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The EU has added two Hamas commanders to its terrorist list.
The IDF is making progress in gaining control of Khan Yunis, but is facing strong resistance from Hamas. Many weapons were found in the area, and the IDF is using information warfare to separate the general population from Hamas. The IDF is also trying to get more civilians to move to safer areas, but Hamas is using them as human shields.
A man involved in a 2014 antisemitic attack in Créteil, France, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.
Over 40% of UK Jews feel threatened by antisemitic conspiracy beliefs, according to a recent study. The research reveals the psychological impact of conspiracy theories on the Jewish community and calls for greater attention and support for those affected.
Gov. Schwarzenegger hosts family members of Israeli hostages held by Hamas, emphasizing the need for action and thanking him for standing up against hate and bigotry.
A man finds a twisted hanukkiah, a symbol of hope, amid the ruins of his family's home after the devastating attacks in southern Israel.
The 25th Jerusalem Jewish Film Week will feature over 30 films from 15 countries, examining Jewish history and identity. The festival will open with the premiere of James Hawes's One Life, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins as Sir Nicholas Winton.
NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli celebrates Hanukkah on the International Space Station with a felt menorah and dreidel.
The end of hostilities in Gaza will not mark the conclusion of Israel's battle, experts warned. The conflict in Gaza demands Israel's undivided attention as it strives for victory. The nation stands united in bolstering IDF soldiers while grappling with the immediate aftermath of the October 7 massacre. Three challenges of war that likely need more attention are unprecedented child trauma, war stress fueling unhealthy eating, and the toll on the economy.
The story of Joseph being thrown into a pit is a symbol of hope and redemption, as depicted in the painting 'Mi'mamakim' by Yoram Raanan.
The Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Yisrael Hager, said a prayer for soldiers during the first Shabbat following the Simchat Torah massacre, despite the fact that Vizhnitz Hassidim do not serve in the IDF.
The two focal points of Hanukkah are the miracle of the oil and the courage and victory of the Maccabees-Hasmoneans over the Seleucid Greek army.
The IDF conducted multiple strikes in Gaza, eliminating Hamas terrorists and targeting military sites and weapons warehouses. The Navy also targeted Hamas along the coast.
The author reflects on their personal experiences with death and attends the funeral of a young soldier who was killed in battle.
United Hatzalah chief paramedic Liad Ohana saved dozens of lives in Ofakim, Israel during a day of violence, treating the wounded and evacuating them in his car when no ambulances were available.
Rabbi David Wolpe resigns from Harvard's antisemitism advisory committee, calling the system and ideology evil and emphasizing the need for education and unlearning harmful beliefs.
The IDF has identified Major (res.) Kobi Dvash and Major (res.) Eyal Meir Berkowitz as the soldiers who died in battle in the Gaza Strip.
This year's Hanukkah carries profound weight as it resonates with the ongoing battle faced by the Jewish people and symbolizes their resilience.
The 36th Division of the IDF is clearing out the Sajaiya neighborhood in Gaza, destroying Hamas infrastructure and facing challenges from the enemy's use of civilian infrastructure. The troops are working to protect nearby communities from future attacks.
Jewish communities are finding ways to balance sadness and celebration during Hanukkah amid rising antisemitism and the recent conflict in Israel. Many are using the symbolism of Hanukkah to bring light and joy to their communities, while others are using the holiday to raise funds for displaced Israeli children. Some events are directly addressing the war and antisemitism, while others are proceeding as usual with festive concerts and performances. The focus is on hope and unity during these difficult times.
The White House condemns comments by CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, who praised the October 7 massacre and denied Israel's right to self-defense.
Israeli officials, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have been attacking the Palestinian Authority (PA) and taking measures on the ground to undermine its ability to carry out its responsibilities since the start of the war in Gaza.
United Hatzalah conducted a training drill in Israel's north to prepare first responders for various scenarios, including rocket attacks and terrorist infiltration.
A chaplain at Brown University reflects on the significance of Hanukkah amidst tensions surrounding Israel's military action in Gaza and the complexities of identity and faith.
The Vegan Friendly Association has launched a project to provide vegan and vegetarian meals to IDF soldiers fighting in Gaza. They are requesting soldiers in need to contact them and are appealing for donations and volunteers to continue the project.
Over 500 staffers of Jewish organizations have signed a letter calling on President Biden and Congress to press Israel for a ceasefire in its war with Hamas. The letter reflects a growing divide among American Jews regarding Israel's response to Hamas' invasion.
National Security Minister Ben-Gvir has instructed the use of an underground prison wing to house Nukhba prisoners, insisting on minimal conditions for the detainees.
Shots were fired at a synagogue in Albany on the first night of Hanukkah, but no one was injured. A suspect is in custody. Governor Kathy Hochul has ordered increased security measures at at-risk sites for Hanukkah throughout the state.
Israel agrees to open Kerem Shalom crossing for aid inspection at US request.
French President Emmanuel Macron has been awarded the Rabbi Lord Jakobovits Prize of European Jewry by the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) for his support of religious freedom and efforts to combat antisemitism.
Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Tel Aviv win in European basketball competitions, while Hapoel Holon suffers a loss.
Nearly 40% of US ultra-orthodox Jews are considering Aliyah to Israel amid rising antisemitism, according to a survey. The survey also showed that concerns about safety and identity transcended denominational lines, with a significant percentage of Conservative, Reform, and unaffiliated Jews considering Aliyah as well.
Israeli embassies and consulates worldwide are lighting their buildings in orange or displaying images of the Bibas family, who have been held captive by Hamas for 62 days.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky joined Chabad emissaries for the Hanukkah candle lighting in Kyiv, showcasing unity and resilience amidst the ongoing conflict with Russia.
Reuters rejects IDF defense of mistaken attack on journalists in Lebanon, calling for accountability and an explanation from Israel.
GenCell Energy unveils its vision for GreenFSG circular energy economies, aiming to produce and store clean ammonia and generate energy on-site.
The IDF and Shin Bet have killed two senior Hamas terrorists and eliminated a Hamas cell operating in civilian areas. They have also located and destroyed weapons and tunnel shafts in Gaza City.
Images and videos of Hamas terrorists surrendering and being arrested by the IDF in Gaza have been circulating online. Jewish activists and Israeli media outlets have celebrated the mass surrender, expressing gratitude to the IDF.
Netanyahu warns Hezbollah against starting a war with Israel after missile attack kills Israeli man.
West Bank settlers demand to be consulted on allowing Palestinian workers into Israel, as the country faces a shortage of manpower due to security concerns.
South Sudanese MPs have written a letter calling for the country to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in support of Israel and condemning Hamas.
Denmark passes bill to ban burning of Quran in public places, balancing freedom of speech and national security concerns.
Young Jews from Canada are volunteering in Eilat through the Jewish Agency's Reverse ShinShinim program to support the homefront during the Israel-Hamas war.
Dr. Henry Kissinger was not awarded the Genesis Prize due to his lack of pride in his Jewish identity and his ambivalent policies towards Israel.
Rambam Health Care Campus in Israel receives support from the Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA) to provide essential training and simulations to IDF medical officers using 'smart manikins'. This collaboration aims to improve the soldiers' ability to respond effectively in battlefield situations.
The family of a kidnapped Bedouin Israeli joined an advocacy delegation to Washington, calling for international action to secure the release of their son and others held in Gaza.
Pitchon-Lev, a humanitarian organization in Israel, aims to break the cycle of poverty and provides assistance to over 160,000 individuals and families annually. They offer food parcels, direct assistance, and various support centers. During the recent war, Pitchon-Lev has been providing emergency aid to security forces and survivors of terror attacks.
Israel Defense Forces reserve soldiers from the Alexandroni Brigade and the 8th Armored Brigade trained in the Golan Heights this week alongside engineering forces.
Israel's defense establishment has started distributing weapons and gear to emergency standby squads near the Gaza border, with plans for expansion across the country.
Israel's tech industry faces challenges but cybersecurity sector shows resilience. Large investments may be waiting to flow into the country.
Israel accuses UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of endorsing Hamas terror by invoking Article 99 for a ceasefire in the Gaza war. The UAE submits a draft resolution for a ceasefire, while the US focuses on diplomacy. Guterres warns of a humanitarian catastrophe and calls for the release of captives.
The Hezbollah threat in the north of Israel continues to persist, with a lack of clarity on how to remove it from the border. Iran's proxies continue to pose a threat, and there are no good options for Israel.
A survey found that many college students who support the anti-Israel slogan 'From the river to the sea' do not know the specific rivers and sea it refers to. After learning basic facts about the Middle East, two-thirds of the students changed their support for the slogan.
Hundreds of IDF soldiers fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza suffered severe eye injuries, with some losing their vision. Most injuries were caused by soldiers not wearing protective gear. The IDF denies any lack of protective equipment.
The retirement age for Israeli reservists and officers will be temporarily raised by one year to maintain the IDF's operational preparedness during wartime.
US energy envoy expresses desire for Saudi-Israel normalization and emphasizes commitment to regional integration.
Israeli forces clash with Hamas in Khan Yunis and Jabaliya, uncovering tunnels and striking terror bases.
IDF forces are closing in on the home of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza, as the battle for Khan Yunis continues.
Residents along Israel's northern border are concerned about the possibility of a Hezbollah attack following the recent Hamas attacks. Many residents have been evacuated from the area, and some are unsure if they will return.
The AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires received a false bomb threat on Wednesday. Law enforcement determined that the threat was a false alarm and the building's operations continued normally.
Amid the war in Israel, farmers are facing challenges due to the absence of foreign farm workers who fled after an attack by Hamas. Israeli food rescue organization Leket Israel has shifted its focus to aid farmers by recruiting volunteers to help pick and protect produce.
British Defense Minister Grant Shapps is set to meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials to discuss speeding up the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.
German Saxony-Anhalt now requires citizenship applicants to confirm in writing their recognition of Israel's right to exist and condemnation of efforts against Israel's existence.
The conflict between Israel and Hamas has caused a decline in tourism, with tour agencies reporting a drop in international tourists and fewer Israelis traveling. The potential long-term impact of the war on the tourism industry is a growing concern for these agencies.
The IsraelFAQs project provides professional answers to arguments against Israel and fake news circulating on the internet. The website offers a library of arguments and reliable answers, as well as links to videos for advocacy purposes.
Iran's Foreign Minister warns of 'terrible' days ahead for Israel in a call with his Qatar counterpart, discussing the war in Gaza and condemning Israeli regime's crimes against women and children.
American legislation for military aid to Israel and Ukraine failed in the Senate vote, with 51 senators voting against it.
Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir criticize the War Cabinet's decision to increase fuel allowance for Gaza, while Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer defends the decision.
US State Department spokesman calls on Israel to reduce Palestinian civilian death toll in Gaza as IDF's military campaign intensifies.
The Prime Minister's Office reported that the Cabinet approved additional fuel for the Gaza Strip to prevent a humanitarian collapse and the outbreak of epidemics in the southern Gaza Strip.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the Palestinian Authority and its President Mahmoud Abbas will never rule Gaza. The United States opposes the creation of a buffer zone in Gaza, according to State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.
Brazilian Hezbollah suspect cased out synagogues in Brasilia and had carried out reconnaissance tasks in places for possible attacks against the Jewish community in Brazil.
Two outbreaks of H5N1 avian influenza were reported in Israel last week, bringing the total number of outbreaks in the past month to four. The virus has been causing a large-scale outbreak across Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world since 2021.
Leaders of the Israeli-Arab sector attend a screening of a video testimony and express support for the victims of terrorist acts by Hamas.
Israel's municipal elections will proceed on January 30 as planned, despite criticism and calls for postponement due to the ongoing war.
The Yeruham Hesder Yeshiva is mourning the loss of two of its students, Sgt. Yakir Shinkolevsky and Capt. Eitan Fish, who were killed in action in Gaza.
Israeli forces are surrounding the home of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also called on the Red Cross to visit Israeli hostages held by Hamas.
The IDF is pressing forward with its invasion of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza as part of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. The battle for Khan Yunis is a central priority, and the air force is supporting ground forces with significant attacks. Civilians have been directed to evacuate, and the IDF has also sent a large force into another Hamas stronghold in northern Gaza.
Foreign investors are buying real estate in Jerusalem, potentially driven by rising global antisemitism. Organized groups have been rapidly acquiring small apartments, raising questions about the impact on the local property market.
The Dor family and other residents in Israel's Eshkol Region are struggling with the ongoing trauma after surviving a terrorist attack. The non-profit Association for Advancement of Eshkol Region Residents, with support from Jewish National Fund-USA, is providing therapists and establishing resilience centers to offer healing and support to those affected.
The half-brother of a fallen Golani fighter from Ethiopia is undergoing a tissue test as part of his bid for Israeli residency, highlighting the challenges faced by new immigrants in Israel.
Michael Cayre orchestrated the Moonlight Gala, a major fundraising event that raised about $10 million for the victims of the October 7th incident. The gala was attended by notable figures and featured an auction of roles in the popular Israeli TV show 'Fauda', raising $900,000.
Saudi Arabia has asked the United States to show restraint in responding to attacks by Yemen's Houthis against ships in the Red Sea, two sources familiar with Saudi thinking said, as Riyadh seeks to contain spillover from the Hamas-Israel war.
A relative of returned hostages shares her family's happiness and highlights the ongoing humanitarian crisis and need for the release of hostages held by Hamas.
Israeli forces conducted operations in Jenin, destroying tunnels and facilities, arresting suspects, and confiscating weapons and explosives. Terrorists engaged the forces, resulting in exchanges of fire and one soldier being injured. Arrests were made and weapons were located in other parts of the West Bank.
Archaeologists have uncovered the oldest ceramic roofing tiles in the Land of Israel, dating back to the time of the Greek Seleucid King Antiochus IV. The discovery aligns with the story of Hanukkah and provides evidence of the Greek Seleucid presence in Jerusalem.
The October 7 massacre in Israel may lead to a tsunami of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on an unprecedented scale. Identifying and preparing for a potential wave of depression requires efforts at personal, community, and national levels.
Magnesium supplements can be a helpful aid for managing anxiety. We reviewed six top-rated products, ranging from gummies to liquid drops, and found that all offered unique benefits.
UNICEF issued a statement condemning the sexual violence perpetrated in Israel on October 7, but did not mention or condemn Hamas.
Iran successfully launched a rocket with a test living space capsule, reaching an altitude of 130 km.
Former Hamas hostage Hannah Katzir has developed a serious heart condition due to harsh conditions and starvation during her captivity.
The IDF conducted airstrikes on hundreds of Hamas targets in Gaza, eliminating terrorists and destroying infrastructure. Israeli troops also found weapons and ammunition in schools in northern Gaza.
Two Holocaust survivors reunite after nearly 80 years in a new short documentary, 'Jack and Sam,' which aims to educate viewers about the Holocaust and combat rising antisemitism.
Secular groups warn of religious infiltration in army bases, accusing Chabad and Noam of spreading religion on base and violating soldiers' rights.
The war between Israel and Hamas has expanded beyond Gaza, with the use of attack drones and UAVs. Hamas has used drones equipped with explosives in its attacks on Israeli tanks and military outposts. Iran has developed advanced UAVs, some of which have been provided to the Houthis in Yemen. The IDF has invested in AI-based decision support systems to detect and respond to threats effectively. The IDF is currently engaged in intense fighting in the southern Gaza Strip, where Hamas has embedded itself within the civilian population.
Two Holocaust survivors, reunited after 80 years apart, tell their tale in the documentary 'Jack and Sam.'
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