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Harvard, M.I.T., and the University of Pennsylvania are facing a congressional investigation and backlash from donors over their handling of antisemitism on campus.
Israel claims that Hamas fired rockets from safe zones in Gaza, but the evidence has not been verified.
Artforum magazine faces backlash and boycotts after firing its editor in chief and publishing an open letter about the Israel-Hamas war.
Israel's claims about Al-Mawasi highlight concerns about the safety of civilians in Gaza, as the United Nations opposes safe zones and advocates for sheltering in protected buildings. Tens of thousands of people have fled to Rafah, the only place in Gaza to receive humanitarian aid. The area lacks facilities and accommodations for the influx of people, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
University presidents evade questions about antisemitism on campus, prompting criticism from Representative Elise Stefanik.
The Justice Department is investigating the deaths of 30 Americans on Oct. 7. The Israeli military released a rare photo of Hamas leaders hiding in a tunnel.
The Israeli military warns Gazans to avoid a main highway in the south due to intense fighting and danger. Hamas claims to have killed Israeli soldiers and destroyed military vehicles, but these claims cannot be verified.
The United States announces additional humanitarian assistance and condemns reports of rape and sexual violence committed by Hamas fighters in Israeli towns. President Biden calls on the world to condemn the sexual violence and vows to continue efforts to secure the release of the hostages.
Cease-fire in Gaza ends, leading to resumption of airstrikes and uncertainty for residents.
Israeli doctors at Schneider Children's Medical Center are providing care to child hostages returning home after being kidnapped by Hamas and other militant groups. The children have suffered significant weight loss and hygiene issues, and are receiving physical and psychological support from the medical teams.
Israel and Hamas engage in house-to-house gunfights in Khan Younis.
The global art business is facing challenges after the Covid pandemic, including inflation, high interest rates, and international conflicts.
Presidents of Harvard, M.I.T., and the University of Pennsylvania testified before a congressional committee, defending against accusations of allowing antisemitism on their campuses. They acknowledged antisemitic and Islamophobic behavior since the Hamas attack on Israel.
Vice President Kamala Harris visited the Middle East to discuss the Israel-Hamas war and emphasize the need to protect civilians.
The U.S. is discussing the establishment of a naval task force to protect ships in the Red Sea from attacks by Iranian proxy forces. The move comes after a U.S. destroyer downed three drones targeting commercial vessels, believed to be linked to Israel's war with Hamas. The attacks were fully enabled by Iran, according to the U.S.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption trial resumes, adding to his legal and political challenges.
Israel expands evacuation orders in Gaza as it prepares for a ground invasion, causing confusion and fear among residents. Airstrikes have resulted in widespread destruction and casualties. International officials call on Israel to protect innocent lives and define its objectives. The battle for control of underground tunnels continues, with hundreds destroyed by Israeli forces.
The main suspect in the Paris attack had pledged allegiance to ISIS and was known to French intelligence services for Islamist extremism and psychiatric disorders.
A U.S. Navy destroyer is attacked in the Red Sea, potentially escalating the conflict between the U.S. military and Iranian-backed militants.
Israeli military issues evacuation orders to many Gazans, causing confusion and panic among residents.
Israeli mothers are grappling with anxiety and fear as their sons serve in the Israeli Army during the ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza.
Top U.S. officials urge Israel to protect Gazans as fighting intensifies in Israel-Hamas war. Over 100 hostages remain in captivity, prompting families to call for more action from the government.
A knife attack in central Paris has revived concerns of terrorism, as a German tourist was killed and others injured. The suspect, who has serious psychiatric disorders, expressed anger over the death of Muslims worldwide. France remains on high alert and an investigation has been opened.
Israel's military leadership is under scrutiny after intelligence failures in predicting a major Hamas attack. Trust in the military remains high among Jewish Israelis, despite the attack's impact on citizen safety. The military has taken responsibility for the failures and promised investigations.
Israeli military strikes in Gaza have killed 193 people and displaced 1.8 million Gazans.
Israel orders evacuations and intensifies attacks on southern Gaza, raising concerns of a ground invasion.
The Israeli military has demanded evacuations in southern Gaza, potentially indicating an upcoming invasion. Israeli strikes on Gaza have killed over 15,000 people since October 7, according to the Gazan health ministry. Israeli ground forces have already captured parts of northern Gaza and plan to advance south towards Khan Younis.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing backlash for his government's failure to prevent a recent terrorist attack by Hamas. Calls for his resignation are growing, but his ouster is unlikely due to the complexities of Israel's parliamentary system.
Ireland has emerged as an outlier in Europe for its stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with the majority of people sympathetic to Palestinian civilians while also condemning the Hamas attacks.
Gazans brace for expanded hostilities as the truce ends and Israel turns its focus on southern Gaza. The flow of vital supplies slows down and casualties increase.
Actress Susan Sarandon apologizes for her remarks at a pro-Palestinian rally, acknowledging her mistake and expressing regret for diminishing the history of antisemitism.
World Food Program staff confront Cindy McCain over her alleged failure to speak out against the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Calls for her removal are growing.
A protester self-immolated outside the Israeli Consulate building in Atlanta in an extreme act of political protest. A security guard attempted to intervene but was unsuccessful.
Rep. Adam Smith's home in Washington was vandalized with 'cease-fire' messages.
Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners, most of whom were not convicted of a crime, in exchange for 105 hostages freed by Hamas.
Israel and Hamas resume offensive operations in the Gaza Strip after a weeklong cease-fire collapses, leading to casualties and renewed fighting.
Middle Eastern leaders at the COP28 climate summit express support for Palestinians and condemn Israel's military campaign in Gaza.
The truce between Israel and Hamas collapsed due to a stalemate in negotiations for further exchanges of hostages and prisoners.
Israel resumes airstrikes on Gaza after ceasefire ends, complicating mediation efforts and worsening the humanitarian crisis.
A weeklong cease-fire in the Gaza Strip collapses, with Israel and Hamas blaming each other for the breakdown of the fragile truce.
Hamas released eight Israeli hostages on Thursday, including dual nationals from Mexico, Russia, and Uruguay. The truce was renewed for 24 hours, but there is uncertainty about another extension.
Susan Sarandon's agency dropped her after her remarks at a pro-Palestinian rally, highlighting the clash between her progressive politics and others in the industry.
Recent polls show that more Americans support Israelis than support Palestinians, but support for Israel's actions has slipped due to concerns about the civilian toll in Gaza. Public opinion on the war is not always consistent, and very liberal Americans view this war differently from most other Americans.
The late secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, gained media attention for his personal life and diplomatic prowess during his time in the Nixon and Ford administrations.
The death of Henry Kissinger has sparked a mix of celebration and mourning, as friends and critics express divergent opinions on his legacy.
Henry Kissinger, the influential diplomat, has passed away at the age of 100, leaving behind a legacy of shaping the nation's Cold War history.
Ahed Tamimi and other Palestinian prisoners were released from Israeli prisons in a hostage exchange with Gaza.
Leaders in business and politics discuss various topics at the 2023 DealBook Summit, including Elon Musk's response to an advertiser boycott, Kamala Harris defending the Biden administration's economic record, and Isaac Herzog discussing efforts to extend a cease-fire with Hamas.
Israeli hostages released on Tuesday include Clara Marman, Mia Leimberg, Gabriela Leimberg, Ditza Heiman, Tamar Metzger, Noralin Babadila, Ada Sagi, Meirav Tal, Rimon Kirsht, Yagev Buchshtab, and Ofelia Roitman.
President Biden is facing backlash over his support for Israel's actions in Gaza, with anger coming from supporters and staff members who feel disenchanted with his stance. Biden administration officials argue that the president's support for Israel is only part of the story and that he has also called for caution and the protection of Palestinian civilians. Senior aides have held meetings with upset officials to address their concerns.
C.I.A. Director William J. Burns arrives in Qatar for talks on freeing more hostages in Gaza, building on the agreement between Israel and Hamas.
Gazans who have fled the northern part of the enclave face a perilous journey to the south, uncertain future, and the threat of strikes returning.
The US has warned Israel to fight more surgically and avoid further displacement of Palestinians to prevent a humanitarian crisis. The Biden administration is ramping up humanitarian aid during the ceasefire and plans to deploy military relief flights to deliver necessities to Gaza.
The U.S. will push for the truce to last until all the hostages are released, as Qatari mediators announce an extension. The pause marks the longest break in fighting in the Gaza Strip since October 7.
Hamas and Israel are open to extending the truce in the ongoing war. A suspect has been arrested in connection with the shooting of three American university students, who were of Palestinian descent, near the University of Vermont. The incident is being investigated as a possible hate crime.
The U.S. Navy rescued a ship from pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden and is investigating possible Iranian involvement.
Hamas confirms the death of one of its top commanders, Abu Anas al-Ghandour, and three others in the ongoing war with Israel in Gaza.
Phil Klay, a veteran and writer, reflects on war, the importance of telling uncomfortable stories, and the need for empathy and change in American society.
The article explores the similarities and differences between the experiences of Jewish Holocaust survivors who arrived in New York City after World War II and present-day migrants. It highlights the challenges faced by both groups and the varying levels of support and resources available to them.
Watsana Yojampa's son, Anucha Angkaew, was released by Hamas after being held hostage in the Gaza Strip. 18 Thai nationals are still being held captive.
Israel has received 13 Israeli hostages and four foreign nationals who were held in Gaza, while in turn releasing 39 Palestinians from Israeli prisons. The exchange is part of an agreement that allows for a pause in fighting to be extended.
Hamas released a second group of 13 hostages to Israel on Saturday as part of a cease-fire deal, a day after it released another 13. The group of Israelis released on Saturday included six members of an extended family from the ravaged Israeli border village of Be'eri, all of whom were kidnapped during Hamas's Oct. 7 terror attack in Israel.
A group of Israelis, including women and children, who were kidnapped during a terror attack in Israel have been released. The release includes members of an extended family from the village of Be'eri, who were celebrating a Jewish holiday when the attack occurred. The family members were identified among the dead or kidnapped after being missing for days and weeks. The release of the hostages brings hope to their families, but many others are still held captive in Gaza.
The Israeli hostages freed on Friday begin to reunite with their families after being abducted in a surprise attack last month.
Israel faces a dilemma as it decides whether to continue its invasion of Gaza after a four-day truce. An extended cease-fire could jeopardize Israel's goal of dismantling Hamas and provide an opportunity for foreign powers to pressure Israel to scale back its military goals.
Israel's assault on Gaza is resulting in a historic pace of civilian deaths, with experts saying that the death toll during this campaign has few precedents in this century.
34 pro-Palestinian protesters were detained at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York for demonstrating against Israel's killings of civilians in Gaza. The protests continued in several cities on Black Friday.
The release of 13 Israeli hostages brings hope to a nation still recovering from a recent assault.
President Biden is hopeful that the current pause in hostilities could lead to a longer cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. He called the release of hostages a positive step and remains in contact with key leaders to ensure the deal's implementation.
Qatar and Egypt negotiated for the release of Thai hostages in separate talks. Qatar helped mediate the negotiations, resulting in the release of 10 Thai nationals and one Filipino.
Palestinians attempt to return home in Gaza but are met with Israeli fire, raising concerns of permanent displacement.
Fuel trucks carrying humanitarian aid have entered Gaza from Egypt, providing relief to the enclave. Fuel shortages have caused hospitals to close and hindered aid distribution. Israel has largely prevented fuel from entering Gaza since October, citing security concerns.
A temporary cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas is set to begin on Friday, including an exchange of hostages and prisoners and an increase in humanitarian aid for Gaza.
Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease-fire for the release of hostages, allowing for more aid and fuel for civilians in Gaza. The release of hostages is expected to occur on Thursday at the earliest.
Israel approves a cease-fire with Hamas after weeks of negotiations, agreeing to exchange prisoners.
Corrections made to articles on the psychological chasm between Palestinians and Israelis, and European countries increasing weapon production to aid Ukraine.
A former State Department official was recorded harassing a halal food vendor in Manhattan, calling the man a 'terrorist.' The encounters were captured on video and spread online during a time of heightened tensions between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian groups.
Figure Eight, a new Chinese restaurant in New York City, offers a Southern Atlantic twist on Chinese cuisine. Little Maven opens in Chelsea, Radio Star serves Mediterranean food in a 1940s setting, and Yono Sushi opens in the Moynihan Train Hall. Le Bernardin is named the top restaurant in the United States by La Liste.
Satellite imagery reveals hijacked vessel anchored near Yemen port, demonstrating support for Palestinians.
X, formerly known as Twitter, has sued Media Matters after the advocacy group published research showing that ads on X appeared next to antisemitic content. Major brands have paused their spending on the platform following an advertiser exodus sparked by Elon Musk's endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory.
The W.H.O. states that critical trauma care is not possible at Gaza's hospitals. The attack on the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza has raised concerns and Indonesia is struggling to get information about three missing volunteers.
Thirty years ago, a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seemed achievable. The story of how it fell apart reveals why the fight remains so intractable today.
About 300,000 people marched in London in support of Palestine, calling for a cease-fire in Gaza and an end to the war.
Nikki Haley calls on Israel to eliminate Hamas, highlighting Iran's support for the group and other militant organizations in the region.
Israel's forces tighten the noose around Gaza City as airstrikes continue, resulting in thousands of deaths and disrupted diplomatic relations. The dire conditions for civilians in Gaza worsen with shortages of essential supplies. International aid organizations and the United Nations denounce the destruction and civilian deaths, while Israelis mourn the victims of Hamas's attack.
Israel plans to take on 'overall security' in Gaza after the war to prevent future attacks, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
South Africa recalls diplomats from Israel as tensions rise over the war in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu proposes a post-war plan giving Israel overall security responsibility over Gaza indefinitely.
House Republicans are working to avoid a government shutdown as the funding deadline approaches. Speaker Mike Johnson is trying to rally support among Republicans to pass a government funding measure.
Arab countries intensify pleas for a Gaza cease-fire as public anger mounts and fears for regional stability grow.
Israel plans to oversee the security of Gaza after the fighting with Hamas ends, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Ron Dermer, a key ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, serves as a crucial conduit to the Biden administration and has been praised for his constructive presence in meetings and phone calls. However, his close ties to Netanyahu and opposition to the two-state solution could pose challenges as the crisis moves into diplomacy and politics.
Israeli officials have cited past Western military actions in urban areas to justify their campaign against Hamas in Gaza, which has resulted in thousands of Palestinian deaths.
Seven individuals have chosen to have their ashes or DNA sent into outer space as part of a memorial spaceflight service offered by Celestis.
A Jewish man died after an altercation at dueling protests in California. The incident is being investigated as a possible hate crime.
Israel has split the Gaza Strip in two, making it more difficult for Hamas to control the enclave. The extent of the fighting is unclear due to a communications blackout. The United States is working to increase humanitarian aid into Gaza and prevent the conflict from expanding into a wider war.
Amid Mideast violence, food cannot offer a route to peace, according to an associate professor at the University of Iowa.
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