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A shooting near the Rafah border crossing has resulted in the death of an Egyptian security force member. Tensions between Egypt and Israel have been escalating since May.
Aid trucks from Egypt enter Gaza as the Palestine Red Crescent Society reports a large number of victims and trapped people in fires at the site of the strikes.
A deadly landslide in Papua New Guinea has buried 2,000 people, while an Israeli airstrike in Rafah has killed dozens in a tent camp, according to officials. Also in the news, libertarians skip over Trump and R.F.K. Jr. for Chase Oliver, fear and menace are transforming politics, and 'Furiosa' is a box office dud, adding to Hollywood woes.
Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania has adopted a more confrontational approach, picking fights with the left on various issues and alienating some supporters.
Dr. Yuval Bitton, a former intelligence officer, had a history with Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza. Bitton had come to Sinwar's aid when he was ill in prison, and now Sinwar is believed to be calling the shots in negotiations for a cease-fire and the release of hostages.
Israeli military continues operation in Rafah despite world court order to cease offensive.
President Biden will deliver a commencement address at West Point, addressing the graduating class of cadets amidst military upheaval abroad and university protests at home.
University of Virginia faculty members are calling for an independent review of the police response to student-led protests on campus. Faculty members acted as intermediaries between the administration, police, and protesters, but negotiations broke down and the police called in the Virginia State Police, resulting in arrests and a heavy police presence. The faculty members are now holding the university accountable for what they believe was a violent clampdown on free speech.
Egypt's President has agreed to reopen Gaza aid crossing after Biden call. Israeli military raids hospitals in Gaza, claiming Hamas uses them as shields. Many hospitals are out of operation, and medical workers have been killed. Israeli forces return to areas of northern and central Gaza, causing more casualties.
Executive communications experts say the gig is becoming a harder sell for business leaders as colleges face campus protests and other controversies.
The International Court of Justice has ordered Israel to suspend its military campaign in Gaza, adding to a growing list of diplomatic and legal moves against Israel that have undermined its international standing.
The International Court of Justice has ordered Israel to immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah, southern Gaza, putting more pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government.
Israeli forces have cut off access to Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, putting one of the last functioning hospitals out of operation.
U.C.L.A. police have arrested an 18-year-old in connection with the attack on a pro-Palestinian encampment. The suspect is facing a charge of felony assault with a deadly weapon. The university is investigating the incident and the chief of the U.C.L.A. Police Department has been temporarily removed from his post.
Israeli forces destroy weapons and tunnels in Rafah, aid is distributed in Gaza, and Treasury Secretary warns against cutting off ties between Palestinian and Israeli banks.
The United Nations top court has ordered Israel to immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah governorate in Gaza.
Israeli forces recover bodies of three hostages killed in a Hamas attack in northern Gaza. Talks for a cease-fire and the release of the remaining hostages have stalled.
A U.S. aid project in Gaza has failed to provide relief, causing concerns for its success. Israeli forces' push into Rafah has led to a mass exodus, and the International Court of Justice is set to respond to a petition for a halt to the ground assault. The C.I.A. director plans to revive stalled negotiations, and families of abducted Israeli soldiers release a video to pressure the government for their release.
Pro-Palestinian activism was evident at the CUNY School of Law graduation as students chanted, carried signs, and walked out despite a ban on speakers.
Ari Emanuel, chief executive of Endeavor, condemned Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, for his leadership and called for him to step down at a gala held by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Israel pushes deeper into Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, defying international opinion and facing growing pressure and isolation.
A U.S. aid project in Gaza faces challenges as relief efforts falter and Israeli forces continue their assault in Rafah.
Israeli forces raided Al Awda Hospital in northern Gaza, forcing patients and staff to evacuate. About 30 people, including critical patients and medical workers, stayed behind.
C.I.A. Director William J. Burns will meet with his Israeli counterpart in Europe to revive talks on a cease-fire in Gaza and the release of hostages.
Israel remains focused on its public's views of the war with Hamas in Gaza, despite international criticism and diplomatic blows.
The U.S. military and allies are facing challenges in delivering aid to Gaza, with little relief reaching Palestinians and operations being suspended due to lack of security.
In the town of Safed, Israelis are arming themselves due to a deep sense of vulnerability caused by frequent rocket attacks from Hezbollah.
The International Criminal Court has requested arrest warrants for Israel's prime minister and defense minister, setting up a possible confrontation with Israel and the United States.
Families of Israeli hostages held in Gaza have released a video of their abductions in an effort to push for more talks and bring attention to their situation. The video shows Palestinian fighters binding the hands of five Israeli women and making threats. Talks to secure the release of the hostages have been at a standstill since Israel began its assault on the city of Rafah in May.
Former Trump official Richard Grenell meets with Arab and Muslim American leaders in Michigan to discuss political support for Donald Trump amid criticism of President Biden's Israel policy.
Nikki Haley criticizes President Biden and Republicans on foreign policy in her first public appearance since dropping out of the presidential race.
Families of Israeli female soldiers taken hostage by Hamas release new footage to pressure the government for cease-fire talks and the release of their loved ones.
Support for Israel is shifting in Europe as countries recognize Palestinian statehood and pressure mounts to take a firmer stand against Israel's handling of the Palestinian territories.
Trump prosecutor wins primary in Georgia, progressive candidate loses in Oregon, and Biden faces resistance in Kentucky.
Norway's recognition of a Palestinian state is significant due to its role in hosting the Oslo Accords and its recent condemnation of Israel's conduct in the conflict.
Spain, Norway, and Ireland recognize a Palestinian state, adding to Israel's isolation over the conflict in Gaza.
Trump prosecutor wins, McCarthy's successor is set, and notable protest votes in Kentucky and Oregon primaries.
Analysts say the deaths of Iran's president and foreign minister are unlikely to change Iran's use of proxy warfare through allied groups in the Middle East.
Food and supplies delivered through a U.S.-built pier in Gaza have not been distributed to Palestinians by aid organizations, according to the Pentagon spokesman. The World Food Program had to suspend deliveries after looting incidents. Alternative routes for safe movement of staff and cargo have been established, and aid is being taken to warehouses for distribution.
Pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted Secretary of State Antony Blinken's testimony, calling him a 'war criminal' and accusing him of being responsible for Palestinian deaths.
Four lawmakers have criticized the Biden administration's plan to ease sanctions on an Israeli mining executive accused of corruption in Congo. They argue that allowing the executive to profit from selling his holdings would undermine anti-corruption efforts and U.S. interests.
The Biden administration halted a secret mission to transfer detainees from Guantánamo Bay to Oman after concerns were raised by Congress about Middle East instability following a Hamas attack on Israel.
Dr. Samer Attar documents the dire conditions in Gaza's hospitals during the war, emphasizing the need for aid, evacuation of injured civilians, and protection of medical infrastructure.
Karim Khan, the I.C.C. prosecutor, is a renowned international law expert and litigator. He recently announced his plan to seek arrest warrants for leaders of Israel and Hamas. His decision to prioritize investigations into crimes by the Taliban and Islamic State over abuse by American forces in Afghanistan has drawn attention.
Iran's president and foreign minister killed in helicopter crash. Little change expected in policies. Acting president appointed. U.S. offers condolences. Next leaders face decisions on U.S. confrontations.
Former Trump officials meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, expressing solidarity and discussing recent events.
Iran's leaders aim to project stability after the death of President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian in a helicopter crash. The next leaders of Iran, who are likely to be hard-liners, will have to decide how to approach their confrontations with the U.S.
Netanyahu condemns I.C.C.'s decision to seek arrest warrants against Israeli leaders, stating it is an attempt to deny Israel's right of self-defense.
Maggie Tamposi Goodlander, wife of the national security adviser, is running for Congress in New Hampshire after a traumatic pregnancy. Her experience has inspired her to fight for abortion rights as she enters the race for New Hampshire's second district.
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has backed a bill in New York that could strip tax-exempt status from nonprofits supporting Israel's military and settlements.
The International Criminal Court prosecutor has requested arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Israeli reservists are calling for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition to step aside, expressing their dissatisfaction with the current government's handling of the conflict with Hamas.
Iran's president and foreign minister killed in helicopter crash. Israeli officials challenge Netanyahu over postwar Gaza strategy.
Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's president and possible successor to the supreme leader, died in a helicopter crash. He was known for cracking down on opponents and supporting Iran's regional influence and nuclear program.
A helicopter carrying Iran's president crashed, and a search-and-rescue operation is underway. The cause of the crash is unknown, and the incident occurred during delicate international relations talks. If the president dies, power will be transferred to the first vice president.
Tensions between Iran and the United States escalate as multiple crises unfold, including the fate of Iran's president and the future of the nuclear program. Iran's aggression extends to arming militant groups and cyber hacking attempts.
President Biden addressed Morehouse College graduates, discussing manhood, hate, and the war in Gaza.
A student protester at the University of Chicago is facing disciplinary action and potential expulsion for his involvement in protests demanding transparency and divestment from Israeli entities. Despite the consequences, he has no regrets and is determined to continue fighting for justice.
Benny Gantz threatens to leave Israeli government, bodies received in Gaza, Palestinians flee Rafah, Israeli man's body recovered, and rally held in Tel-Aviv.
A top U.S. official visits Israel to discuss hostage release talks, the humanitarian crisis, and defeating Hamas. The official opposes a full-scale attack on Rafah and travels to Saudi Arabia to discuss a possible Middle East peace deal.
A pro-Palestinian protest in Brooklyn turned violent as police arrested demonstrators and were filmed punching individuals on the ground.
The presence of mimes in Islamabad, Pakistan has led to conspiracy theories about their true purpose, reflecting the prevalence of such theories in the country.
President Biden warns Black voters in Atlanta about the threat posed by former President Donald J. Trump and emphasizes the need to protect democracy in the upcoming election.
U.S. and Iranian officials held indirect talks in Oman on the risks of a wider war following Iran's attack on Israel.
President Biden returns to Georgia facing a different climate as recent polls show Trump with a lead and discontent grows over his handling of the war in Gaza.
As Palestinians flee Rafah, one family returns to their destroyed home while facing limited resources and increasing prices. They fear another invasion and are unsure of how they would escape if it happens.
An article about Wall Street executives supporting Donald Trump's re-election bid omitted a comment from JPMorgan Chase and corrections were made for various errors in other articles.
Pro-Palestinian protesters take over Institute of Politics building at the University of Chicago, damaging property and confronting the director.
Trucks of humanitarian aid enter Gaza through U.S.-built pier, but supplies are insufficient to meet the needs of the war-torn territory.
Israeli forces recover the remains of three hostages in Gaza, raising concerns about the fate of other hostages. Trucks of humanitarian aid arrive in Gaza, but it is insufficient to address the hunger and deprivation in the region.
A TikTok movement called 'Blockout 2024' is urging followers to block celebrities over their silence on the Israel-Hamas war.
New York University is facing criticism for its disciplinary process against student protesters, which includes completing a 49-page set of reading and tasks and writing a 'reflection paper'.
The Arab League has called for the deployment of U.N. peacekeepers in the occupied Palestinian territory until the two-state solution is implemented. The United Nations has expressed willingness to take other measures called for by the Arab League, such as hosting or leading a conference toward peace and cease-fire in the conflict.
Manchester City faces 115 charges of breaching financial regulations over nine seasons, raising questions about the Premier League's ability to regulate its clubs and its competition. Despite the allegations, the team's success and technical brilliance under manager Pep Guardiola deserve praise.
The Arab League has called for U.N. peacekeepers to be deployed in Gaza and the West Bank until a two-state solution is achieved.
Columbia University students attend alternative graduation ceremony near campus featuring pro-Palestinian speeches and poems.
A congressional committee accuses Harvard of ignoring recommendations from its antisemitism advisory group and failing to crack down on antisemitism on campus.
House Republicans risk control of the House floor by attending Trump's trial, leaving themselves exposed to Democrats.
The Biden administration plans to allow Israeli mining executive Dan Gertler to sell off his stakes in Congo's mining operations to increase the supply of cobalt for electric vehicles.
Israeli extremists within the settler movement have been protected by the government despite their attacks on Palestinians and Israeli officials, according to a multiyear investigation.
Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken warns that the fighting in southern Gaza could undo recent gains in humanitarian aid delivery to the region.
The Biden administration intends to sell $1 billion in new weapons to Israel while withholding a shipment of bombs to prevent their use in Gaza.
Republicans are urging school leaders to fire educators accused of antisemitism, but various factors make the situation complex. The definition of antisemitic behavior is disputed, and school leaders have different approaches to addressing the issue.
The Biden administration intends to proceed with a $1 billion arms sale to Israel, while withholding a shipment of bombs to prevent their use in a potential invasion of Gaza. The administration aims to prevent an assault on Rafah and limit civilian casualties in Gaza while supporting Israel's right to defend itself.
Former President Donald J. Trump leads President Biden in five of six crucial battleground states, according to a new set of surveys by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Representative Don Bacon of Nebraska, a mainstream Republican, easily defeated a primary challenge from a right-wing businessman and is now expected to face a tough re-election race in a competitive district won by President Biden.
Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb has accepted the head-coaching job for the Green Bay college basketball team. Gottlieb, who has long desired to coach at the college level, will also continue his daily radio show.
Democrats' split over Israel takes center stage in tense primary debate.
Protesters disrupt Israeli Memorial Day events demanding release of hostages taken by Hamas.
The White House says Israel has not provided a plan to protect civilians in Rafah and has not connected military operations to a political plan for Gaza's governance.
Maj. Harrison Mann, a specialist in the Middle East and Africa, announced his resignation in a post on LinkedIn, citing the US' unconditional support for Israel as the reason for leaving the service.
Israel observes Memorial Day to honor war dead and victims of terrorism, while recovering from the trauma of recent events and facing international isolation.
Protesters at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have agreed to take down a pro-Palestinian encampment under an agreement with the school. The university pledged to join calls for a cease-fire and denounce the destruction of schools in Gaza.
The U.S. has not ruled out withholding more military aid from Israel if they launch a major attack on Rafah, according to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken.
Around 300,000 Palestinians in Gaza are being forced to flee as Israel issues new evacuation orders. Many are unsure where to find shelter in a devastated area. The expanded orders apply to the city of Rafah, deepening fears of an Israeli invasion.
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators march in Malmo to protest Israel's participation in Eurovision.
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