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Airdrops are a last resort and illustrate the dire situation in Gaza.
Iran's parliamentary election, dismissed as a 'sham' by opponents, has closed with a low turnout of around 41%.
George Galloway's return to Westminster is causing concern among MPs as they worry about the future of British politics. His viewpoints and communication skills unsettle mainstream parties and could exacerbate tensions among his rivals.
George Galloway's win in the Rochdale by-election raises concerns about the impact on Keir Starmer's Labour Party and highlights divisions over Gaza and Israel.
Controversial left-winger George Galloway wins Rochdale by-election with a majority of 5,697 votes. Labour candidate's campaign disrupted by leaked recordings of alleged antisemitic comments.
A disaster declaration has been issued for northern Texas as wildfires spread, forcing evacuations and shutting down a nuclear weapons plant.
Joe Biden wins Michigan primary but faces voter backlash over Israel policy.
Joe Biden says Israel has agreed to halt military activities during Ramadan, but warns of the high death toll among Palestinians and the risk of losing international support.
Joe Biden expressed hope for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to be agreed 'by the end of the weekend' during an unannounced visit to an ice cream parlour in New York.
Israel's war cabinet has been briefed on a potential ceasefire deal with Hamas following negotiations in Paris.
Sky News and Politico journalists discuss predictions for British politics in the next week, including the potential resignation of Speaker of the House Sir Lindsay Hoyle and public protests over Gaza.
MPs are set to debate a ceasefire in Gaza again after last week's chaotic scenes in parliament. The SNP wants to refocus the discussion away from the Westminster circus and press for concrete actions to achieve an end to the fighting.
Labour leader Keir Starmer accuses Rishi Sunak of harboring extremists in his party after Tory MP Lee Anderson is suspended for 'Islamophobic' comments.
There has been 'significant progress' in hostage talks in Paris, according to Israeli media.
The second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine comes as America prepares for a crucial election and while funding for a Ukrainian victory remains blocked in a divided Congress. Western leaders have repeatedly warned that Putin won't stop at Ukraine given the chance.
Rapper Wiley loses MBE over antisemitic social media posts.
Downing Street condemns 'from the river to the sea' projection on Big Ben during pro-Palestinian rally.
Sir Lindsay Hoyle is fighting to save his job as Speaker of the House of Commons after facing criticism over his handling of a vote on the Israel-Hamas ceasefire.
The chaos in the UK Parliament has led to an increase in death threats and abuse towards MPs, with some having to hire personal bodyguards for protection.
Sir Lindsay Hoyle's decision to allow a Labour amendment on a Gaza ceasefire to be debated and voted on has sparked anger from the SNP and Conservatives, as it deviates from convention and is seen as favoritism.
Prince William has spoken out about the conflict in the Middle East, expressing concern for human suffering and a desire for the fighting to stop. He visited the British Red Cross and discussed the issue with the team in Gaza. His comments will have a global impact.
Labour demands investigation into claims made by former Post Office chair Henry Staunton, who alleged he was told to delay payouts to sub-postmasters ahead of the election.
Labour has changed its stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict and now supports an immediate ceasefire, but questions remain about the credibility of the party's position. It is unclear how Labour MPs will vote in the upcoming SNP votes.
US frustration with Israel grows as many countries call for an end to the fighting in Gaza.
Labour has called for an 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza for the first time, stating that the situation there is 'intolerable'. The party's position aligns with that of the UK's Five Eyes partners who called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza last week.
The Home Office is investigating after a baby's birth certificate was returned with the word 'Israel' scribbled out. The incident has been deemed 'completely unacceptable' and the Campaign Against Antisemitism has called for an investigation.
Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron has called for 'a stop to the fighting right now' in Gaza, but stopped short of calling for an immediate ceasefire.
The Home Office is investigating after a baby's birth certificate was returned with the word 'Israel' scribbled out. The incident comes after over 4,000 antisemitic incidents were recorded in the UK in 2023.
A Star of David necklace on a statue of Amy Winehouse in Camden Market was covered with a sticker of a Palestinian flag, prompting police inquiries.
Former minister Tobias Ellwood has called for new legislation to prevent protesters from visiting MPs' houses following reports that Just Stop Oil plans to occupy politicians' homes ahead of the next general election.
A member of Israel's war cabinet has indicated a ground invasion of Rafah may begin around Ramadan, which is expected to start on 10 March.
Nancy Pelosi accuses Donald Trump of allowing Republicans to block funding for Ukraine and criticizes his relationship with Vladimir Putin.
The BAFTA 2024 ceremony was filled with Hollywood A-listers and featured musical performances and comedy skits. Oppenheimer won seven awards, Poor Things won five, and The Zone Of Interest won three.
Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has stated that there is 'not much difference' between his and Sir Keir Starmer's position on a ceasefire in Gaza. Sarwar dismissed suggestions of a clear difference, stating that they were in 'absolute agreement' on most Middle East issues. He emphasized that a ceasefire should mean an end to violence and rocket fire from both sides, the release of hostages, humanitarian aid, and a pathway to a two-state solution. Sarwar called for a unified message from parliament to stop the violence.
Sir Keir Starmer calls for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza ahead of a vote in the Commons, risking Labour divisions on the issue.
Labour gains six seats from Conservatives in by-elections, Reform UK receives over 10% of votes, Liberal Democrats show improvement in concentrating their vote, Nigel Farage calls for unity of centre-right vote, upcoming by-election in Rochdale expected to be a loss for Labour due to candidate controversy, speculation of early general election.
The Egyptian foreign minister denies reports of preparations for an influx of Palestinian refugees as Palestinians in Rafah face an expected Israeli ground offensive.
Film-makers take a 'method directing' approach to create an eco-fantasy film about the life cycle of a wild salmon, highlighting the negative human impact and the need for small choices and interconnectedness.
Israeli special forces have raided the largest functioning hospital in Gaza, claiming that Hamas fighters were hiding there and hostages may have been kept at the site.
UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini has refused to resign despite Israeli calls for him to step down. The agency is facing a funding shortfall and an 'existential threat'.
Sir Keir Starmer has been urged to suspend any Labour member who was present at a meeting of activists where antisemitic comments were allegedly made.
A top UN official has warned that the situation in Gaza is the worst humanitarian crisis he has ever seen in his 50-year career. Martin Griffiths, the UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, compared the situation in Gaza to the civil war in Syria and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. He also expressed concern about the lack of operating conditions for humanitarian operations and the difficulty of getting aid into Gaza. Griffiths called for a negotiated solution to the conflict and praised Sky News for its reporting on the civil war in Sudan.
Another Labour politician, Munsif Dad, has been linked to a meeting where antisemitic remarks were made by two parliamentary candidates, adding to the ongoing controversy within the party.
The Senate has passed a funding bill for Ukraine, but it still needs to pass the House of Representatives. The situation highlights the political mess in America and the influence of Donald Trump on global geopolitics.
Israel's potential military operation in Rafah raises concerns and questions about its intentions and potential consequences.
A pioneering mission is set to launch to the moon's south pole in search of water, joining other recent missions by China, India, and Japan. The missions are part of a global effort to explore new areas of the moon and find water, which could be important for future space exploration.
Labour withdraws support for Rochdale by-election candidate Azhar Ali after 'antisemitism' row.
Egypt threatens to suspend peace deal with Israel over offensive in Gaza, causing grave diplomatic consequences.
The US and UK have urged Israel to show restraint as the IDF prepares for an offensive in Rafah, where more than one million Palestinians are sheltering. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the IDF to develop a plan to evacuate the city and destroy four Hamas battalions.
Allies of Joe Biden have dismissed attacks on his age and memory as a 'bucket of BS' after a report questioned his mental capacity.
President Joe Biden warns Israel against launching a military operation in Rafah without a credible plan to protect civilians, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains defiant.
The controversy surrounding Rochdale candidate Azhar Ali's comments about Israel is not just about the by-election, but also about Sir Keir Starmer's ability to make difficult political decisions.
The CEO of Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe, and his family were among six people killed in a helicopter crash in California's Mojave Desert. The crash is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.
Israel has been warned of repercussions if it launches a ground invasion in Rafah, while suggesting civilians could evacuate and find refuge in tent camps which are not yet built.
The White House has hit back at a report questioning President Joe Biden's memory, calling the remarks 'wrong and inaccurate'. Vice President Kamala Harris also criticized the findings, stating that they were politically motivated.
British Airways plans to resume flights to and from Israel in April, operating four return services per week using short-haul aircraft.
A report by a Justice Department Special Counsel states that President Joe Biden will not face charges for holding classified documents due to his 'limited' memory. This assessment raises concerns about Biden's age and mental capability.
Middle East football associations have called on FIFA to ban Israel over the war on Hamas in Gaza, but the Israeli Football Association has urged FIFA to keep politics out of sport and allow them to continue trying to qualify for the men's European Championship this summer.
Crowds in Baghdad express anger after US drone attack kills senior commander of pro-Iran group.
An amateur UK photographer has won the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year people's choice award with a captivating image of a polar bear sleeping on a makeshift bed carved into an iceberg.
The UK's armed forces are in a funding quagmire, with a lack of capacity to respond to crises and a decline in military strength and readiness to fight a war.
Emily Hand, the former Hamas hostage, was threatened with a knife during her 50-day ordeal. Her father wants to return home, while Emily is unsure. He hopes for her complete recovery and calls for a reasonable deal to secure the release of other hostages.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the military has destroyed most of Hamas's battalions and will 'deal with' the ones that remain, including in the border town of Rafah - which the UN has described as a 'pressure cooker of despair'. Palestinian gunmen have kept up attacks on Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip's two main cities - weeks after they were overrun by troops and tanks.
Protesters who climb on war memorials may face prison time and fines under new plans proposed by the home secretary.
Airstrikes by the UK and the US are degrading the ability of Iran-backed Houthi militants to attack shipping in the Red Sea, but there is little evidence that the action is deterring them.
The US and UK have launched fresh strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, targeting Iran-backed groups that have attacked American and international interests. This marks the third joint operation between the two countries.
Pro-Palestine demonstrators in London continue their marches demanding an end to the war in Gaza and a wider regional conflict, with no signs of waning support.
The best hope for de-escalation in the Middle East lies in progress in Gaza, as recent US strikes are unlikely to deter Iranian proxy groups from carrying out attacks.
The US is targeting Iranian forces in the Middle East in an attempt to deter attacks without escalating the situation further.
The US is targeting Iranian forces in the Middle East to prevent attacks on American troops while avoiding wider escalation or direct war with Iran. President Biden's response will be calculated and deliberate, striking a balance between a powerful military response and avoiding further conflict in the region.
Democratic representative Alabas Farhat and Arab Muslim community leaders in Michigan are snubbing President Joe Biden due to his support for Israel in the war with Hamas and his opposition to a ceasefire. This presents a serious threat to Biden's re-election prospects, as Michigan is a critical swing state. A survey showed Donald Trump ahead in seven key swing states, including Michigan. Biden's vulnerability to a Muslim backlash is evident, as Michigan has a large Arab American and Muslim population.
A frantic new round of diplomacy is underway to pull the Middle East back from the brink - as it hurtles towards an irreversible tipping point.
Kata'ib Hezbollah, a militant group suspected of killing three US soldiers in a drone attack, has paused its operations to avoid embarrassing the Iraqi government. The group, close to Iran, has defied previous calls to end attacks on US forces.
Lord David Cameron faces criticism from Conservative MPs after suggesting the UK may recognize a Palestinian state. Downing Street maintains that the UK's approach has not changed and they are committed to a two-state solution.
Joe Biden has vowed to respond to the attack on Tower 22 that killed US soldiers. The US has been struggling to deter attacks on its bases in the Middle East. Options for response include sanctions, cyberattacks, targeting Iranian ships, or attacking Iranian territory.
A man has been charged after a suspected hate crime involving a knife in Golders Green, London. The incident has caused significant concern and left Jewish communities shaken.
Northern Ireland operates under a power-sharing model as part of the Good Friday Agreement, which requires representatives from both nationalist and unionist parties to share power. The system has faced challenges and has been suspended multiple times, but it has endured since its establishment in 1998.
The three US troops killed in a drone attack on an American base in Jordan have been identified as Sgt William Jerome Rivers, Spc Kennedy Ladon Sanders, and Spc Breonna Alexsondria Moffett. Over 40 others were wounded in the attack.
The family of Sir Tony Lloyd has urged 'divisive' politicians to stay away from the by-election in Rochdale following his death. They expressed their support for the Labour candidate, Azhar Ali, and called on residents to unite behind him.
The deaths of three American troops in a drone strike marks a major escalation in what the US says is an ongoing campaign against it by militia groups who are backed by Iran.
US President Joe Biden has promised to respond after three American troops were killed in a drone strike in Jordan. The attack was carried out by an Iranian-backed militia, and marked the first US fatalities in Jordan during the Israel-Hamas war.
Labour MP Kate Osamor has whip suspended after referring to Gaza as a genocide on Holocaust Memorial Day. She later apologized for any offense caused by her comment.
The killing of three US soldiers in a drone attack raises concerns about potential US retaliation and the risk of uncontrolled escalation in the Middle East crisis.
The deaths of US troops in the Middle East present challenges for President Biden at home and abroad. The attack in Jordan is troubling for both Biden and the Jordanian government. Biden may send more troops to the region, but this increases their risk. The attack adds to tensions in Jordan, where public opinion of America is low. This puts immense pressure on Biden amidst his other challenges.
Three US troops have been killed and 34 injured in a drone attack in Jordan. President Biden blames 'radical Iran-backed militant groups' in Syria and Iraq. The attack marks the first time US troops have been killed in the region since the start of the war in Gaza.
The UK has been urged to pause funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) after accusations that some of its staff were involved in an attack by Hamas on Israel. The US, Italy, Canada, and Australia have already suspended additional funding to the agency while the allegations are investigated.
Antisemitic incidents referencing the Holocaust have increased by 104% across the UK in 2023, new figures obtained by Sky News show.
Holocaust survivor Aharon Barak, an ad-hoc judge at the ICJ, voted in favor of humanitarian aid and the prevention of inflammatory speech in the case against Israel brought by South Africa.
South African leaders celebrate ICJ ruling on South Africa v Israel, calling it a victory for justice for the Palestinian people. The ICJ did not order a ceasefire but called for emergency measures to be implemented.
Experts warn that the threat of World War Three is increasing due to rising tensions and conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. The presence of nuclear weapons makes the situation more perilous than in previous world wars. De-escalation and international action are needed to prevent a global conflict.
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will today deliver an interim ruling on claims Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.
Dame Maureen Lipman expresses concerns about the safety of Jewish people and hopes that Holocaust Memorial Day will not be used by antisemites. She believes that nowhere is currently a safe place to be Jewish, including the UK.
EasyJet anticipates a £40m financial impact from the Middle East conflict, with flights suspended to Israel and Jordan. Despite this, the airline reduced losses and saw increased passenger numbers. The wider ramifications of the conflict are being felt in the global economy, impacting trade and shipping.
The brother and girlfriend of two men held captive by Hamas in Gaza have made an emotional appeal for their return. Liran Berman, speaking on behalf of the families of over 130 hostages, said his life had stopped since his loved ones were taken.
Transgender golfer Hailey Davidson will face testosterone testing and a player poll after winning a women's pro tour event. NXXT Golf is concerned about the integrity of the tour and has requested additional testing. Davidson supports regulations to ensure fairness in sports.
Family members of Israeli hostages stormed parliament demanding action to release their relatives held by Hamas in Gaza.
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