to do so.
Arab and Palestinian Americans left a meeting with Secretary of State Antony Blinken frustrated they did not have a clear understanding of how the Biden administration might act upon their concerns as the Israel-Hamas war devastates the civilian population in Gaza.
Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan's first female president, leaves office with an elevated international profile and a consolidated sense of Taiwanese identity. However, she faced criticism for straining relations with China and failing to address domestic issues.
Universities in the US are dealing with pro-Palestinian protests ahead of graduation ceremonies, with some schools canceling or relocating their events due to safety concerns. The University of Pennsylvania recently arrested 19 individuals, including seven students, after pro-Palestinian demonstrators attempted to occupy a university building. UCLA faced internal division after rejecting resolutions of no confidence and censure against the school's chancellor. Sonoma State University President Mike Lee announced his resignation after sending a message concerning an agreement with campus protesters without proper approval. Morehouse College President David A. Thomas threatened to shut down commencement ceremonies if student protesters disrupted President Joe Biden's speech.
A displaced woman describes dire conditions in Gaza refugee camp as battles continue and Israeli military kills Palestinian militants in Jabalya.
UCLA faculty members have rejected censure and no confidence resolutions against Chancellor Gene Block following criticism of his handling of a pro-Palestinian encampment that was attacked by counterprotesters.
India's Bollywood film industry has been accused of veering towards the right and perpetuating anti-Muslim stereotypes, serving as propaganda tools for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Critics say recent blockbusters have received government support and endorsements from prominent politicians, forcing filmmakers to self-censor and streaming platforms to fall in line.
Former President Donald Trump's allies are flocking to his hush money trial in New York to show their support and defend him in court, turning the trial into a litmus test for Trump loyalty within the GOP.
Trucks carrying humanitarian aid into Gaza have begun moving ashore after arriving through the floating pier built by the US military.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken to meet with Palestinian and Arab American leaders to discuss policy changes regarding the Israel-Hamas war amid rising tensions with the Biden administration.
The corruption trial of Sen. Bob Menendez has begun, with prosecutors accusing the New Jersey Democrat of being 'on the take' and taking bribes from businessmen while acting as a foreign agent.
American medics trapped in Gaza are calling on the US government to help bring them home as the conditions in Gaza worsen and medical supplies run low.
The House is voting on a bill to prevent Biden from withholding weapons to Israel as GOP ramps up pressure on Democrats. The bill would cut off funds until withheld weapons are sent to Israel.
Law enforcement detains at least a dozen protesters at University of California, Irvine as they clear encampment.
The US-built floating pier is being moved from Ashdod port to Gaza to assist in delivering humanitarian aid. Military ships are also en route. The pier is part of the JLOTS system, and the UK has announced its first shipment of aid to Gaza.
Palestinian survivors of the al-Nakba share their experiences and the importance of storytelling to keep the memory alive and educate younger generations.
The Israeli military has called for an investigation after releasing drone footage showing armed men at a UN facility in Gaza.
Egypt has warned Israel of 'dire repercussions' if it continues its military operation in Gaza's Rafah city on the Egyptian border. The two countries have been at odds after Israel began a limited military operation in Rafah and seized the Palestinian side of the border with Egypt.
The Biden administration has begun the process for a $1 billion arms deal with Israel, with discussions initiated with congressional committees.
Authorities in Florida are searching for the driver of a boat that struck and killed a 15-year-old girl near Key Biscayne. A reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping will welcome Vladimir Putin to China this week for the Russian president's second visit in less than a year - the latest sign of their growing alignment amid hardening global fault lines as conflict devastates Gaza and Ukraine.
Injured Palestinian mothers in Gaza are grieving for their babies killed in Israeli airstrikes. They share stories of loss and struggle to cope with life-altering injuries.
The US believes Israel is preparing for a full-scale incursion into Gaza's southernmost city of Rafah, but it is unclear if a decision has been made. The White House is working towards a ceasefire and believes an Israeli ground offensive would be a mistake.
Israel's return to areas of Gaza it said were clear of Hamas raises doubts about its military strategy.
The Ukrainian military's changing language in daily updates reflects the worsening situation as Russian forces advance in multiple locations across the frontline. The northern border near Kharkiv is of particular concern, as Russian forces have crossed the border and claimed to have seized nine villages.
US officials express opposition to potential Israeli military offensive in Rafah, emphasizing the need to protect civilians and aid workers in Gaza.
The Eurovision Song Contest is back in Sweden, featuring 26 eccentric artists from across Europe competing for glory.
Hamas' demand for a 12-week ceasefire is a major obstacle in negotiations with Israel, as it would effectively end the war. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hesitant to commit upfront due to threats from right-wing partners. The talks are currently paused during Israel's military operation in Rafah.
If Joe Biden wins a second term later this year, he will have defied one of the most complex political environments for a president seeking reelection in years. Biden's difficult dynamic was on show in an exclusive interview with CNN this week, in the swing state of Wisconsin, which he only won by around 20,000 votes in 2020 and that could be decisive again in November.
Obstacles in getting the constructed floating pier in place and operational are preventing desperately needed humanitarian aid from reaching Palestinians in Gaza.
The US has halted a shipment of bombs to Israel amid concerns over their potential use in a Rafah incursion. Israeli leaders have warned of a future invasion of Rafah, but the US opposes such a ground operation. The US is also reviewing proposed transfers of other munitions to Israel, including JDAM kits.
At least 27 people killed in Rafah as Israel's military operation continues. Ceasefire talks to resume in Cairo. Rockets fired from Gaza toward southern Israel.
The Biden administration is preparing to release a report on whether Israel violated international law during its war in Gaza.
Palestinian civilians in Rafah are forced to evacuate their homes due to Israeli airstrikes, causing fear and despair among residents. The evacuation order has been criticized as inhumane and dangerous. Displaced Palestinians are seeking refuge in an overcrowded coastal town that lacks vital services.
Protests and controversy surround the Eurovision Song Contest as critics argue that Israel's participation 'artwashes' the conflict in Gaza.
Israel rejects ceasefire proposal from Hamas and continues military operations in Rafah.
Negotiations over a ceasefire and the release of hostages in Gaza have stalled as Israel and Hamas fail to reach an agreement on a framework.
The Israel Defense Forces are conducting a limited-scale evacuation of residents and displaced people in eastern Rafah, while warning of intense action in the area. Aid agencies express concern about a potential ground invasion and its impact on the displaced Palestinians.
Israel's military has called for immediate evacuation of eastern Rafah as the defense minister warns of intense action in the area. Aid agencies have warned against a ground invasion, saying it would cause more suffering and death for the displaced Palestinians. The IDF has not given an exact timeframe for the evacuation or assurances of safety.
George Washington University President condemns pro-Palestinian protest encampment on campus and seeks support from the DC Metropolitan Police Department.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns the International Criminal Court against issuing arrest warrants for Israeli leaders and commanders as part of its investigation into the war in Gaza, stating that it would tarnish the concept of international justice.
Donald Trump's potential VP candidates criticize Biden's handling of protests and express doubts about election results.
The Biden administration has halted a shipment of US-made ammunition to Israel, but the reason for the pause remains unclear.
Israel's government has unanimously decided to close the incitement channel Al Jazeera in Israel.
President Joe Biden's support for the Israeli military offensive in Gaza mixed with student anger over police crackdowns on anti-war campus protests are complicating the work of Democratic youth groups trying to engage classmates and other Generation Z voters ahead of this year's election.
Dan Pashman's new cookbook 'Anything's Pastable' encourages home cooks to explore global flavors and pantry staples to elevate their pasta dishes.
CIA Director Bill Burns is in Cairo for negotiations on a ceasefire and hostage deal in the Israel-Hamas war. Hamas is considering a new framework proposed by Egypt that would involve releasing hostages in exchange for a temporary ceasefire.
Traditional university graduation ceremonies in the US are taking place amid escalating confrontations over the war in Gaza, with police entering campuses to make mass arrests and rip apart encampments.
An analysis of the site of the attack in Gaza's Al-Maghazi refugee camp suggests that a precision-guided munition deployed by the Israeli military was responsible for the deadly airstrike that killed 11 children. The Israeli military has not taken responsibility for the strike, but weapons experts who reviewed videos and photos of the aftermath concluded that a drone-fired missile caused the carnage. Fragments of the munition collected at the scene, including a circuit board, indicate the use of a sophisticated, precision-guided weapon. Questions have been raised about the Israeli military's chain of command and the decision-making process behind the strike.
President Biden faces the challenge of handling protests and maintaining support from both progressive and moderate voters.
Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the US are finalizing a mega-deal that would strengthen bilateral trade and defense ties. The deal is contingent on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well as a pathway to a Palestinian state. The deal would be a major victory for Saudi Arabia and would consolidate America's dominance in the Middle East.
282 people were arrested at pro-Palestinian protests at Columbia University and The City College of New York on Tuesday night. Charges include burglary, criminal mischief, trespassing, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault.
The student protest camp at UPenn lacks dialogue and attempts to change hearts and minds. Protesters demand divestment from Israel and weapons manufacturers, but there is tension and little engagement with counter protesters.
Student journalists covering protests on college campuses across the US have been assaulted and arrested as police crack down on pro-Palestinian demonstrators.
People in Gaza thank American college students for their solidarity, while Israel denounces the protests and calls for action
President Joe Biden is facing political and diplomatic challenges as protests spread across the country, opposing lawlessness while being mindful of students' right to protest. The dueling challenges have imposed a unique burden on Biden, putting the demand for strong presidential leadership at odds with empathy.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Israel to pressure Hamas into accepting a ceasefire and hostage release deal. Negotiations are ongoing, and Blinken will also address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
Campus protests over Israel's war against Hamas are intensifying an already tense election year in the US, highlighting ideological divisions and raising concerns about rising antisemitism.
Twenty people, including at least one infant and a toddler, have died following an Israeli airstrike over Rafah, Gaza, overnight into Monday, according to hospital officials.
Hamas is considering a new proposal for a ceasefire-hostage deal in Cairo talks with Israel. The proposal involves the release of hostages in exchange for a pause in hostilities in Gaza. Israel is awaiting a response from Hamas, and the length of the pause would depend on the number of hostages released.
President Joe Biden is facing challenges in his bid for re-election as some voters have nostalgic memories of former President Donald Trump's chaotic term.
Bernie Sanders supports pro-Palestinian protests against Israel's war in Gaza while condemning all forms of bigotry. College campuses in the US have seen a surge in protests, leading to increased tensions and reports of antisemitic acts and Islamophobia.
Donald Trump holds a lead over Joe Biden in a potential 2024 matchup, with most Americans viewing Trump's presidency as a success and Biden's as a failure, according to a CNN poll.
Jim Wallis, an evangelical leader and author of 'The False White Gospel,' says White Christian nationalism is not new but a heretical form of faith that has been in the US since its founding.
US universities have been cracking down on student protests over Israel's bombardment of Gaza, with arrests and disciplinary actions being taken against demonstrators.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to Saudi Arabia to discuss efforts to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza and emphasize the importance of preventing the conflict from spreading. Talks between Israel and Hamas remain deadlocked despite months of negotiations.
University administrators and law enforcement are invoking the 'outside agitator' trope to crack down on campus protests over Israel's war in Gaza.
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