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Volunteers for United Hatzalah respond to a call for an ambulance driver and crew in the south, encountering a devastating scene and evacuating wounded people throughout the day.
Egyptians have started voting in an election where President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi is expected to win another term, despite the overshadowing Israel-Hamas war in Gaza and the country's economic crisis.
Yoga priestess Yuval Nassi becomes ambassador for stress reduction dietary supplement Calm It after losing her husband in battle. The Eye Brand's campaign will donate to the IDF Widows and Orphans Association.
A convoy moved 900,000 banknotes from the north to the south of the Gaza Strip during the Israel-Hamas truce, bringing relief to residents and addressing a shortage of banknotes in the region.
Israeli social media shows Palestinians apparently surrendering to Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, raising questions about the authenticity of the images.
Menorahs decorated by children from evacuated communities were sent to Gaza to uplift soldiers' spirits and remind them of support from the people of Israel.
Qatar's prime minister pledges to continue pressing Israel and Hamas for a truce, emphasizing the importance of negotiations. Jordanian Foreign Minister expresses concerns about Israel's policies and the disagreement with Washington on ending Israeli atrocities.
Hamas terrorists surrender to Israeli forces as IDF strikes terror targets in Gaza.
Heavy fighting rages in Gaza as the US sends more tank ammunition to Israel, sparking international outrage and calls for a ceasefire.
The U.N. mission in Afghanistan has called on the Taliban to uphold human rights obligations, as the group has erased basic rights and freedoms since seizing power in 2021.
IDF intensifies operations in Gaza, targeting terror infrastructure and preventing attacks on troops.
A viral TikTok filter using the watermelon symbol has become associated with the pro-Palestinian movement, appearing at rallies and on social media.
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