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An Israeli Persian cat has fully recovered from an antibiotic-resistant infection through personalized phage therapy. The treatment involved a combination of a specific anti-P. aeruginosa phage applied topically to the surgical wound and an injected antibiotic.
The IDF will investigate a strike in Rafah that resulted in the deaths of at least 45 Palestinians.
Violinist Ariella Zeitlin is set to debut her show '1,000 Faces of a Hero,' which aims to inspire and uplift audiences through music and storytelling.
National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir plans to recommend the early termination of Police Chief Kobi Shabtai's term, citing allegations of dysfunction.
Canada will grant temporary visas to 5,000 Gaza residents under a special program for Canadians' relatives. The immigration ministry has increased the number of visas from 1,000 to accommodate the interest expressed by many people. Leaving Gaza is currently difficult, but Canada wants to be ready to help more people if the situation changes.
Israeli universities have created a plan to combat incitement to terrorism on campuses, with student associations committing to take action against those who express support for terrorism.
Houthi militants targeted ships in solidarity with Palestinians in Israel's war in Gaza.
The US urges Israel to protect civilians after a military strike in Rafah that killed dozens of Palestinians.
A survey shows that 64% of Israelis oppose a Palestinian state as part of the normalization process with Saudi Arabia, highlighting political divides and a crisis between the Biden administration and Israel.
Daniella Pick, wife of Quentin Tarantino, will star in The Perfect Gamble alongside David Arquette and Abeckaser. The film follows two gamblers who open an illegal casino.
Japan warns residents in the south to take cover from a possible North Korean missile threat.
The Israeli government's cloud computing project, Nimbus Cloud Me, is being inefficiently handled, resulting in lower security and higher costs, according to Yanai Milstein, VP of software at Aman. Milstein suggests that unifying the data among government offices would save costs and improve cyber protection.
Russia will build Central Asia's first nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan, showcasing its ability to export high-tech products to new Asian markets. Uzbekistan is also interested in increasing imports of Russian oil and gas.
Colombia's foreign minister urges Israel and its allies to seek a peaceful resolution to the Gaza conflict.
Israel's interest rate remains unchanged at 4.5% as the economy shows signs of recovery and geopolitical uncertainty persists.
A study shows that the haredi education system for boys is less effective in preparing students for the workforce compared to the non-ultra-Orthodox system. Full-time wages for young ultra-Orthodox men with no secondary education are 16% lower than their non-haredi counterparts.
IDF arrests six suspects in West Bank, including Hamas affiliates, and confiscates weapons and explosives.
The Israeli government has approved a resolution to commemorate Jews who lost their lives due to their Jewishness in the Diaspora, strengthening the bond between the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
Hezbollah plans to use new weapons, including long-range precision missiles and surface-to-air missiles, to down Israeli Air Force jets.
Toastmasters International is hosting an open house in Jerusalem on May 29th to provide information about its three clubs in Israel and help individuals improve their communication and leadership skills.
Juan Manuel Galán, a potential candidate for Colombia's presidency, criticizes the country's decision to cut ties with Israel and expresses his desire to re-establish full diplomatic relations if elected.
The IDF strikes on Rafah are under investigation, and 70 investigations have been opened into suspected criminal incidents during the war.
IDF troops conducted operations in eastern Jablya, locating weapons and destroying terror infrastructure. In the Gaza Strip, terrorists were killed and observation operations on IDF soldiers were disrupted. IDF aircraft and jets destroyed 75 terror targets in the Strip.
The Israeli government made two strategic mistakes in its war against Hamas, leading to helplessness and weakness. They must now fulfill their duty to return the abductees home.
Saudi Arabia expresses concern over Israel's rejection of a two-state solution, emphasizing the importance of a credible Palestinian State for the interests of both Palestinians and Israel.
A 2,300-year-old gold ring has been discovered in the City of David, believed to be a child's ring from the Hellenistic period. It will be exhibited to the public for the first time at the 'Jerusalem Mysteries' conference.
An anti-Israel activist mocked Congressman Brian Mast over the loss of his legs, asking if Gazan terrorists targeted him.
The Construction and Housing Ministry and the Israel Lands Authority will open registration for the next discount apartment lottery on May 27. Some 4,633 housing units will be raffled across the country, including in cities with a prominent ultra-Orthodox population.
Eylon Levy has launched the Israel Citizen's Spokespersons' Office, a team of citizen spokespeople to advocate for Israel and counter the lies being disseminated about the country.
Israel Air Force jets targeted Hezbollah terror squads in southern Lebanon, striking military buildings and terror infrastructure.
A minibus in Holon, Israel, caught fire after an explosion, leaving one person severely injured.
Protests erupted across Israel demanding an immediate hostage release deal and new elections. Hostage family members blame Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the condition the hostages are being held in. Efforts to bring all hostages home have not been successful enough, and the situation remains dire.
The differing approaches of Rabbi Akiva and Yohanan Ben-Zakai in Judaism had a significant impact on Jewish history. The article raises concerns about the current generation's lack of strategic considerations and the potential consequences for Israel's security and diplomacy.
Reports suggest that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to address a joint session of the two US Houses of Congress to discuss the Biden administration's Middle East policies. Netanyahu may also be considering how he can strengthen the chances of former president Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections. However, it remains to be seen whether Netanyahu will use this opportunity to embarrass a Democratic president in Congress for the second time in nine years. The article also highlights Netanyahu's poor public performances and his association with extreme-right coalition partners.
A collection of letters to the editor from readers of the Jerusalem Post discussing various topics, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and international recognition of Palestine as a state.
The War Cabinet is considering new proposals for a hostage deal after weeks of negotiations to secure the release of captives in Gaza.
The Biden Administration's goal is to have Hamas survive this war victorious and to achieve the lost-but-now-found two-state solution in the post-war period.
Radicalized faculty members who support the boycott and isolation of Israeli academics pose a serious threat to academia by spreading pro-Hamas rhetoric and influencing university processes.
Norway's policies towards Israel are condemned for spreading false accusations and demonizing Israelis, calling for a need for constructive dialogue.
Brussels sanitation workers allegedly chanted death threats against Jewish politician Viviane Teitelbaum. Complaint filed, disciplinary action pursued.
IDF aircraft strike Hamas compound in Rafah, targeting senior terrorists. Uninvolved individuals harmed in the attack.
A woman who was attacked by pro-regime mourners in London says her stolen phone was turned on inside Iran's embassy.
Gantz condemns the pushing and excessive use of force in Meron and emphasizes the need for maintaining public order without resorting to violence.
The IDF's presence in the Netzarim corridor could determine the course of the war in Gaza.
Negotiations for a hostages deal are ongoing, but the current government setup is hindering progress. Representatives of the captives' families protested, accusing the government of not prioritizing the release of the hostages. The Prime Minister's Office opposes Hamas's demands and states that briefings from within the negotiation team are causing harm and delays.
A US-army landing craft stranded on the Ashdod shore in Israel has been freed with the help of a rope from the USAV Matamoros. The craft got stranded while trying to help move a US army tug due to adverse weather conditions. The US floating pier has been delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Hamas detainees in Gaza have led to scabies outbreak among security prisoners, says Israel Prison Service.
Former CENTCOM commander criticizes US approach to Iranian threat, emphasizing the importance of American strength and deterrence. He warns that decreasing US military capabilities emboldens Iran and threatens regional and US interests.
Kabbalistic teachings view storms and tornadoes as expressions of spiritual energies and divine judgment, emphasizing the inter-connectedness of the physical and spiritual realms.
Rabbi Yoel Pinto leads bonfires in memory of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and holds Torah talks to strengthen Jews in Israel.
Hamas official says group has received nothing from hostage mediators and emphasizes the need for a permanent end to the war in Gaza.
Opposition leader Yair Lapid accuses Prime Minister Netanyahu of spreading messages and calls for anarchy, while Netanyahu denies the allegations and calls for condemnation of insubordination.
'The Great Deep' is a powerful dance performance by the Jerusalem Dance Theater that explores ongoing traumas in Israel through metaphors and live music. Choreographed by Hanoch Ben Dror, the show draws inspiration from the biblical flood and the Oct. 7 massacre, and is divided into three acts set to the music of Bach, Part, and Liszt.
The Israel Land Authority has completed the tender for constructing 94 housing units in the Herzliya Studios complex.
Tesla has reintroduced the performance model of the Model 3, offering more power, improved road behavior, and a lower price compared to the Hyundai Ioniq 5N.
Israeli drone strikes motorcycle in southern Lebanon, alarms activated in Western Galilee.
The Jerusalem Writers Festival returns with a rich program featuring renowned writers and unprecedented ticket sales. The festival aims to address the current wartime and national trauma zeitgeist rather than offer escapism.
Benny Gantz has proposed a commission to investigate the events leading up to and during the war on October 7.
Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine, called for international sanctions against Israel to stop their campaign in Rafah.
Discussions are underway regarding the official Palestinian management of Gaza border crossings, aiming to facilitate the entry of goods and humanitarian aid into the region.
The IDF, COGAT, and Israeli Navy collaborated with the US to operate a floating pier for increased humanitarian aid in Gaza.
Beer cocktails are gaining popularity as craft beers make excellent mixers for refreshing and unique drinks. A professional bartender at The Rabbit Hole cocktail bar in Jerusalem has come up with four different cocktails using Israeli craft beers.
IDF strikes terror infrastructure in five areas of southern Lebanon
A five-year-old girl in Brazil died after being stung by a Brazilian yellow scorpion, the most venomous scorpion in South America.
Hostage negotiations are in the initial phase, with Israeli and Hamas delegations preparing to engage in indirect talks in Doha next week.
Omer Ohana, the partner of a fallen IDF veteran, will march in the Pride and Tolerance Parade in Jerusalem to fight for equal rights for LGBT partners. Ohana's fight for recognition as an IDF widower was successful, leading to the passing of an amendment to the Bereaved Families Law.
Danish-Israeli Holocaust survivor Robert Bachmann shares his life journey from escaping the Germans during World War II to his successful career in marketing and advertising.
The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA) has released a report debunking comparisons between the Gaza conflict and the Iraq War.
The story of the Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva library, believed to have been destroyed by the Nazis during World War II, is being reexamined as more of its valuable books are discovered worldwide.
The world is increasingly interconnected and inter-reliant, and Israel cannot fight alone without losing its allies.
The IDF has inaugurated the Iron Dome Battalion, which will enhance Israel's defense capabilities and strengthen the air force.
Mark Penn, CEO of Stagwell, will speak at the 2024 Jerusalem Post Annual Conference, sharing insights on technology-driven marketing strategies.
The Jewish community of Oporto is producing a film to highlight the story of 2,000 Jewish children who were kidnapped from their families in Portugal in 1493 and exiled to the island of Sao Tome.
Norway, Spain, and Ireland's recent recognition of a Palestinian state is not surprising given their history of bias against Israel.
A former senior employee at TikTok has exposed a systematic bias against Jewish and Israeli creators on the platform, revealing that campaigns raising awareness about the October 7 attack were banned while Palestinian ads related to the war were approved. The employee also found evidence of TikTok employees supporting convicted terrorists and Iranian-backed militias.
Violent actions and anti-Israel activism on college campuses are hindering dialog and damaging academia's moral high ground.
KKL-JNF has launched a program to protect migratory birds in Israel, as their population has dropped by over 10% in the last 30 years due to climate change and bird flu.
Sexual violence in Iran is used as a tool for control and manipulation, serving as a method of breaking down individuals' defenses and paving the way for indoctrination and control.
The power struggle in Iran intensifies as factions vie for proximity to leadership. The upcoming elections are seen as meaningless, and the regime is becoming more militarized and closed-off.
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is absent from the Israeli Revival conference. Afeka College launches a student support fund. Two journalists are recognized for their humanitarian efforts during the war. The Weizmann Institute celebrates its 90th anniversary. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev confers honorary doctorates and presents President's Awards.
Critics argue that The New York Times' coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been biased and omits important details, leading to a disproportionate focus on the suffering of Palestinians compared to Israelis.
Crete offers a variety of options for travelers, from beaches to mountains, and is easily accessible with direct flights from Europe.
Aida, Verdi's iconic depiction of war, politics, and state-backed religion, will hit cinemas across the country in June. This 2022 Dresden State Opera production will mark five years under content editor Merav Barak.
Hope for new hostage deal talks grows as Israel continues offensive in Gaza and prospects for a resumption of mediated Gaza ceasefire talks grow.
Protests across Israel demand hostage release deal and new elections. Demonstrators block traffic and criticize the government. Opposition leader and Anti-Defamation League director join the demonstrations. Former IDF observers and families of hostages also participate.
A crowdfunding campaign seeks to honor fallen IDF troops by donating bulletproof ambulances to be stationed in Eli.
Golan Heights Winery remains the top ambassador of Israeli wine globally, teaching the industry about viticulture, winemaking technology, and marketing, and achieving international recognition through awards and positive reviews.
Moshe Basson, chef and owner of the Eucalyptus restaurant in Jerusalem, discusses his new cookbook, healthy eating, and the impact of recent events on his business.
The Israeli Labor Party has criticized the Spanish Prime Minister for Spain's recognition of Palestine as a state, calling it a contradiction of traditional positions and a reward for terrorist organizations.
Police are investigating an incident involving the discharge of a firearm outside a Jewish girl's elementary school in North York, Toronto.
Israel should break the military-diplomacy equation during the war and keep negotiations while fighting in Gaza, even accepting a bad deal with Hamas to secure the release of hostages.
Musrara Mix, an annual art event in Jerusalem, explores the theme of 'Trapped Time' in light of recent events, offering alternative pathways and a sense of creativity in a time of crisis.
A US Navy vessel headed to the Gaza Strip has beached in Ashdod after detaching from the leading ship guiding it. Rescue efforts are ongoing.
Three Jewish youths have been sentenced to less than four years in prison for throwing a Molotov cocktail at an Arab man and his partner on Olga Beach in 2022.
A bush fire has broken out near road 444, and firefighters are on the scene working to put it out.
Yemen's Houthis have postponed the release of government prisoners due to 'technical reasons.' This comes after years of civil war in Yemen that has caused immense suffering.
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