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A Reuters journalist and six others were killed by an Israeli tank in Lebanon, sparking calls for a war crimes investigation by human rights groups.
The International Federation of Journalists reports that 94 media workers have been killed this year, with most of them in Gaza during Israel's war with Hamas.
The war in southern Gaza has caused immense suffering for Palestinians, with hospitals struggling to cope with an influx of patients and a lack of supplies. Hungry families are unable to access food aid and there is a shortage of treatment for chronic health conditions.
Israeli forces kill six Palestinians in clashes at Al-Fara refugee camp in the West Bank.
Videos showing Palestinian men stripped to their underwear in Israeli army custody have caused a dispute, with Israeli army claiming they are terror suspects and Palestinian supporters saying they are ordinary civilians.
Rabbi David Wolpe resigns from Harvard's antisemitism advisory committee over concerns of rising antisemitism on campus.
Palestinian poet Refaat Alareer was killed in an Israeli strike in Gaza. He was known for writing in English to share stories from Gaza and was a co-founder of the 'We are not numbers' project.
A 34-year-old Indian-origin Israeli soldier, Master Sgt. (res.) Gil Daniels, was killed during fighting in the Gaza Strip. His funeral was held on Wednesday in his hometown of Ashdod.
Israel tightens grip around Yahya Sinwar's Gaza residence, with the goal of capturing the Hamas Chief.
Israeli troops engage in fierce battles with Hamas militants in Khan Yunis, as the offensive across Gaza intensifies. Hamas claims to have destroyed military vehicles and Israeli forces find and destroy tunnel shafts in the city.
Russian President Putin visits the UAE and Saudi Arabia to strengthen partnerships and discuss oil cooperation and the Israel-Hamas conflict.
The link between climate change and war has been a theme at COP28, with countries affected by conflict and environmental disasters voicing their concerns.
Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Saudi Arabia after visiting the United Arab Emirates, highlighting Moscow's intent to strengthen its role in the Middle East. During his visit, Putin met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss enhanced collaboration on oil prices. Putin's flight path strategically avoided flying over regions where Russia has been involved in conflicts in recent years.
Republican senators block emergency aid for Ukraine and Israel, demanding immigration reforms. President Biden warns of possible Russian aggression. Aid package's prospects uncertain after classified Ukraine briefing.
Israel approves over 1,700 new homes in east Jerusalem, expanding settlements and posing problems for a Palestinian state.
Hamas officials join Nelson Mandela's family at ceremony marking 10th anniversary of his death in South Africa.
The hopes of Western powers wooing the Global South to create a new world order always had an element of fantasy. Israel's war in Gaza should finally put an end to them.
The IDF accuses Hamas of using civilian infrastructure for terrorist activities, including launching rockets and storing weapons.
The U.S. has implemented visa bans on individuals engaged in violence in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, following appeals to Israel to take proactive measures against violence by Jewish settlers.
Israel releases image of killed Hamas militants enjoying meal in Gaza tunnel
A strike on a school in southern Gaza kills 25 people and injures many others, as the Israeli army continues its offensive against Hamas.
President Biden condemns reports of Hamas raping Israeli hostages and calls on the world to condemn such conduct without equivocation.
Israel is contemplating flooding Hamas tunnels in Gaza by pumping water from the Mediterranean Sea, aiming to eradicate the underground network and bring Hamas fighters to the surface.
A rocket launched by Hamas hit an Israeli military base containing nuclear missiles, causing a fire but no damage to the missiles themselves.
IDF accuses Hamas of breaking hostage release agreement, claims Hamas uses civilians as shields in Gaza.
Putin's visit to the Gulf states defies efforts to isolate him and highlights Russia's goal of asserting influence in the Middle East.
Qatar's ruler criticizes international community for inaction on Israel-Hamas war, calling it shameful.
US researchers claim investors may have profited from short-selling Israeli securities prior to a Hamas attack. The use of cryptocurrency by pro-Palestinian groups is also noted. Israel Securities Authority is investigating, and a bribery case resurfaces for Benjamin Netanyahu.
Individuals linked to Hamas may have profited from the October terror attacks in Israel through suspicious stock trading activities, according to a report by US researchers. The report also highlights the use of cryptocurrency by pro-Palestinian terrorist groups for fundraising.
Israel orders evacuations and drops bombs in the Gaza Strip as it expands its ground campaign to the south. The US calls on Israel to protect civilians in the southern part of Gaza.
A draft Pentagon report reveals that the US defense industry is lagging behind China in high-tech arms competition and highlights the need for more resilient and innovative supply chains.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu holds phone briefing with war cabinet, security chiefs
The White House says Israel is making efforts to protect civilians in Gaza and has published a map of safe places for Gazans. US Vice President Kamala Harris expressed concern over civilian suffering.
A US warship and commercial ships were attacked in the Red Sea, escalating tensions in the Middle East.
Israel continues its war on Hamas, with civilian casualties increasing and international concern growing.
ICC prosecutor pledges to intensify investigations into crimes committed by Hamas and Israeli forces following visit to Israel and Ramallah.
Muslim community leaders in swing states plan to abandon support for President Biden in the 2024 election due to his stance on the Gaza conflict.
Rapper The Weeknd has donated $2.5 million to help people in Gaza, responding to the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict in the region. The World Food Programme expressed gratitude for the contribution and emphasized the need for increased aid to address hunger. Social media users praised The Weeknd's generosity and commended his actions outside of music.
Israel declares some Gaza hostages dead in absentia, providing closure to relatives.
Israel widens evacuation orders as it shifts its offensive to southern Gaza amid heavy bombardments. Death toll in Gaza rises with majority being women and children. US expresses concern over civilian suffering.
Israel is facing growing US calls for restraint amid renewed fighting in Gaza, with concerns of a possible ground operation and rising civilian casualties. French President Macron is working on a new truce while ongoing attacks target southern Gaza.
Israel's strikes in Gaza have led to international calls for the protection of civilians and the renewal of a truce with Palestinian militant groups. Over 400 strikes have resulted in at least 240 deaths, causing concern for the humanitarian crisis in the region.
Israeli offensive in southern Gaza drives up death toll despite evacuation orders, as ceasefire collapses and calls for civilian protection grow.
The death of Henry Kissinger has generated more obituaries and assessments across the world than any other former US Secretary of State would have expected.
Bollywood glamourizes spies, but assassinations do not solve political problems. India denies involvement in killing Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar despite Canada's claim. Bollywood audiences want Indian secret agents to be like Israel's Mossad.
French President Macron is traveling to Qatar to assist in the establishment of a new truce in Gaza after the recent outbreak of violence.
Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners, including 107 teenagers, in exchange for 105 hostages freed by Hamas.
Israel and Hamas trade strikes as Palestinian toll mounts, with rocket attacks and air strikes persisting despite calls for a truce renewal.
Palestinian death toll exceeds 15,000 in Gaza due to Israeli operations, with 70% of victims being children and women.
Israel's offensive in southern Gaza intensifies, leading to a higher death toll and ignoring calls to protect civilians.
US VP Harris focuses on shaping a post-conflict Gaza during a diplomatic blitz in Dubai with Arab leaders, calling on Israel to protect Palestinian civilians and discussing the need for reconstruction.
The rise of far-right parties in Europe is causing concern ahead of the European Union elections in 2024. Issues such as immigration and crime rates are contributing to the surge in support for these parties.
Palestinian rights groups refuse to meet with ICC prosecutor Karim Khan, claiming bias towards Israeli accusations of rights abuses.
Israel's intelligence services are planning to target Hamas leaders worldwide following the recent attack by the group. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed spy agencies to locate and target Hamas leaders in Lebanon, Turkey, and Qatar.
Former Union minister Mani Shankar Aiyar calls for India to resume dialogue with Pakistan to prevent a situation like Israel and Gaza. Other speakers discuss Pakistan's crisis and emphasize the importance of diplomacy and international collaborations for Punjab.
Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Israeli survivors of Hamas attack, condemns the attacks and offers support for Israel.
Israel resumes bombing Gaza after truce ends, resulting in at least 200 casualties. Negotiations for a new pause in the fighting are ongoing.
The IDF accuses Hamas of using civilian infrastructure for terrorist activities in Gaza.
Susan Sarandon apologizes for comparing fear of being Jewish to being a Muslim in the US, acknowledges mistake and regrets hurting people with her comment.
Israel army says more than 400 targets attacked in Gaza since truce end
Israeli officials knew of Hamas' plan for a year, but did not act, leading to a devastating terrorist attack.
Indian PM Modi meets Israeli President Herzog at COP28, discusses Israel-Hamas conflict and supports two-state solution.
Israeli officials obtained Hamas' battle plan for the Oct. 7 terrorist attack more than a year before it happened. The plan, code-named 'Jericho Wall', detailed a devastating invasion that led to the deaths of about 1,200 people.
Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas collapses, leading to the resumption of hostilities. Negotiations ongoing to restore the truce. Numerous casualties reported in Gaza.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken holds Hamas responsible for the termination of a ceasefire, citing their failure to uphold commitments and launching attacks on civilians.
Iran walks out of COP28 talks due to Israel's presence, while Israel's President cancels speech and Qatar's emir and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince are absent.
Israel strikes Gaza after truce ends, signaling the resumption of full-force war.
The Gaza truce has ended and Israel intercepted a rocket fired from Gaza.
Researchers and scholars from Bengal are returning to their institutes in Israel following the Israel-Hamas conflict.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken urges Israel to establish safe zones for Gaza civilians to minimize casualties during military operations.
Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt tree lighting ceremony in NYC and clash with police, unfurl Swastika.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken calls on Israel to comply with international law and spare civilians in its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.
A 36-year-old Israeli woman was found dead in Kerala, with her live-in partner suspected of murder.
Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev speaks out on the Israel-Hamas war, calling for de-escalation and a reevaluation of religious tensions.
Israeli President Isaac Herzog attends UN climate talks in the UAE to discuss the release of hostages held by Hamas.
Israel and Hamas have extended the truce for another day, with the potential for a hostage-prisoner exchange.
Hamas claims Israeli mother and children allegedly dead in Gaza, IDF investigates
An Israeli woman who was abducted by Hamas confronted the Gaza chief while in captivity and questioned his actions against peace activists.
The US has imposed new sanctions on a group of people and firms allegedly involved in a financial facilitation network for the benefit of the Iranian military.
Israel's army is investigating the reported deaths of a baby hostage, his brother, and their mother in Gaza. The baby's kidnapping has become a symbol of the deadly assault.
Israel and Hamas exchange prisoners as part of truce, with more releases expected. Qatar extends truce by two days.
Deepfake images created using AI are being used as a propaganda tool in the Israel-Hamas war, raising concerns about the power of AI to mislead and deceive.
India welcomes release of Israeli hostages by Hamas, calls for immediate, unconditional release of those remaining
The US urges Israel to fight more surgically and limit displacements in its military operation against Hamas.
Ten-month-old Kfir Bibas remains in captivity in Gaza as his family pleads for his release along with his parents and brother.
Jewish groups have filed a lawsuit against UC Berkeley, claiming that the university has ignored the problem of antisemitism on campus.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to visit Israel and the West Bank, emphasizing humanitarian assistance in Gaza and attending the COP28 climate summit in Dubai.
Israeli hostages set to be released in exchange for Palestinian prisoners as mediators seek lasting truce.
Hundreds of Tanzanians mourn the death of a student killed in the Hamas-Israel conflict. Clemence Felix Mtenga, 22, went missing after the attack, and his death was confirmed by Tanzania's foreign ministry.
Iran reveals military power with new warship and hypersonic ballistic missile development, while Republicans accuse Biden of weakness in confronting Iranian aggression.
Elon Musk faced backlash for endorsing antisemitic content, but was still welcomed by Israeli leaders during his visit to the region.
The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip has continued into its fifth day, with both parties fulfilling the terms of their initial ceasefire agreement by releasing hostages and detained individuals.
More Israeli hostages are expected to be freed after the Gaza truce is extended for two more days.
Israeli commander explains role of Iron Dome in intercepting rockets, minimising casualties.
Affluent Jewish families are choosing alternative educational institutions over Ivy League colleges in response to pro-Palestine rallies and perceived anti-Israel sentiment.
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